Positive Ways to Cope with Grief

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.” ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Grief is the emotional distress we experience followed by a significant loss. It is all part of the human experience – similar to many other emotions, it exists across beliefs systems, cultures, races, and languages. However, it may differ in how it is expressed, in terms of intensity, duration, your own life experiences, etc.

Most often, grief is associated with the death of a loved one. This type of grief doesn’t only lead to a state of deep mourning for the deceased soul, but also the significant life changes, because of the loss. So in other words its also a loss of a life that was planned.

Although this form of grief is arguably the most painful, individuals experience grief in response to losses that may not be due to death. In this article I wanted to highlight what these losses may look like. And please know that we all, at some point(me included) have faced these levels of grief. Like I said before, all part of the human experience.

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6 Positively Simple Ways to Heal From Emotional Trauma

“If you are to free your heart, you must embrace your painful feelings, have faith that your thoughts will arise and cease of their accord. They will pass if you can face them head on, with kind eyes. Your thoughts and feelings will dissolve if you don’t try to hold on to them or push them away. Thinking will dissipate. Trust in this universal law of change.” ~ Valerie Mason-John from her book “Detox Your Heart: Meditations for Healing Emotional Trauma”

We are each products of our life experiences. We grow and evolve with every experience we have. Be it a happy experience or a traumatic one.

Traumatic experiences have the tendency to leave unhealed wounds on our psyche. They are those nasty cracks through which anxiety, stress, depression etc. can easily manifest themselves. Hence healing these deep seated emotional traumas is necessary for your overall well-being.

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3 Simple Steps to Forgive and Heal Bad Memories : Healing Through Forgiveness Series, Part 2

3 Simple Steps to Forgive and Heal Bad Memories : Healing Through Forgiveness Series, Part 2

“If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive.” ~ Mother Teresa

Last week when we started talking about Forgiveness, we spoke of how important it was to forgive yourself and others. If you haven’t read that article{the first part of this series} I suggest you read it too, so that you can truly and very simply start understand the healing power of forgiveness.

A few years back I was also in the “I cant forgive them cause they hurt me so badly” camp. There was one such person, who had caused me a lot of pain and trauma. Life altering trauma….that I just couldn’t get myself to forgive. It was 10 years since the traumatic event, and I was beginning to feel the weight of the anger still seething inside me. It was eating away at my spiritual growth and overall well being. Here I was on the path to ‘being love’ in all areas of my life, and this deep wave of not being able to forgive this person was holding me back. I felt this inner need to just let it go. Not because what they did was forgivable in any way, but because this pain inside me was eating away at my core happiness. I realized that it was time, I stop giving them power over my happiness.

In this post I share how I forgave and healed from that past bad memory and more:

This is the Part 2 of the “Healing Through Forgiveness Series” of Articles. 

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