Rumi’s Soulful Advice on #LOVE

1623741_10152237443826810_980244016_nWhatever you know or dont – Only LOVE is real. ~ Rumi

Rumi’s words have been a source of solace to my soul for a very long time. I grew up listening to my wise and philosophical dad quote Rumi on many occasions and then when I did actually grow up, I began to slowly understand the depth of his words. To this day, his words, his philosophy on all things love and life hits home for the heart centred Sufi girl in me.

All those who know me, know how much I LOVE “love”. And, when it comes to understanding the many layers of love…none other than Rumi’s words have the power to tug at the heart. In many a troubled times, his words have worked like a balm for my heart and soul. Continue reading “Rumi’s Soulful Advice on #LOVE”

How to BE the Candle that Lights the World

Better To Light Candles ~ How to BE the Light“It is better to light candles than to curse the darkness.
It is better to plant seeds than to accuse the earth.
The world needs all of our power and love and energy,
and each of us has something that we can give.
The trick is to find it and use it, to find it and give it away.
So there will always be more.
We can be lights for each other, and through each other’s illumination we will see the way.
Each of us is a seed, a silent promise,
and it is always spring.” ~Merle Shain

We live in a world that is drunk on the need for gaining power against all odds. If that means, compromising on our own morals and losing all self-respect in doing so…so be it! Right?!?!

Not really……

If any of our decisions and actions are of personal gain, with the ‘no matter what’ attitude attached to it, its not just morally wrong, but psychological and emotional suicide.

We blame the world, we blame the government, we blame the officials….we literally blame everyone and everything for our problems. But, have we ever thought of looking within? Have we ever thought of how we can be a positive light in this world? Continue reading “How to BE the Candle that Lights the World”