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The energy of joy is a connector energy that offers whole-body refreshment and is naturally heart-healing as well as a powerful manifesting energy. A connector energy means that as you feel it, similar energies (and people and things with that energy) are drawn into your space and you lean into life, embracing it fully, because it feels good and you want to.

In the moments that you are feeling joyful, other feelings such as peace, gratitude and love come swooping into your experience, pushing aside doubt, concern and fear. Your body feels comfortable, your mind is at peace and your heart is open with love.

What a centered, empowered space to experience life from! It’s a space where life – and all that is in it – feels wonderful; you are excited to play with creative expression and enjoy everything you are present to including your relationships, career, spiritual path and learning activities.

You can see, then, how joy works as a manifesting energy. While you are fully embracing the moment, in celebration, your barriers dissolve in those moments, which makes it easier for ‘what you want’ as well as ‘more of what you want’ to come into your space.

(The one manifesting tip I share with everyone is ‘if you want to live infinite possibility, start celebrating life – the moment you are in, the people you are with, the steps you have taken, the beauty that you see’ and watch how your practice opens right up!)

When we consider the energy of joy, it’s related to celebration – something many people save until either a calendar holiday (like a birthday) or until they have accomplished a goal (usually after a series of steps have been been completed).

So, the question is, how can you experience the energy of joy in your daily life?

I like to share simple ways of exploring energy, because if we make our practices too complex or they require too many resources, we are less likely to do them (and less likely to experience the benefits from them!). Each idea that I present has to do with choosing to celebrate: life in general, the gift of this moment and all that is in it; your essence energy and the choices you make; your steps as you move through each experience.

One of the easiest ways to celebrate life and the gift of this moment is to notice what feels good to you about something (or someone) and share appreciation with a smile or a form of ‘thank-you’.

The challenge is that this requires that you focus your attention and awareness on what is delightful and lights your heart, instead of on what is ‘wrong’ or feels less than lovely.

For example, to open each new day, while I am still in bed, before considering what is in this specific day, I say ‘thank you for this glorious day!’. That is my simple way of celebrating this new day. As you can see, my attention is on the gift of this day, not on my to-do list, the logistics of the day or variables that might be challenging.

Opening my day with joy sets the tone for my day to be joy-filled. My mind is engaged in thinking about the ‘positive’ possibilities, my heart is open to enjoy the experience and my body is ready to connect with earth and move through the day.

As you consider this idea of opening the day with celebration, you can also apply this concept to specific blocks of time in your day, such as: each meal, driving to and from work, a visit with friends, greeting your loved ones, projects that you are working on, time exercising – everything you are present to can be celebrated.

Let’s talk a bit about celebrating your essence energy, the choices you make and the steps you take. This can be a bit challenging for many people, so please remember that each time you practice makes a difference and it often takes lots of practice for something new to feel familiar and comfortable.

Your essence energy is the nature of you. It’s comprised of all of your patterns, habits and preferences of learning, moving and being in world.

Celebrating your essence means to understand and appreciate all of the parts that make you, you.

You can start by looking in the mirror and/or putting your hand over your heart and saying ‘thank you for being you’.  You can notice what you thoroughly enjoy about your self (including your physical body, energetic spirit and talents and skills) and say ‘thank you’.

A few ways to celebrate your physical body is to speak kindly to it, feed it well, give it time to move in ways it enjoys (like dancing, swimming, walking in nature) and to be careful with where you place it.

A few ways to celebrate your energetic spirit is to spend time in places that enliven, explore practices that uplift and to connect with people with similar spirit.

A few ways to celebrate your talents and gifts is to explore different ways of enhancing and using them and to share your creative expressions with world.

As you open to connect, create and share, you make lots of different choices and take lots of different steps. A few ways to celebrate your choices and steps is to: speak kindly to yourself,  encourage yourself as you move through your different activities and to gift yourself a small present or reward (like time to read for fun, eat something as a treat or buy something you really like) when you listen to your heart and put effort into something that matters to you.

When you think or feel like you’ve made a ‘wrong’ choice or step, instead of criticizing yourself, thank yourself for noticing, then make a different choice or take a different step.

When I am with friends, or coaching clients, and they share something about their day, I always ask ‘how did you celebrate this choice or step’? People expect that from me – sometimes I think they celebrate just because they know I’m going to ask! (Of course, now I celebrate my choices and steps, too, because I know they will ask me.)

I invite you to share: What choices and/or steps are you celebrating today and how did you choose to celebrate them?

Much peace and abundant love,

About the author of this post:


Joy Holland is an empathic intuitive who shares her natural skills as an empowerment coach and clarity and energy facilitator. Joy creates practices of presence and energy movement to use in daily life so that you may experience peace, possibility and prosperity in your body, relationships, work and on your spiritual path, through connection and creative expression. Joy invites you to celebrate each step, beginning now, and to gift yourself the experience of creating from a centered space of love with ease and joy. As a single-mother of two teenagers, Joy revels in family connection. You may find Joy celebrating sunset – and tapping into elemental energy while sharing gratitude and blessings – at ocean’s edge each evening. Joy’s web ‘home’ is Facets of Joy.com.

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14 thoughts on “Celebrate with Joy

  1. Hey, Joy, this was a wonderful way to start my day! I have been resting and healing a cold and today, I think I have turned the corner to being healthy again and I am celebrating by having a little piece of really delicious chocolate with almonds! 🙂 And I am going to watch a movie later on with hubby ❤ Thank you for all you give! ❤ Love to you!

    1. Yay for resting and healing, Jean! And, for choosing to celebrate with *sweet deliciousness* and then fun with your hubby!! May you feel amplified peace and abundace as as natural result of your choices! Love to you, too!

  2. It’s such a delight to celebrate together and with your readers, Zeenat!! Thank you so much for hosting me on your site and sharing this fun message!!

  3. I’m celebrating taking care of myself today. I did that by staying in bed, reading a book, and going to the pond. I love the idea of starting off the day on a positive note as you suggest, Joy!

    1. Your day sounds lovely, Sandra! Rest and refreshment, engaging your mind in something fun and then connecting with flow in nature are all wonderful ways of celebrating the day! May you feel amplified peace and abundace as a natural result of your choices!

  4. Wonderful post! I’m célébrations standing in my truth today and shining my light. There’s no going back now, light is who I am, it is what I show to the world. I celebrate you, Joy!!!

  5. synchronicitybridge

    Hi Joy and Zeenat!

    Sorry to be just now here to leave a few words.

    I have been super busy *celebrating* life via poetry and photography with the Flickr Group *I Believe In Magic*. I owe what success in photography that I have achieved to you Joy, Maryse, Tanya, Catriona, Linda, Zania, and all the others that have been with IBIM.

    And you my divine sister Z!

    You’re the best!

    So Joy…got to agree with you… always enjoyable to have a few *fun books* to read…



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