Finding Your Happy Endings

Way to a happy end-D-4dWhen it comes to happy endings, we can all think of the ultimately romantic stories when after all the persuasion and troubles a couple finally come together in matrimony and live happily ever after.

Let me tell you a little true story about a how a woman found her story’s true happy ending:

This is the story of a friend of mine who is very successful when it comes to her career. She in her business world is a force of nature. You dare not mess with her. And, personally she is a real darling at heart. So caring, compassionate, giving and a lovely human being. She has a lovely eight year old daughter who is her world. The arrangement with her Ex is such that the daughter goes and visits him on weekends and holidays.

For many years she never wanted to get into another relationship, because she didn’t want her daughter to feel left out and of course in her heart of hearts she expected her ex to change for the better. She knew it was never going to be possible for him to change so she just immersed herself in work. They separated nearly five years back.

Recently about a few months(10 months) back she met this nice guy. She kept refusing to date him but he was persistent and claimed he was in love with her and that she was THE ONE for him. Slowly but steadily the relationship grew and she said she was also in love with him. She said he loved her daughter and was good to her etc.. There was no interference from her ex either so things were going smoothly till he proposed and she accepted.

As soon as she accepted the proposal and started planning for her wedding, the fights between them grew. They disagreed on everything. They both kept putting it off as pre-wedding jitters.

Just a few days back when she was trying on her wedding dress, her ex was dropping off their daughter to the store where she was trying it on. When her ex husband saw her in the dress, he just broke down, and told her how much he loved her and that separating was the biggest mistake he made in his life. She told him it was too late and she was already moving on now and walked away from him. But all the way, when she came to me all she could do was cry. She kept saying “why now? Why couldn’t he have realized this 5 years back? Why is he doing this to me?” I couldn’t do much accept comfort her at that point. I only asked her one question: “Are you still in love with your ex husband?” To which she just stared at me in shock. She couldn’t even react to the question..let alone answer it. She just hurried out and told me she would call later.

The next day she called and told me her wedding was off and that she was getting back with her ex husband. I was pleasantly surprised but not shocked. They were the kind of couple who were meant to be together forever but, ego clashes made that impossible to happen earlier. I guess the time and distance made them both realize that. And when faced with the ultimatum of losing the other to another man triggered off the actual feelings that were buried deep inside.

You know what she told me amid her tears of joy, she said “Zeenat, I found my perfect happy ending! We are a family again. It took me so long to realize this, but I am so happy I realized that now. Its not too late for us as yet. We can see our daughter grow together. We can have our lives back.”

I was obviously happy for her. But it got me wondering about what she said: My Happy Ending.

I always presumed happy endings to be more fairy tale like. But we can make our own tales and bring magic in them as well. We can find our own paths that lead to happiness. I know life is long and has so many experiences that enrich us. I think there is a happy ending after every experience that ends favorably and even if it doesnt end favorably we can strive that much harder to make it a happy ending.. isnt it..the journey can be enriching as well.

I would like to think of our lives as a collection of happy endings just waiting to happen. Now its up to us whether we choose to make them happen or sit on the sidelines and just dream of them happening.

Lets all get out there and find and collect our truly happy endings! I think we owe it to ourselves.

Don’t you??

Note: The other guy, whom she was supposed to marry, threw a very huge party in honor of her and her husbands reunion. He is truly happy for her. All he could say was “she is lucky to have found her way now rather that later. A family always deserves to be together.”

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4 thoughts on “Finding Your Happy Endings

  1. Hi again Zeenat,

    Beautiful post about happy endings. I think we all have our own perception of happiness and that’s all that matters. I’m sure that there will be some who after reading your post may argue that your friend shouldn’t have reconciled with her ex and that the happy ending would have been marrying the new guy.

    Again, it’s all about her perception on what happiness is for her, and obviously it’s reconciling with her ex and to be a family again. And you’re right, i think we DO owe it to ourselves to seek out the happiness we deserve!

    Rhythm Rob

    1. Thanks for visiting again Rhythm Bob.
      I know , we all do have our own perception of happiness and then finding your own happy ending can be so much more fulfilling isn’t it!
      One person might find something right and that same thing might be perceived as ridiculous to the other. but then if we all wanted the same things we each wouldn’t be so unique.

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  3. I love this, Zeenat! What a beautiful story!!! I especially love the bit at the end about how the other guy reacted… “a family always deserves to be together.” It’s so true that what matters is our own version of a happy ending, even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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