How to Invest Positively for an Eternity

How to Invest Positively for an Eternity
What follows us beyond the grave?

Read this, Hear this, repeat this: Death is an inevitability we cant deny. This might be very frightening but one we need to hear and absorb. But on the other hand, it is the most shocking reality check we could have.
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Kindness Matters

Please Note: This is a guest article by a very dear spiritual soul and someone I truly admire – Janice Lynn Lundy. Please read more about her at the end of this article.

In 2008, the Gallup poll revealed our choice of the world leader we admired the most. I was not surprised by the result—His Holiness the 15th Dalai Lama—but the creators of the poll were. Apparently, this was the very first time that our top choice was someone who was perceived as both a political leader and a religious leader. This made me wonder, what is the common thread woven through each of these roles that this esteemed man plays? The answer came quickly: Kindness. Continue reading “Kindness Matters”

Forgive YourSELF and Heal

Being offline for so long I often wondered what was happening in my absence. I so wanted to be part of everything but Life had better plans for me. It’s not that I didn’t miss all my online friends, connections and literally my online life…oh cause I did miss it so much. But, shifting home to another State isn’t an easy task. Packing-moving-the transit-the waiting for the movers in my new home- the setting everything – the tiredness- the keeping a hyper active 3 year old happy….its quite an experience and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. Continue reading “Forgive YourSELF and Heal”