Creating a Masterpiece

Please Note: This is a guest post by my dear friend  Joy from “Unfolding Your Path to Joy”

Thank you for joining me here today..I know that you were expecting Zeenat and her beauty filled insights, so thank you for allowing me to share with you in this space.  It is my *pleasure* to be with you all…

As I write, I am in the living space of the boat that I live on.  It is night time, the wind is whipping through the harbor, clanking loose lines against neighboring boats, lapping the water against my boat and the dock, rocking my boat gently to and fro in the slip.  I have the hatch open to let the air in..for I am energized by the wind, by the sounds.  I have my favorite music on in the background, a candle lit..all is well as I write.. My heart is happy.  I have asked for a blessing for my words.

I share this with you, because in these moments I am creating.  “A masterpiece” if you will.  As I create, it is important to me to have a peace filled heart, to be joy filled in Spirit, to share lovingly from my heart.  I’ve done the work to be ‘ready’ internally, so I prep my external space to match my internal vibrations; thus, the music, candles, air circulating…alignment as  I create.  As I write, I have turned my mind off– as my hearts leads the way, I am allowing my senses to be delighted by All around me.

If I am this mindful with my creation here on this page, may I also suggest that I may be as mindful as I create my day.  I allow each day to be created just so, and allow those days to come together to create my week, my month, my year, and ultimately my life.  I am creating my life..As are you.  Each and every day we are creating.  It is my choice to focus on allowing faith, beauty, joy, love, peace to be the foundation of each creation–whether it be a physical creation, or a creation with time.

I am fully Aware that I am creating my life.  Sure, external circumstances may converge upon me in each moment, but *I choose* my approach of dealing with external circumstances.  For instance, I’ve mentioned that as I write these words the wind is whipping, moving my boat, creating noise…I can choose to curse the wind and how it is affecting my household, or to embrace the wind and allow the energy from the wind to weave with my own..harness it into these very words if I choose.

I choose to find the good in everything and to praise for that good. I choose to allow Energy to flow through me, barrier free.  In choosing to find the good in everything, I am creating abundant good around me.  In allowing Energy to flow through me barrier free, I have done (and am still doing) the work to remove barriers as they are revealed to me.  When I choose to praise, I am sharing Love, golden and pure.  And allowing that Love to grow.

I share this with you because I believe these are the principles I may use to transform my life:

  • Each day is a creation and my choices determine the final masterpiece
  • I choose to find the good in everything and to praise for that good
  • I choose to accept Energy, to remove barriers to the flow of Energy, and to share golden and pure with others
  • I choose to Know my Truths, embrace those Truths, stand in those Truths, and create each moment based upon those Truths
  • I choose to recognize and embrace the Divine within…

“Transformation” may sound mind clicks on–what does it mean, where is the how to list, the rules, the should’s, the should not’s…Ah, but *creation*…creation is joy filled, peace filled, love filled…I may set the scene, I may turn my mind off and allow my senses to lead…which then allows me to feel delight as my senses experience the world.  The choice is mine, plain and simple.  I may choose to remain exactly the same.  Or I may choose to make one small change and watch as the effects transform that one area of my life.  I may choose to make many small changes and see how that one area of my life is completely transformed.  I may choose to make one sweeping change and transform my entire “self”.  My choices allow me to create each day in a way best suited to my heart.  And if I make a choice that distracts me from my creation, I may then choose to release that choice and start fresh.

This is how I create..may I suggest you think of yourself as an artist, and the methods in which you create…As you think about creating your day, I have a few suggestions:

  • Let your first thought each morning be positive and full of in thank you for a wonderful night’s sleep.  Thank you for the sunshine streaming in my window.  Thank you for the fun song that woke me on my alarm.  Thank you for the surprise of the children running in to greet me as I wake.  Thank you.  The energy from your thoughts affects your creation..your first thought of the day sets the tone as you begin to create.  You create your first thought.
  • May your home be your refuge, your place of peace, your place of comfort..*yours*.  May you only allow people, Energy, items inside of your home that truly delight your senses so that as you Live within that space you are surrounded by pleasure there.  May you think of your home as your heart space and be as delicate as tender with it as you are with your heart… You create your home, your heart space.
  • Surround yourself with people who are like minded, that treat you as you would like to be treated, that laugh dream play love forgive share. You create this group, may it be as stellar as you are…
  • Invest your energy in creative endeavors…this shall be anything that allows your heart whispers to roam free, to soar to the highest heights.  You create your activities, and you may choose to invest your Energy in these endeavors.
  • When sharing with others, please share golden and pure.  In thought, in words, in actions.  May all that you share be from the heart space you have created.  May you receive from others golden and pure resources that help you to create in every area of your life.  You create what you share, and you create what you receive.
  • May you treat your body with loving kindness as you do your heart space.  You create the shape and ability of your external body.

As you create, whether it be a moment or a lifetime…may you remember to enjoy the entire process..from your first thought to the end result.  Creating should be a joy, an expression of Love from you inner being.  It should be *fun* so much fun that you giggle as you create, that you dance as you create, that you shout out to the world “Yes..Thank you!” as you create..May you have so much fun as you create that you realize there are no mistakes..each particle of creation is woven into the next, making the rich, deeply textured tapestry that is your life..your “masterpiece”…

You are loved beyond measure, exactly as you are, exactly where you are. As you create, please remember this love, please allow this love to circulate through your space and automatically overflow into all of the spaces you interact within.  I believe there is an Ultimate Creator who meets me every step of the way..there is a hand that guides me even as the energy of the Universe flows through me..I *am* are You..We are Creators…together…

Thank you for walking a few steps with me today…I am honored to share in this creation…

Much peace, Joy.

