Some of the Blogs I am loving and reading right now (in no particular order):

Unfolding your path to JOY
Brite Talk– Life served sunny side up
Grow With Stacy – Your Personal Development Resource
Advanced Life Skills – Strategies for Positive Change
The Bold Life –  A “delicious and juicy mix of inspiration, spirituality and personal development.”
The Bridgemaker – Faith.  Inspiration. Stories of Change.
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life 
Evolving Beings – Awakening through Conscious Expansion to Heart-Centered Living
Evolving Wellness – Holistic, Natural, Green Approach to Optimal Wellness
Experience Life Fully – Growing and Gaining Wisdom through Experience
A Flourishing Life – Practical Wisdom for Clarity, Freedom, and Happiness
Get in the Hot Spot – Empowering Tips for Work and Life
Good Life Zen –  Practical Inspiration for a Happier Life
The Happy Seeker – Authentic Happiness for Troubled Times
Invisible Mikey – “Just a guy” telling stories.
The Jungle of Life – A Journey Toward Your True Peak
Make It Happen – For A Better You and A Better World
Momentum Gathering
Naked in Eden
– Robin Easton

Powered by Intuition – Creating Success from the Inside-Out
Prolific Living –  “Prolific Living is about living a life filled with as many rich, unique, growth-inducing, humbling, health-and-wealth promoting, authentic, stupendous, inexplicably delicious, and soul-enriching experiences as one can possibly create.”
RaamDev –  A blog about living simply while existing abundantly.
Sources of Insight – “Knowledge is power.  Join me on a quest for the World’s best insight and action for work and life.Sources of Insight is my channel for finding and sharing patterns and practices from the best books, people, and quotes I can find.”
The Reflective Self – Positivity, self improvement, beauty.
Simon Hay – Soul Healer
10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There) – A Program for Developing a Joyful Spirit
The World Needs Me Too – Changing the Role of the Disabled in the Post-Modern World
Tiny Buddha – “Tiny Buddha is about reflecting on simple wisdom, learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives–complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships–and remembering we are not against each other. We are all in this together.”
Thinking Spirit – Living Timelessly In a Lightspeed World
this time ~ this space –  “A personal development, growth and relationships blog focused on conscious living,  self improvement, spirituality, alternative medicine, coping with and learning from major loss and chronic disease.”
Unlimited Choice – The Ultimate Guide to Living Consciously
Upcycled Love – Adventures in Sustainable Simplicity
One Cool Site Blogging Tips  
Self Improvement Saga –Positive Self Improvement Ideas and Law of Attraction Tips for Success
360 degree self
Always Well Within
Eden Journal – Personal Development-Enlightenment
The Exception
Gazehound’s Animal Communication
The Rat Race Trap
– Escape from the Rat Race Trap
Happy Lotus
– Just Lovely and wonderful thoughts. Her reality is lovely.

Porsidan – Questioning Life
Jannie Funster – So so so funny…a must read..
Sharing The Journey – Soul food and support for coaches, writers and homemakers.
Beyond Karma
Blogging Without A Blog
Erasing The Bored
Mom of 6-Just My Thoughts
Hope Springs Internal– ..because being a girl is about what’s on the inside
Positively Present – Living happily ever after now.
Avani Mehta– Personal development blog.
Joy Discovered
Shades Of Crimson- Coaching Perfection and Personal Development, One Judgment at a Time
HiLife2b– Personal improvement for life
Healing with {Raw}Juices
I Take Off The Mask!!!– Uncover the simple secrets to happiness.
Everyday Gyaan – People and things that inspire
Writers Round About
Dragos Roua– The choice of a personal path.
Jane Be Nimble– Striving for an agile body and mind
Operation Nice– Encouraging Individuals to be Proactively Nice
A Sharing Connection– A place to connect and share things learned in this journey through life
Social @ Blogging Tracker– A Journey to comprehensive Social Media Guide
Serendipity SmilesSerendipity is God’s Way of Acting Anonymously…

29 thoughts on “BlogLuv

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  2. Dear Zeenat – I feel so blessed to be included here. I know there’s a connection – I feel it…and now you’ve gone and moved to my hometown – Hyderabad, while I live in yours – Mumbai!!!! Tell me if I can help in any way. And next I’m there, we’re meeting, okay?
    Good luck……


    PS: Sorry I’ve been out of things – death in the family …then malaria….but I’m fine now.

