You are loved…Constantly

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ A Course in Miracles ~

When it comes to understanding love, we all have different notions of what love is. Today I will attempt to help you understand, how love heals you, motivates you, inspires you and makes you truly come alive. I’m not talking about the love that makes you dependent….but the love that makes you Free.

Just close your eyes for a split second right now and open it….what did you see? Did you see darkness or did you see rays of light? I bet you saw little rays of light amid the gray. It just goes to show, even in that split second you are surrounded and swimming in light. Divine light. Divine energy. Divine love.

Be it the holidays, or life itself, many of us feel like we are completely alone. Many people, even when they are in committed relationships feel lonely. The loneliness creeps in irrespective of your situation. We all go through this phase of feeling completely alone. And its not a very good feeling. This feeling can open a  “pandora’s box” of negative feelings from the past, present and future. Somehow, its during these times we can pick up bad habits like alcohol, smoking, gambling….among others. We try to escape the feeling by filling in the void we feel within us with external negative habits. But that’s not the solution, rather it becomes the bigger issue in future.

No amount of external stimulus can bring you at peace within yourself. The answer and the solution lies within us. Again, close your eyes for that split second…and just soak in the light, the love, the divine that is in you and readily available at all times.

We might feel alone at times, lost at times…but its in these times if you notice, that after a while the pain subsides, the feeling becomes less severe. How did that happen? From feeling completely alone and devastated to feeling better in an hour or a day…how did this transformation happen within you? Have you ever thought about it? When you cry for so many hours, and then amazingly feel calmed. Its not because you cried and let it all out, its because its the Divine helping you heal. Our soul our heart is pure. Its full of divine love and completely connected to the divine at all times. At no given time are you disconnected with divinity. You might feel disconnected with yourself, but you are never disconnected from that divine. Hence, you are never ever alone. Infact in your most trying times, when you pray or just ask for help from this divine power, you will be amazed at the power that you feel. A new energy comes forth for you to face life, and truly LIVE.

You heal from the inside out, not the other way around. This healing love, not only heals you of your issues, your loneliness, your problems…but also heals all those who come in contact with you. Thus becoming Healing Love in action. You need not even make the effort, you just need to think of another person with love and the divine healing energy will be directed in that direction. Its simple. You just need to be aware of this divine love you are swimming in.

There are two ways of spreading light…To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton ~

Our constant awareness allows us to truly be the mirror, the candle that not only glows with healing divine love but also spreads it to all it encounters.
We are all pure divine souls. Embracing that fact can rid you of any and all negativity in and around you.

Try it…close your eyes for that split second and take a deep breath.

Believe this- You ARE loved….constantly

Do you know the first moment I truly felt this divine love? It was just after my brother passed away in a sudden car accident….before I saw him(his body), before I told my mother about it, before anyone in my family knew about it. I was standing at a booth, trying to call my brother, when my fingers automatically dialed a friend. As soon as I said hello, I got the news. I must’ve frozen there for nearly 4 minutes after hearing the news, but it seemed like an eternity. In that moment as I closed my eyes, I saw light. I felt like someone was making my heart beat calmer, was holding my shoulders and telling me…..go on, be love. The next week after that went by as if I was being constantly hugged by divine love. I don’t know where I got the strength to take care of it all…the arrangement, my mother…Even as I type this my fingers are shivering. Not cause I’m scared or sad or upset…Because I am so in Awe of this glorious Divine love. My strength, my confidence comes from the simple  and certain belief that I am always loved and protected no matter what.


I pray all of you are having a lovely holiday, and an even lovelier life. May all your days be filled with amazing loving divinity. If you ever feel you need to talk or vent, please know I’m here for you always. What are your thoughts on love, divine love or life? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to get to know each and every one of you better….through love 🙂

This article is my contribution to “the blogging week of love” started by my dear friend Joy @ Unfolding Your Path To Joy. I’m truly honored to share in this glorious loving project.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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29 thoughts on “You are loved…Constantly

  1. Jay Schryer

    This is beautiful, Z! I love how you’ve expressed the peace that comes with divine love, and how it’s always there for us. We don’t have to do anything or be anything to deserve it…we don’t even have to ask for it. It’s a beautiful, perfect gift from the divine source. You have a beautiful spirit, Z. Love to you, my friend.

