5 Power-Packed Ways to BE Extraordinary NOW!

5 Power-Packed Ways to BE Extraordinary NOWIn a perfectly ordinary day “the extraordinary” happens every time. BE The Extraordinary NOW. ~Z

We are each extraordinary in our own special way! We are…we really are!

When we become open to our own extraordinary abilities and embrace them, we will have reignited that powerhouse within our-self to become the best and happiest versions of our-self.

But HOW?? hmm…that is the question that has been asked a million times over..by extraordinary people in hiding. Continue reading “5 Power-Packed Ways to BE Extraordinary NOW!”

Passion Is… {RAOKA}

February Theme: Passion

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”~ Hebbel quotes (German Poet and Dramatist, 1813-1863)~

Focusing on passion this month has so intuitively opened doors for my personal growth…doors I never thought really existed. While I explored each and every door and enjoyed what I learned, I also realized how much passion is part of all our lives. More so, how much we all need to make passion a part of our life to be happy and successful. So, below I give you my thoughts on what Passion Is…. Continue reading “Passion Is… {RAOKA}”