How to BE the Candle that Lights the World

Better To Light Candles ~ How to BE the Light“It is better to light candles than to curse the darkness.
It is better to plant seeds than to accuse the earth.
The world needs all of our power and love and energy,
and each of us has something that we can give.
The trick is to find it and use it, to find it and give it away.
So there will always be more.
We can be lights for each other, and through each other’s illumination we will see the way.
Each of us is a seed, a silent promise,
and it is always spring.” ~Merle Shain

We live in a world that is drunk on the need for gaining power against all odds. If that means, compromising on our own morals and losing all self-respect in doing so…so be it! Right?!?!

Not really……

If any of our decisions and actions are of personal gain, with the ‘no matter what’ attitude attached to it, its not just morally wrong, but psychological and emotional suicide.

We blame the world, we blame the government, we blame the officials….we literally blame everyone and everything for our problems. But, have we ever thought of looking within? Have we ever thought of how we can be a positive light in this world?

How to BE the Candle that Lights the World

Yes, there is darkness, there is corruption, there is a whole lot of wrong around us…and I agree to that. But, there is a lot of light, a lot of love and a lot of compassion within us, should we choose to live authentically.

We can be the light not only for ourself but for all those around us. If we each choose to be the light and live a loving, caring and compassionate existence, our light will most definitely eradicate all darkness.

The one and only way to Be a Candle of light is to LOVE. Love with all your heart, all your soul and with every cell that exists in you. Rather than pull each other down on the road to power and success let’s hold each others hands and get there together. Start with loving others and continue with loving yourself, loving your life…however it may be. Cause its YOUR life…..just your life and only YOU can add happiness to it by being the light.

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.” ~ Rumi

Lets all BE the candle and light up the world. Our world needs LOVE to eradicate the darkness.

Your Positive Prompt today: Think about all the times you were angry at the world(and all things in it)…and think about how you could’ve been the loving light instead of being angry. Be conscious of that anger, that frustration that you hold inside and channel it positively to do good. Think about what you are capable of if you actually become the candle that lights the world. The possibilities are endless!!

May you be Positively Inspired Everyday!

Note: Every Sunday is Inspirational Day on Positive Provocations.

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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8 thoughts on “How to BE the Candle that Lights the World

  1. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” ~Matthew 5:16
    Wonderful inspiration, Zeenat! Thank you!

  2. reflectingalife

    So very true Zeenat. Amazingly enough for every story we hear of doom and gloomy and horror, there are literally thousands of random acts of kindness, of compassion and kindness. And focusing on love instead of fear or anger supports our world in so many brilliant ways.

    Thank you for being a light in my world.

  3. It’s simply a choice Zeenat – we can chose to be a light in the world forothers if we so decide. I couldn’t agree with you more about loving others as a way to spread our light. In fact, I wrote a whole post on it 🙂 The best part about being a light for others is that it’s contagious. Once we spread our light, others are inspired to love more and spread their light.

  4. We do not seem to understand that we are all children of the same father up there, and I believe this earth is our mother as we were born and live on this earth. Whatever we do on this earth, it’s like we are playing in our mother’s laps. So in reality we all are a big family. Why do we want to hurt our brothers by cheating, deceits, lies, getting angry, even saying a bad word. Some people have a lot and they still want more and more, even by deceiving others and taking their life savings away, especially vulnerable old pensioners. I am a pensioner myself. If we all had love and respect for each other, this world would have been a lot better place, like a haven. Something evilly resides in some of us, like (in alphabetical order) aggression , Ego, Expectations, Greed, Hatred, Jealousy and Revenge, which are our worst enemies, which have turned our world in to a hell, once used to be a haven, I believe. Sometimes I ask myself, could it be possible to turn this world back in to a haven ? First I doubted, but looking at the work you do and a couple of institutions who teach Love, Respect and Spirituality, along with healing sessions they provide for free, it is very likely. You are doing a good work Zeenat, keep it up. You have my support and blessings. God bless you, love, Shashi

    1. Hi Shashi,
      Your thoughts here warm my heart.
      I too wish for a heaven on earth….and believe we can each help in creating it. The realisation needs you come from within.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here and for your kind words. I so appreciate them.
      Much love~

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