Dreaming. It’s bad for you. Do this instead

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Note: This is an AMAZING movement and initiative by the very talented and brilliant Razwana Wahid. Read more about her at the end of this post. Read, absorb and Enjoy!

It was as if I’d been slapped in the face.

My knees buckled and I gripped the chair near me.

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know who I am in this city. I’m leaving”

We’d moved from London to Paris together. That’s not a small step for a couple to make. And after deciding on that step as a unit, he’d now taken it upon himself to dictate how our relationship would end.

There was nothing I could do about it. His decision had been made.

As he closed the door behind him, my mind pushed fast-forward to a year. It exploded with visions of me sprawled on the sofa, alone on a Saturday night, watching endless reruns of Happy Endings whilst stuffing my obese face repeatedly with white chocolate and chilli-flavoured crisps (a combo I’d recommend, you guys, but sans depression).

What ensued that evening were a sob fest, and a 3-hour call marathon with my friends to bawl the entire thing out. Therapeutic and cathartic.

But this post isn’t about break ups. It’s about make ups. With yourself. And with life.

I’d had a pretty crazy journey up until that point. I’d had a marriage, and a divorce. I’ve moved out of my home town and into London. I’d then upped sticks and moved to Paris. All this and only 2 decades alive.

It had been quite the ride.

But this particular lesson brought with it a simple realisation. That each decision had lead to the next. And each little movement, had created a butterfly effect on my life.

I’d always lived in a particular way, and it took that moment for me to realise it.

The decisions I’d made weren’t stagnated in thinking ‘what if….’. They’d thrived because I thought ‘why not?’

Why not challenge the norms of the society I’d been raised in and do things differently? Wouldn’t that inch our culture a tiny bit forward?

Why not take the loneliness of singledom and turn it into a quest for new friendships and new love? Isn’t that the point of living in a breathtaking city?

Why not use my experience that had made me new friends, and take them on a journey to meet more new ones?

Because that’s what this mindset creates – a ripple effect. And that’s exactly what’s starting. Right now.

Today, a movement has driven its stake in the ground.

It’s a movement that believes that your dreams begin with what if…? But living your life starts with asking why not?

And the more you act upon this question? The more people witness you making small changes that lead to a big life, and they have the courage to do the same for themselves.

So tell me. How would you life be different if you considered the what if’s and embraced them as why not’s?

What if … you could find peace within yourself? How would you do it?

What if … spending 6 months of the year in Costa Rica working on your business was a reality. How would you get there?

What if … your life-purpose did become a quest for your clients to transform themselves. What’s the first step you would take?

When we start thinking ‘why not’?, the walls of possibility begin to shift. The question turns a narrow, fearful mind, into an open, curious one. And minds like that? Can change the world.

So today I invite you to join the movement. Share your what if… dreams in the comments. And allow this community to support you as you to turn them into your very own why not?

Because you only have one life. Isn’t it time you started living it?

The ‘what if …. why not?’ movement has started. Are you in? Join us. Right here.

Razwana WahidAbout the Author 

Razwana Wahid is the founder of Your Work is Your Life.

A copywriting and online business strategy service dedicated to coaches, consultants, healers and service providers.


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14 thoughts on “Dreaming. It’s bad for you. Do this instead

  1. Hi Zeenat and Razwana,

    This is a path-breaking thought! Very well articulated! Why not? I am glad we are adopting this attitude. One setback or even ten setbacks in life need to be dealt with this spirit! I could feel the positive vibes through the words. Hope all those who have to go through such situations are listening and drawing inspiration from these powerful words.

    Thank you Zeenat, for sharing the love and positivity.

  2. My thoughts are, ‘What if I stopped feeling scared and second guessing myself and just do!!!! Brilliant article Raz. I might just be join you in Costa Rica!

    1. razwanawahid2013

      And my response to your question is – why not stop feeling scared, second guessing yourself and just do it?

      6 months on Costa Rica would be awesome, right?

  3. hmmm now that is worth thinking about for sure … I will definitely give it a thought and STOP the WHAT IF and just go for it .. fingers crossed

  4. Beautiful story of inspiration! I especially loved Razwana’s words “When we start thinking ‘why not’?, the walls of possibility begin to shift. The question turns a narrow, fearful mind, into an open, curious one. And minds like that? Can change the world.” so true and the possibilities are unlimited! Thanks for the pick-me-up 😉

  5. reflectingalife

    What a wonderfully uplifting, encouraging post Razwana. It’s akin to saying ‘yes’ to life. And why not! 🙂

  6. Hi Razwana,

    Why not, indeed? I have to say that this post resonated with me a lot. I have just gone through 18 months of turmoil and I am now living in “Why not?” mode. I have finally started my own coaching business, website in progress, I am going to go travelling around South East Asia for a few months as I promote the website. So, so, so many what if’s in there to scare the living daylights out of me but, it really is a case of, “Why not”.

    A pleasure as always reading your stuff.

    1. That all sounds like you have a lot of direction, and throwing caution to the wind! Whoot! Celebrating for you, Keith!

      I’m excited to see which direction your site takes. Great to have you back 🙂

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