Life Lessons from 9 years of Motherhood ~ Happy Mothers Day!

BeautyPlus_20160117150210_saveEvery day when I look at my little girl, growing up in front of me..all I can think of is how she has so much NEW to her everyday. Everyday there is a new sentence she will learn a new way to say something old. Everyday to me is a marvel with my little girl around.

As I think back to my childhood days, I remember being very naughty. I also remember being very rebellious and difficult when I was a teenager. But I also really remember how my mother tried her hardest to make me understand life with love. She stayed up nights when we were ill, cried when we scraped our knees, nursed us when we were down. She was there always. My mother worked very hard, but she still tried her level best to put a hot meal on the table, made sure we said our prayers, kept us clean and most of all happy. Today as a grown woman I can appreciate all this. Continue reading “Life Lessons from 9 years of Motherhood ~ Happy Mothers Day!”

The Simple 3P Approach to Ultimate Happiness and Success

The Simple 3P Approach to Ultimate Happiness and Success Positive Provocations

Often our lives get entwined in the mundane. We live each day- work, eat, sleep without giving a single thought to our core happiness. Even if those thoughts do come, we brush them away as impossibilities and continue existing. You know what I’m talking about right…that happiness that comes from completely and totally knowing yourself. Knowing who you are, what you need, what makes you tick, what makes you thrive. But we live, correction, we exist.

Is this the way to live Happily? Are you REALLY truly ALIVE? Continue reading “The Simple 3P Approach to Ultimate Happiness and Success”

A plea: For patience. For Compassion. And a touch of rebelliousness

A plea: For patience. For Compassion. And a touch of rebelliousness Editors Note: I have a treat for all of you today 🙂 A beautiful and heartfelt post by the ever beautiful Razwana Wahid. Read more about her at the end of this post. Her words move me as I am sure they will move you too 🙂 Enjoy darlings! 

Today, my heart is broken.

In so many different places.

But it doesn’t break for me.

It breaks for the neighbour’s daughter, who I’m told is only *allowed* to study until high school. After this she sits at home and waits for a suitor to marry. Because education will confuse her. And life experience will only open her eyes to opportunities that will take her away from her family. She’ll ruin their reputation.

As an 8 year old, her opinion wasn’t sought. She doesn’t know this is her future. Continue reading “A plea: For patience. For Compassion. And a touch of rebelliousness”