Top 90 Positive Thinking Quotes to Happily Ignite your Heart and Soul

think speak be positive“Think, Speak, Be Positive”

With the year end coming closer, many of us will eventually go into the pondering sort of mood at its tail end. To make sure that your pondering remains positive for your heart and soul, here is a bouquet of Top 100 Positive Thinking quotes that WILL happily ignite your heart ans soul to Be more, Do more and Live more.

I often talk of ways to instill positvity in your day…reading these quotes often {I like to read some everyday} is a sure shot way to boost your moods towards the positive.

So here goes…. Continue reading “Top 90 Positive Thinking Quotes to Happily Ignite your Heart and Soul”

4 Powerful Strategies to Fire Up Your Motivation!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”~Zig Ziglar

Are you stuck in the same old rut, feeling uninspired, demotivated, tired, and bored?

The most common question I get asked is “how on earth do I stay motivated? I start something/a project I love and I can never finish it cause I get bored or distracted in the middle.”

Are you wondering how to gain motivation for the things you really want to/love to do? Motivation is an ongoing process, a behavior that you can nurture and expand, but motivation cannot be forced. If you are ready to live a meaningful life, then here are four powerful strategies to pump up your motivation to start acting on the goals that are important to you and your life. Continue reading “4 Powerful Strategies to Fire Up Your Motivation!”