    1. HI Corinne,
      So nice to see you here. Your blog is so awesome…I love visiting ..and I am sure all the readers of this blog will love it too.
      Ahhh….youre from hyd….I love Hyd….I lived here for 3 yrs before we relocated to pune..and now we are back…I got married here, had my baby here…oh and the biryani is to die for…;)
      We have to meet up…let me know when youre coming down…and we will set some thing up. What fun…I am already excited 🙂
      Our connection will go a lot further….I am sure of it.
      Ohh…so sorry to hear about the malaria and death in the family. Hope youre doing fine now. Drop me a line if you ever need to talk. I’m always here.
      Lots of love and hugs

  3. Wow, great list! And I’m honored to be included! Many of the blogs I know and love too, and the rest I will go visit. It sure does keep one busy in the blogosphere! Such a happening place and fabulous people! To think a year ago I didn’t know what a blog WAS!

    1. Suzen, You and me both 😉 ….i had no idea what a blog was till a few months ago..and here we are all perfectly happy in our little community in the blog o sphere 🙂
      I love your blog …how could i not include it here 🙂 I’m surprised you didnt see this list before…youve been on for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long 🙂

  4. I found you through one of my favorite blogs, Lisis’ Quest for Balance. I enjoyed your guest post there today. Thank you for sharing the blogs you love! I already read quite a few of them.

  5. Hey Zeenat!

    It’s the hoot! 😀 Thank you for adding me to the list 🙂

    I hope you I will bring further smiles into your already wonderful self. 🙂

    exploding hoot hoot

  6. Zeenat, you are so sweet! I think you found Lisis at Quest for Balance about the same time I did; I can say I remember you back in the day. 🙂

    I’m honored to be included here among such beautiful people. Thank you very much! See you soon and keep up the amazing work!

  7. Hi Zeenat!
    How sweet of you to put me on this list – with the company of WOW-I-like-them-too blogs. I am humbled, most sincerely. I don’t know how you find the time! I have had to reassess the time I spend in the blogosphere since I’ve put finishing my book as my absolute priority. I just love reading so many “out there” this has been a real issue for me to cut back visitations/comments, but I had to do something or risk being swallowed up by the time I spend on line. Do you struggle with this too? I have a wonderful following and comments so my reading/commenting time is being focused on those who show up on my blog – I couldn’t think of any other way to handle this time-wise, can you?

    All in all, I am blown away by the writing, the topics, and most of all the love and support! You remain precious to me and I pray we continue on this journey together!
    Hugs and much love!

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    1. HI Stacy, So lovely to see you here 🙂 You are going on this list too…I have to add a few more awesome folks such as yourself over this week. Haven’t updated this page for sometime. Next update you are right up on the top of the list 🙂
      So much Love~!

    It was the time when I was in standard VIth, very first time I was scolded by my First cousin brother Mr. S. S. I. Quadri. I was feeling unhappy. Then it had become a routine action. My brother used to shaut on me and I used to assume him as my bitterest opponent. I thought he get extreme pleasure in finding out my mistakes. I used to pray “O Allah ! – The helper and creator of this great world, Please help me from this man, he is the man whom I hate the most. Time is a great observer. It observes everything and keeps on moving. So with time I grew up and I faced the realities of life. After going through manu ups and downs, I realised that if I had paid paid attention on the words of my ENEMY BROTHER, then I would have become a successful person today. That very day I realised that it is well said that B CAUTIOUS WITH CRITICISM AND B GENEROUS WITH PRAISE.

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