Life is Full of Beauty

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith

Noticing the smallest of acts, the simplest of smile, the sheer innocence of a child…that’s what beauty is all about. When you notice and see something, and it makes you feel beautiful thoughts, that is Beauty in its purest sense.

I do notice. I notice all the beauty around me. As I type this, all I can think of is a bed of sunflowers with my little girl and me  playing in it-catching butterflies…
The only person who makes me think of a bed of sunflowers is Andrea @ brite-talk.  She is just the brightest and most beautiful souls I have recently met. In all her beauty and sunny wisdom she bestowed upon me the “Beautiful Blogger” award. yippee! And believe me…I’m completely floored. Thank you!

7 things about me you never ever knew

One part about receiving the “Beautiful Blogger” Award is to share 7 things about me which you normally wouldn’t know. So here goes-

  1. I’m extremely goofy. Yes, very naughty and very very giggly. My hubby often tells me to “grow up”..which I completely and utterly refuse to do 😉 I will remain a giggly, naughty, catching butterflies and gazing at the stars little girl forever and ever.
  2. I am extremely creatively inclined. Which means, I used to be the best in Arts&Crafts, painting and sketching all throughout my school years. I won many many painting competitions and was all my teachers(especially art) pet. Hence, you see me playing around  with the themes of the blog here too. I love colors and vibrancy. I am always in awe of all the stories and feelings just a few brush strokes can tell. I make ceramic flowers, do glass painting, do embroidery etc..
  3. I can be very very very very talkative at times 😉 I was often referred to as chatterbox by my school teachers. This habit comes in handy when I give my Motivational Seminars, where I do all the talking 🙂
  4. I was brought up in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Lived there till I got married and then shifted to Hyderabad, India with my loving hubby. Since then have lived in Hyderabad, Pune & now Jamshedpur…the many cities of my beautiful India. My folks are all originally from Bombay or Mumbai.
  5. I’m extremely loyal&patriotic. I love my family. I love my country.  I love this world. I will remain a proud citizen of this Universe all my life. Rejoice in thier victory and cry in its failures.
  6. I’m a chococoffeeholic! I love my chocolate and my coffee. Although I have both at a minimum, my love for these two never diminishes.
  7. My aim other than helping people and easing their pain is to spread love and happiness to each and every heart in this Universe. I dream of a world full of smiles and laughter.

Lets Spread the Beauty

Like I mentioned before, I notice. I notice beautiful souls, who share, care and love. Souls who make this world, and my world so so beautiful. I present and pass forward the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD to …

drumroll..drum roll…*bow*…showering rose petals….
Here are 9 beautiful souls you ought to know:

  1. Steven Aitchinson @ Change Your Thoughts – Is A blogger/writer/lifecoach and an amazingly intelligent person with incredible intuitive articles on his blog. He blogs with heart and mind beautifully. He does truly care. I’m incredibly fortunate to have met him almost 2 years back. Steven you are awesome!
  2. Jonathan @ Advanced Life Skills– Is a writer par excellence. A person of amazing warmth and wisdom. He writes with just one motive in mind, and that is to help his readers Advance in life. From the first time I have met him, till now almost 2 years…he has been incredibly supportive and helpful. His new Book “True Self” will be available on in November. Jonathan you are wonderful!
  3. Farnoosh @ Prolific Living– This woman is a reader, a writer, a yoga doing rubber-band(I’m not kidding) and she is incredibly passionate and beautiful inside out. She writes about living a Prolific life and she is such a shining example of it. Farnoosh..girl you rock!
  4. Evita @ Evolving Beings– Is wise beyond her years. She is a warm, loving and highly intuitive person. Her writing focuses on helping the reader evolve to their highest level. I’m so honored to be part of her site as a contributing writer. She is beauty, brains and heart personified. Evita you are an angel!
  5. Jay @ Porsidan– Is the most beautiful, most loving and most funny souls around. I love his writing to bits, cause it moves me totally and completely. His beautiful soul shines in all he writes. My encounters with him have always been so wonderful and yes, his writing makes me giggle too. Jay you are totally amazing!
  6. John @ Hilife2b– Is such a warm, simple and highly intelligent person. He writes right from his heart and touches issues that make you sit up and take notice. He just recently released his own book  “Power of Enjoyment”.Click the book title to check it out. You would never guess he is still in college. John you help me re-think so much. Thank you!
  7. Dragos Roua – Brilliantly Better– His writing is addictive. I can start reading and get so completely sucked in. It’s that good. He is warm, loving, incredibly intelligent and yes smart too. He has such a strong head on his shoulders and that pours in his amazing writing. He makes you Brilliantly better! Dragos you truly are Beautifully Brilliant!
  8. Barbara @ Blogging Without a Blog– She is my blogging teacher and I wish all the teachers in the world were as loving as her. She teaches blogging with love on her blog. Her beautiful smile and loving ways get me every time. Barbara your are the bestest!
  9. TiTi @ One cool site blogging tips– She is my blogging guru. With so many years experience in blogging, her knowledge is incredible and her selfless ways of helping fellow bloggers is just beautiful. TiTi blogs and helps cause she loves it. No other reason. Her love is apparent in all she does. TiTi you are my valued treasure!