About the Author: Joy Holland is a Light worker with a gift of clarity who greatly enjoys guiding others to live the life of their dreams.  Joy is living the life of her dreams on a sailboat with her two young children. She enjoys sailing, hiking, cooking, playing her drum in the moonbeams. Joy is a life coach, a motivational speaker, and the author of the blog Unfolding Your Path to Joy”. She is bold in her actions, loving with her words, peace filled in her life…and it is her life’s purpose to share this with everyone she meets..

What do you think? What are your thoughts on Creating your very own Masterpiece? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

With Immense Love and Gratitude,

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15 thoughts on “Creating a Masterpiece

  1. Jay Schryer

    This is beautiful. Simply and truly beautiful. I love the idea of being an artist, and our lives being works of art that we create. I think that if more people viewed their lives in this manner, they would be happier and more peaceful, and the world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing this, and for showing us the way.

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    1. Joy, You have made me and my blog shine with your presence and your words. I loved this post so so much. I feel so empowered after reading your words…I’m all ready with my life colors to make my own masterpiece 🙂
      Much Love to you of joyful one 🙂

  3. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    I’m not sure which I love more: the post itself (and that second to last paragraph especially) or Joy’s bio!
    Joy, you continue to teach me to give thanks for ALL that is. It’s all a gift, and when we praise what we love, we can then watch it grow (and giggle as it does!).

    Amen, and thank you!

    Beautiful Zeenat, thank you for featuring Joy’s wisdom here today. She’s is all heart, just like you!

    1. Hi My Joyful Angel,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this guest post by Joy 🙂 I just feel like she has so much to offer to the world. And look at this post…isnt her moonbeam brighter than ever.. 🙂 I’m honored to be part of such energy…yours and Joys 🙂
      Lots of love~

  4. Joy,

    That was a beautiful and really inspiring post!

    As jay mentioned before, if more people guided their lives under these principles the world would be what in hiding is already, a paradise to live in.


  5. Such wonderful words of wisdom. I love the notion of being FULLY present when we create, not just caught in the act and pushing through….breathing, filling the mind and heart with love and purpose. We can’t help but create a masterpiece when we are present to the masterpiece we are….

    Thank you for the inspiration and joy. xo

  6. Sandra Lee

    My favorite phrase: “As I write, I have turned my mind off– as my hearts leads the way.” Thank you, Joy

  7. I call this process “being in touch with my inner child”. The child is not afraid to be creative. The child approaches life with an attitude of wonder and joy. The child is not afraid to play and dance and laugh.

    My inner child, tempered with a grateful heart is my best inspiration.

    Another beautiful and uplifting post. You must make your inner child very happy! 🙂

  8. Hi Megan,
    Thank you!
    *You* radiate and reflect such brilliance..
    To give thanks for All that is, means to embrace each moment as it is presented, rather than attach an expectation..when I open my heart the flow is amazing…there are moments I may not understand but the journey through *those* may be wonder filled when I allow it to be…

    Hi Raul,
    Thank you for stopping in!
    The world is a peace filled, heavn on earth type of place..some people are buried under so many layers they’ve yet to notice..It is my passion to guide All to allow for natural unfolding so they may live the peace filled beauty filled lives right now exactly as they are, with exactly what they have..
    Thank *you* for the inspiration you provide through your blog and comments…

    I am so happy to see you here!
    I *love* this: “We can’t help but create a masterpiece when we are present to the masterpiece we are”…how true indeed..*magical* even..
    Thank you for shining so brightly and leading the way for so many!

    Sandra Lee,
    I lead with my heart..I try to experience life through my senses…I want to actually *live* not be on autopilot:)

    *grin* I shall give you a magnificent drum roll during my next session under the moon…
    Thank *you* for inspiring me to step past my bold zone into “way” changing indeed..

    Thank you.
    You bring up a great point about your inner child. For so long, I ignored my inner child as I went about taking care of my ‘grown up’ responsibilities..My Truth is when I make time to play, when I find delight in each inner child is happy and the Energy just flows naturally from one moment to the next..Life is *that* easy and joy filled when I make the choice to honor that time…

    Much peace,

  9. Hello Joy,

    You’ve painted a beautiful scene with this post. I love the idea of seeing myself as an artist. I’ll use this concept to help me create my every day. What will this day look like? It is up to me, the artist, to decide. I’ll choose just the right colors, I’ll pick the proper brushes and I’ll compose it from my heart

    I needs this today. Thank you Joy, and you too Zeenat. You both have beautiful hearts

  10. Joy, thank you for inviting me to Zeenat’s wonderful blog to read your equally wonderful guest post. 🙂

    The one thing I absolutely take away from your words today is this, that every moment is an act of creation. That really struck me between the eyes, that did. How can I respond to every circumstance that I am bound to find myself in? By actively choosing creation over destruction. Do I create a more fixed mindset by sailing into those scary waters, or allow them to destroy me? The choice is mine.

    Moonbeam, you are radiant. 🙂

  11. Dearest Everyone,
    I cant thank you all enough for coming over and making my dearest friend Joy warm and welcome. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. May this connection grow stronger and deeper.
    And to all the new readers who have here this precious day…Welcome! I hope to see you all again soon.
    Much Love~

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