How NOT to Panic-The Wallet Incident


Last night My Hubby came home from an out of town trip. Ok so what’s the not to panic part about this?? I’ll tell you what…this morning when we were unpacking, his wallet wasn’t to be seen anywhere! I actually started freaking out, considering all the worst possible scenarios. Firstly, what was in that wallet??Credit cards, Debit cards, Identity card, Pan card among other paper work. No money thank god..Cause during the trip he kept the money in another pocket.

Irrespective of that..i started telling him…what’s wrong with you..why cant you be more careful? What if whoever found it uses your credit cards..oh god oh god…etc etc…you know us nagging wives!!! To which he gave an explanation (poor thing), that it probably got snipped during his journey..Cause he was sure he had it on him. But I couldn’t stop freaking out but, well he was surprisingly calm. Hmm..I wonder why???

After I finished my panicking (nearly 10 minutes) ..i started thinking..we can always handle this situation. There has got to be a solution to this…and then I panic again…seeing which my darling hubby says, “don’t worry! I will handle it. I needed new cards anyway..the other ones were getting too old. And I will make a stay on them as well so no one can use them. The paper work wasn’t that necessary. I will have it replaced.” …and he went on about how it was all ok. All the time he was explaining I was getting calmer and calmer and finally I was totally fine.

When I was sitting and thinking about the whole situation, I realized that my hubby was just reinforcing what I keep saying to myself and to others…to think positively in all situations or rather to see the positives in all situations. And the best part was that before I could start thinking positively he already had the solution to the problem. Smarty Pants Hubby!! This in turn made me stop panicking. Hmm…now I know why he was so calm? He already had a solution to the problem.

So bottom line before you start panicking about any given situation, first think of a solution to the problem and then well, you won’t even need to panic.

Have any of you ever had any panicky situations recently? Let me know how you handled them. I might learn a thing or two. Do leave a comment so I know…

I am still Positively Learning 🙂  Are you?

(Thank you Hubby dearest, I don’t know what I would do without you around to straighten me out! You make me learn something new everyday.)


4 thoughts on “How NOT to Panic-The Wallet Incident

  1. Hello Zeenat,

    I came across your post for today and it got me thinking about how important it is to stay in the present moment. I’ll explain.

    I’ve had unfortunate situations happen to me in the past where I was so panicked/outraged about what had happened, that I lost focus on how I was going to resolve the problem. I think it’s important not to dwell on something that’s happened in the past; the situation happened and it’s something you can’t change. At times I think we tend to be stuck in the “how could this happen to me?” period.

    It sounds apparent that since your husband was focusing on the present moment and on what had to be done immediately, he was able to shrug off the panic that’s usually associated with dwelling on a past situation.

    So for myself, I try as much as possible to be in the present moment and focus on the resolution. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with it, but the more you consciously do it, I think the easier it’ll get. The next time something unfortunate happens, realize you can’t change it and focus all your attention and energy into what can be done about it. The one thing you can change is how you react. 😉

    Rhythm Rob

  2. Hi Rhythm Rob,
    Welcome! I am glad you stopped by and read a piece of my blog.
    I do agree with you completely that- we can control right NOW how we react to a certain situation and that reaction in turn will help us deal with our past and our future more positively. I also completely agree with you on the fact that we HAVE TO consciously make an effort every time we are faced with a situation to think more positively about a resolution. I know it is difficult at times, cause we get so caught up in the situation that we forget about actually thinking, but it comes with practice. Noones perfect and we are all growing everyday isnt it!
    Hope to see you here again.

  3. Hello Zeenat. I’ve been around a long time and I’ve lost the panic button for the most part. Maybe it comes with experience. Like Rhythm Rob, I agree that the best way to handle ALL problems is to stay in the moment because then it is not a problem. It is simply something that requires your attention. The past is the past (the lost wallet). It’s over and done with and shrieking or panicking isn’t going to help. Easier said than done I realize. Thanks for your article!

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