    1. Hi Jay,
      Youre so right…we dont even have to ask…divine love is just there for us at all times….always connecting us. We are perfect just the way we are….
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts here and for your kind words.
      Lots of love to you too sweet friend~

  2. swatcat

    Hugs Zeenatji! My probs seem so little when i read what u wrote! But wil i b able to fight my inner demons…? Can i stop expecting love from someone care for! Hoping against hope that..that person wil love back!

    1. Hi swatcat,
      Hugs right back sweetheart !
      Sweetie, when you come to a stage, where you completely and totally believe that you are indeed loved by The Divine, you will not feel the need for any other kind of love. Your expectations will completely disappear.
      The first step to reach that stage is positive affirmations and meditation or prayer. Email me if you need any specific affirmations.I would love to help you..
      Lots of love~

  3. galenpearl

    What a wonderful message to tell ourselves, that we are always and perfectly loved. I fell off a roof once. When I first began to fall, I was in a panic, but once I knew that my fall was inevitable, I let go and immediately experienced the most exquisite state of bliss. It was like being held in the embrace of angels. I knew with a certainty beyond words that no matter what happened, no matter whether I broke my leg, ended up paralyzed, or even died, that everything was exactly perfect. As it turned out, I was scraped and bruised and sore, but otherwise uninjured. Of course I was very grateful for that. But the true gift was the memory of that experience of perfect, pure love.

    1. Hi Galen,
      Wow! Its very difficult for people to experience that bliss while in the fall…amazing how we even remember that defining moment of pure blissful love. I love how you expressed your beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing something so powerful here.
      SO Much Love to you~

  4. Hi Zeenat .. Happy Christmas to you and your family .. I love that sentence ..” I’m not talking about the love that makes you dependent….but the love that makes you Free.”

    I’ll be back to read the article properly and dwell on it .. hope you’re having a fantastic family day .. and will have many love-filled days ahead .. with love – Hilary

    1. Hi HIlary, I always love seeing you here. it brightens up my day everytime 🙂 Thank you for stopping by sweetie…I am glad you like this post. Will wait to read your awesome thoughts on this when you get the chance to read it.
      Happy holidays to you. My family and I are having a marvelous holiday 🙂
      Much Love~

  5. Hi precious Z,
    I love your my life, I am at times the candle, at times the mirror..
    I love all that you present here..the title says it all..”you are loved constantly”..could be a metta with emphasis on each of the words as in *you* are loved constantly…you *are* loved forth.
    If I “forget” I am loved, I just look to the the sun, moon, stars, clouds..or to the trees..or to anything in nature..all reminders of perfect placement and beauty!

    1. Dearest Joy,
      To me you are my candle…every glowing with love and wisdom…ready to light the world with joy.
      You know many of us forget or chose not to look at how loved we truly are…just closing your eyes, noticing nature in all its glory can be a certain reminder of divine love…
      Love your thoughts on this.
      So Much Love…and thank you for letting me be part of your blogging week of love.

  6. Beautiful Zeenat, this is a glorious post that comes at a glorious time. How did I know it would be tied into Joy’s weeklong tribute to love?! How fitting!

    My favorite part of this post was the opening quote (“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”). I’ve been dancing with this concept for the past week or so, thanks to support from wonderful friends like Jay Schryer, Joy Holland, Simon Hay, and Robin Easton. I hit a wall in early December, but through their explanations of love, their sharing of love, and my own ability to manifest anything by knowing the end results I want and ignoring “how” to get there, I’ve found myself soaring again. Why? Because I reminded myself of everything you wrote in this post: love is ever-present and is fully aware of me. My job is to open myself to becoming aware of love… in all areas of my life, always.

