Celebrating World Gratitude Day with a Positive Gratitude Ritual

Special Note: Over the past 3.5 years since I have been writing on Positive Provocations, I’ve written about Gratitude many times in great detail. I love how gratitude has transformed my life. Below is an article/post I wrote 2 years back, which fits perfectly in the celebration of World Gratitude Day which is on 21st September 2012(today!). 

“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.” ~Johannes A. Gaertner~

Being in a state of gratitude can completely transform one’s disposition. The more we pause to consider the things we have to be grateful for, the more we begin to focus on those things. And the things we focus on, we tend to draw toward ourselves. Therefore, the act of focusing on our blessings tends to bring more blessings into our lives. Continue reading “Celebrating World Gratitude Day with a Positive Gratitude Ritual”

Celebrating the Miracle of YOU with Gratitude

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey
In the last article How to be YOU no matter what-7 simple tips, I discussed how amazing and beautiful it is to be unique, and to celebrate YOU and your individuality.

Today I celebrate YOU. Today I’m Grateful for YOU and your presence! On Saturday i.e.November 13th 2010 this humble blog hit its all time high. For the first time in 1.5 years the page views hit 1000+ in 24 hrs! I am so happy that not only has my uniqueness been accepted, but its only because of YOU the beautiful reader, your beautiful spirit and love that this blog is flying to new heights. Thank you! Continue reading “Celebrating the Miracle of YOU with Gratitude”

Enhance Your Life With A Thank You.


“It is not the length of life, but depth of life.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Pune, India, where i reside there is the growing threat of the H1N1 Virus. Pune seems to have become the epicenter of the outbreak for this particular deadly virus. My daughter and I haven’t left the house for nearly 2 weeks now, because children are more prone to contracting the virus. So have kept my little one busy at home and since i have a home office its OK. But my hubby has to wear the mask to leave the house and in crowded places. The death toll has been rising everyday since the outbreak about a week and a half ago. Continue reading “Enhance Your Life With A Thank You.”