LOOKING WITHIN YOUR HEART{Inspirational Quote Of The Week}

h.koppdelaney's photostream flickr.com
h.koppdelaney's photostream flickr.com

You cannot find your soul with your mind,

you must use your heart.

You must know what you are feeling.

If you dont know what you’re feeling, you will create unconsciously.

If you’re unconscious of an aspect of yourself; If it operates outside your field of awareness, that aspect has power over you.

~Gary Zukav~

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15 thoughts on “LOOKING WITHIN YOUR HEART{Inspirational Quote Of The Week}

  1. Hello ~

    I really like your choice of poetry today. What cuts is what is deep within us, love, compassion and respect for all human, animals and the environment.

  2. Hi Zeenat,
    I love the reminder that we have to look to our heart to find that which is deeply meaningful. So, so good to remember.

    1. Hi Megan,
      I must thank you for coming here and sharing your delightfully positive vibes with us here. Youre always so supportive and encouraging in your comments. And your smiley picture just beams with light. Thanks for shining on my blog.

  3. Ramadan Kareem. I think you’ve put together a great website. You should come over to existensis and fast with me for Ramadan. I know, a virtual community isn’t the same as the Ummah, but we are fasting with people of all faiths.

    It’s 30 days of spiritual lessons for everyone.

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  5. Fabulous quote – so in sync with with the great vibes of your last post with the recipe. That was precious – sorry I meant to comment on that one – got distracted. Coming to your blog is like getting the warmest hug! Keep being you!

  6. Hi Zeenat.
    I love that we are more and more getting encouraged to use the heart.
    It is a learning curve for me to use the heart, I am so used to only trust and hear the mind. However these encouragements are soo important as listening to my heart has given me the best moments and best choices in my life.
    Okay as it is a hugz site from now on, hugs to you and your mother, have a great time.

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