How to Invest Positively for an Eternity

How to Invest Positively for an Eternity
What follows us beyond the grave?

Read this, Hear this, repeat this: Death is an inevitability we cant deny. This might be very frightening but one we need to hear and absorb. But on the other hand, it is the most shocking reality check we could have.

This thought will constantly make us evaluate our priorities, goals and objectives in life. All the wants and desires that we spend a lifetime chasing such as money, fame, power, possessions, are impermanent(short lived). No matter how much we may love our expensive Cars, big homes or bank balance, we must one day leave them and let go.

When people understand this, they try and compensate by leaving behind legacies – children, lasting achievements, immortal works of art. 

How to Invest Positively for an Eternity

As immortal souls how do we live? What should be our goals? Our conduct?

To begin with, we need to see what we take with us. According to all the spiritual texts, all faiths and near-death experiences, there are only two things that survive death.

  1. One is our character, the sum total of our experiences on earth.
  2. The other is our relationships.  At the end of our life, who we become, is the raw material for the journey beyond death.

If we live our lives negatively we take all of that negativity with us. But, if we live our lives positively then all that too will go with us.

Since others are also immortal, we also take our relationships onward into the next soul journey. This means that we need to prioritize growth and relationships. There is an immediate need for us to see life as a vast school where we take birth in order to grow in perfection until we attain enlightenment. Every problem should be seen only as an indication that we have not got there as yet. Even the tiniest of resistance to the weather, or a traffic jam or to our scratchy new shoes are signs that we have still some room to grow.

Finally, we need to truly work on our relationships, especially with those closest to us. Many of us have issues with our family and quite often get estranged, but from the point of view of your soul, alienation is not an option. So, we might as well start working on them today itself. Every relationship we have is an opportunity for growth.

The decision is now upto you.

What will your decision be? What are your favorite soul-full investments? Share your wisdom and thoughts in the comments below. I would love to invest with you 🙂

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9 thoughts on “How to Invest Positively for an Eternity

  1. Hi Z,

    My husband always says, “relationships are the bonds you build.” That’s where my time, energy and positive good mojo go. No one is going to eulogize me by saying “she stayed late at work.” oh hec no. In fact, I want friends and family to remember me by saying “she loved her friends and family and by golly she did life her way.” Oh yeah…


  2. Hi Zeenat – lovely thoughts. Yes, relationships are spiritual lessons and we are sent many wonderful teachers who are able to challenge and inspire us to become our best and highest selves. Our most challenging relationships may be our greatest teachers. They may be hurting us or fighting with us but essentially the are polishing us to be our highest self. Also, our spiritual pursuits, I believe, will help us move on to eternity with joy and peace.

    1. Hi Vishnu,
      You are SO right! Every person we encounter, every relationship we nurture comes to teach us a new lesson. Eternal peace and happiness are ingrained in these connections. May we all be blessed to learn and grow with our relationships.
      Much Love~

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  4. Hi Zeenat,
    The moment I started reading this post, the following lines of P.B. Shelley came to my mind:
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare…….

    I read them as a young student but they got ingrained in my mind, always followed me, that could be the reason that I have always valued relationships more than money and possessions. I have always invested in relationships even when the response was lukewarm. I hope I have invested well and continue to do so.

    Thanks for the inspiration and assurance!

  5. Synchronicity strikes! This is exactly what I’ve been thinking and writing about too. You are speaking about relationships whereas I spoke about positive qualities, but the two are so parallel one another. It’s challenging of course because so much calls us to invest in the material aspects of life so I believe it’s so important to hear this message again and again. Thank you, Zeenat.

  6. Wow Zeenat we are on the same wave length this week! I agree and love how you brought how important relationships are, to a higher level. Love your quote “Relationships teach us more about ourselves than almost any aspect of life” I agree 🙂

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