Alright, there are so many more, but I can’t add so many to this list cause then this article would actually become endless. To see, read and feel more of these wonderfully beautiful souls please visit my ever growing BlogLuv page.

I love all who I come across, cause to me all are beautiful!

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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21 thoughts on “Life is Full of Beauty

  1. Zeenat,
    Keep talking, sweet friend…your words are like a flowing stream, filled with such goodness…

    And keep laughing, too!!! Laughter is like music to my ears…

    So good to know more about you!

    And – you shine at the words of this award – “beautiful blogger”…

    1. HI Lance,
      Keep talking hmm….my hubby got to read this 😉
      So glad to share so much more about me..and happy that you enjoyed my goofy self confessions 🙂
      Thank you for your amazing love and support always lance. You are “A Beautiful Blogger forever” in my eyes 🙂
      Lots of love~

  2. Zeenat, this is a great post for getting to know you better. I know you’ve said you were a bit goofy before, but I always had you down for a kind of serious, calm, person. So, it’s great to share that little more about you.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We’ve grown a lot together over the last few years, along a few other blogger friends. It’s a privilege knowing you.

    1. HI Steven,
      I know…people have that notion about me-serious and uptight kind of notion…when in reality I am totally the opposite. I am calm, just very naughty too 😉
      And the privilege is all mine…I have learned so much form you…and I continue to grow cause I derive so much inspiration form you. Thank you!
      Much Love~

  3. Hi Zeenat

    I LOVE what you shared and learning more about you! In fact your point number 2….. well I just picked up on this from the first moment I met you. Your creativity shines soooooo brightly! I love all the butterflies and flowers that you shower the world with so often. In fact, this is a good time to say, wow, do I ever LOVE the new look of your site!!!! It is crisp, clean, but oh so ever colorful and creatively beautiful!

    And I thank you so much for the lovely award and mention. Wow, what a surprise. Thank you for the beautiful things you said about me, my heart overflows with joy!

    1. HI Sweet Evita,
      See, you are the intuitive little gal …arent you 🙂 I so love butterflies and flowers and colors. I’m glad you enjoy the occasional shower….
      As for the theme…i think I fell in love with this theme at first sight and had to have it. I think for all the ones i have tried till now..this is most ME. I happily don’t need to adjust anything. The fonts, colors…everything just screams Me. Happy little girl me 🙂
      And you so deserve this award..and so many many more….You just wait and see….you are gonna get so many awards, you wont know where to keep them 🙂
      Love you lots and lots~

  4. Thank you, Z! I’m really glad that you enjoy my writing. It’s an honor to be included here with these great bloggers. I remember when you were first starting out, and only a handful of us knew you. I knew then what a beautiful heart you have, and I am so glad to see how far you’ve come and how many people you have been able to share your wisdom and beautiful spirit with. You’re amazing, and I am honored to know you.

    1. Hi Jay, is blushing 🙂
      Thank you for always being such a beautiful soul. And you got to be included in bigger, better more awesome lists, that too right on #1! You are the bestest!!!!
      I cant wait for you to publish your own book…its high time mr 🙂
      And, the honor is all mine.
      Lots of love~

  5. Farnoosh

    Dearest Zeenat, the shining light and love in this spinning blogosphere, thank you my dear friend for the award. I am so humbled and shocked to say that I have now received this reward three times!!! Thank you so much!
    Your deep loyalty, your chocolate addiction and your affinity for conversation are more than enough to render us the best of friends! Stay the same ….