    I love you, Zeenat!

    1. HI My Joyful Angel,
      I’m ecstatic to know you have accepted and are living this ever present loving life. Its such a blessing to be “able” to be open to it…..I do wish more people become as open as you have.
      And sweetie…may you manifest ‘everything’ your heart desires and so so much more. Its possible…so so possible.
      Love you toooooooo… 🙂

  7. Zeenat,
    This is truly moving. I truly believe we are loved and supported at all times by spirit. I’m long time follower of The Course in Miracles – and share the belief that the love is always there. We just need to uncover and clear any of our beliefs that wold obstruct us from this truth.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful essay on love.
    Best wishes for a wonderful new year,
    Angela Artemis

    1. Hi Angela,
      How wonderful that you too are practicing the course in miracles. Its amazing… at peace we can feel…by just removing those obstacles. And you are starts at the core…its our belief system that needs mending.
      I’m glad you liked this article.
      Thank you fro your loving comment here.
      Much Love~

  8. I think we all feel lost at times. Sheesh, I’ve been lost at times. Not everyone admits it. I have no problem, doing so, because I’m surpassed it. It takes a lot to get over a feeling of being lost. More than just a blog post, but zeenat..a blog post can just be enough….great work.

    1. Hi J!,
      You are a brave guy to have surpassed it and talking about it 🙂
      I’m so glad you liked this post….Its just my little effort to make sure noone feels lonely at any given time in their life.
      Much Love~

  9. Hi Zeenat,

    Very nice post! We are always protected by God’s love for us. No matter what happens to us, God is always here to guide and protect us. This is why we should love unconditionally. Althought, unconditional love is something most people are not used to and don’t practice, once they start practicing it, their lives change for the better.
    Thanks my friend

    1. HI Dia,
      Such an insightful comment. It looks like you have already embraced the Divine Unconditional Love in your life….and thats so awesome!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment here.
      Much Love~

  10. How inspiring this post is and what a perfect time for me to read it.
    my faith and friends have gotten me passed many dark thoughts.

    Happy New Year!
    much love and respect

    1. HI Bunny,
      So So awesome to see you here after so long. I’ve missed you!
      I’m glad you found this article inspiring…..and yes, faith and friends are truly priceless possessions in our life.
      New year wishes to you too…
      Much love~

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  12. Zeenat, so true that we heal from this inside out. I think too many people are waiting for some external factor to come along and make everything ok.

    Waiting means it will never happen.

    A very beautiful thought, thank you so much for that.

    1. Hi Joshua,
      I’m with you on this…playing the waiting means, having food in front of you and expecting it to magically reach your mouth without actually using your hands….
      Thank you for your beautiful comment.
      Much Love~

  13. What a beautiful person you are ! Your post made me feel a lot more better and happy:0 The love of divine actually can heal everything , can make one so peaceful like it had made me now . Sad to know about your brother though.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your beautiful comment here and for your lovely compliments 🙂 Divine healing love is truly all we need to embrace to attain happiness.
      And my darling brother is up in the heavens having a party I’m sure… 🙂
      So Much love to you….and so lovely to see you here.

  14. Zeenat,

    This is so true: “Be it the holidays, or life itself, many of us feel like we are completely alone.” Sometimes we forget how many people are unhappy during the holidays. It can such a challenging time for people.

    Your message here is so simple yet so profound. If everyone only recognized and opened to this divine love, what an amazing place this planet would be! I’m so happy your are reminding us of this uplifting message.

    Sending you a ton of love and hugs this holiday season. Wishing all dreams come true in the new year.

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  16. What a beautiful blog – I just found your site! I had goosebumps everywhere when I read your story about your brother! You are right that we all have access to love from the inside out, and we can reflect that in others, too. Thank you.

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