    1. HI Farnoosh Darling,
      Three times you say…well that only means one thing..that you are thrice as beautiful 🙂 And that my lovely gal is a compliment of gigantic proportions 🙂
      I tell you, one day when we do meet, we will be inseparable, cause our chatty chatty conversations will truly never end 😉 And best freinds is just the bestest ever 🙂
      Love you so much~

      1. You are a darling -I am putting a linkback and a thank you on my “Guest posting” page which also includes all the mentions of Prolific Living.
        One day when we shall meet – how about Blogworld 2011, Zeenat? PLEASE COME! I would love to be in your company if only for an hour….
        Big hugs to you sweet heart!

  6. Zeenat, your kind words touched me deeply. I am truly honored to be mentioned in such fine company. It is an amazing thing that people from every part of the globe can share with and encourage one another. Just goes to show that positive, loving energy knows no borders and cannot be restrained. Thank you for including me in your circle. By the way, I love your new blog theme!

    1. HI Jonathan.
      It is truly amazing how much we can all be there for each other…even thought in physical distance we are oceans apart…it certainly doesn’t feel that way when we connect na 🙂
      And I am so so happy you love the new blog theme…it just makes me feel all happy and vibrant. You support over the past 2 years has meant the world to me.
      So Much love to you~

  7. I love what you have written and i like that I know more about you- chocoffeholic:) love it- I like both- love chocolate, and really am a yerba Mate-big Fam of the Mate Factor- style of yerba mate green tea.

    Yes life is full of beautiful as are you in the love you spread around the world. I have a picture us all meeting one day- imagine the love:”
    in joy and gratitude

    1. HI Suzie,
      I can already feel the love my dear. I do wish one day(soon) we all can meet up and chat…and just be with each other. Such fun when like minded people come together in harmony. The energies just amalgamate.
      And the fact that you love chocolate too makes you my very best friend 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your love.
      So Much Love~

  8. Ah Beautiful Z…
    I *love* that you received this award..
    And, I *love* the photo.. I feel like I am her..
    There is so much beauty in the world, I am with you in noticing and celebrating it..
    I *love love love* #1 because I am a moonbeam, butterflies and glitter girl and I *love love love* #7 because I dream the same..
    What you reflect here makes me smile..

    1. HI Sweet Joy,
      You know i did instantly think of you and me together…up in the air playing…when I saw that photo 🙂
      What you like about my sweetie is all in you and so much more…hence the connection we have rises higher and goes deeper every time 🙂 I am so happy to have connected with you…you are truly amazing!
      So Much Love~

  9. Hi Zeenat … that’s great – I have to say before I read your brief bio .. that your header is beautiful and please don’t change it!!!!!!??????

    Your combination of art and chattiness .. is such a good line .. and shows through .. but you write so well .. that International school must have stood you in good stead?

    I’m really pleased I called in today .. I passed on your blog to a few friends here .. a friend from Kerala and my 18 year old god-daughter .. and others .. it’s such an interesting read ..

    See you soon .. with your sky blues, and hazy pinks, and vibrant sun .. with splashes of ultra colours .. cheers Hilary

  10. Thanks for sharing Zeenat. I was always drawn to you by our tweets and correspondence on FB. This is my first visit and I LOVED it. My top fave is being goofy. I am soooo goofy that everyone thinks my son is my brother. We play everywhere we go and have such a strong crazy bond thats very child-like. Anyway THANKS THANNKS for the list of bloggers. I knew some of them but needed to reconnect with a few. I appreciate you listing them.
    I too “dream of a world full of smiles and laughter.”
    Your so wonderful. I appreciate your friendship Zeenat =)

    Love Light & Blessings,
    Therese Miu

  11. Dear Zeenat,
    Here I am (late as usual). I’m so humbled by your choice to include me among such distinguished people. Thank you so much for this honor. You radiate love and beauty and I am blessed with your friendhip.
    Love and peace be with thee always,

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