A Timeless Interview with Robin Easton-Author of “Naked In Eden”

“With the Earth wrapped around me I was alive instead of isolated, sterile, and dead. As I woke to full consciousness I began to grasp my place in the scheme of things, and my realization of the equality of all life was born.” ~Robin Easton, Naked in Eden~

Robin, to me is a breath of fresh air. She fills each heart she comes across with immense love and so much joy. In all my encounters with Robin, I have always felt an intense connection with her on a soul level. I often tell her that we are ‘soul sisters’ separated by distance, but united by love on all levels.

When I need a calm pick me up, I run over to her blog “Naked In Eden blog” and fill my heart & soul with all her magnanimous loving energy. She exemplifies love, like no other I have ever met or encountered.

“I also learned that there is nowhere to “be”; we’re already there. Everything we need is right in front of us.” ~Robin Easton, Naked in Eden~

When she announced her book “Naked in Eden”….. all I could do was literally jump with joy, and yes, I did literally scream “eeeeeeeEeeeeeeee” while doing a happy dance. My excitement had no bounds and the immense happiness that I felt for her and all she has achieved in her beautiful journey was just overflowing.
I have read her book “Naked In Eden” cover to cover. Her journey and her soulful experiences of rediscovering herself in the Australian rainforest just leave you with a state of immense calm. Her story will inspire you to take the inward journey into self discovery. It will motivate you to go back to mother nature and reap the many benefits that come from living a truly authentic to self life.
I don’t think I even begin to qualify to review her magnanimous book or her as a person. All I can say, is that the lessons, the experiences, the calm, the immense love . the beautiful energy that is in this book is all Robin. As I read the book, I felt her speak to me and tug at my heart in the most positively gentle way.

“Deep in our core lives the magnificent wild human-animal, passionately yearning for relationship with the living Earth”

Below are a few questions I asked Robin about her Beautiful book. As you read through it, just hold on to your seats, cause you will be blown away.

The Interview:

ZEENAT: What sparked the thought of writing your own book?
I never intended to write a book. I was never someone who journaled. When I lived in the Australian rainforest, I always seemed to be too fully living to write. To have journaled in the rainforest would have taken me away from my immediate experience of simply “being”. My days in the forest were larger than life. There was so much to see, feel and learn that journaling would have taken me away from experiencing the rainforest. The forest demanded and held my fill attention.
However, after I left the rainforest and returned to society, I was suddenly living around more people than I’d lived around in years. On top of that, my eyes were now wide open, very open. I saw things as they really were, such as the destructive things we humans do to the planet, other species and each other. I also saw how much we take for granted here in American culture (our abundance of food, water, clothing, fancy cars, elaborate homes, an excess of things used and thrown away). I saw more clearly than ever our disconnection from the rest of life on Earth. I found all of this very overwhelming.
One day I picked up a pencil and started to express my feelings on paper, but not with the intention of writing a book. For the first time in my life I simply felt compelled to write. It was a way I could deal with all that I saw in my culture, as well as stay connected to what I’d learned and, more importantly, who I’d become in the rainforest. Often my original writings were about my insights into humanity or my culture, other times they were beautiful memories from my time in the rainforest.
I tried to share my insights into my culture and my rainforest life with others, but for most people in American culture, my experience was so far off the map that they couldn’t relate. Some were kind and tried to understand, others didn’t understand at all and told me I was crazy and, “why would anyone want to live like that?”
Eventually, my husband bought a secondhand computer for me. I was writing so much that my wrists hurt. A pencil didn’t allow me to write fast enough for what needed to be expressed. Over a period of several years I wrote almost 1500 pages. Several years later as the world slowly changed and my culture began to make movies and write books about nature, people became more interested in my work. I was blessed to have highly successful authors recognize my work and suggest I put some of it together in a book.

“Naked in Eden” is the first in my series of Australian rainforest books. It was written with great love. I often cried writing it and felt the ancient rainforest trees and wild creatures hovering all around me, each waiting to have their turn to speak. I felt cradled in loved, and often cried while I wrote. Daily I experienced the core feeling in this book, which is Love. “Naked in Eden” carries a message that hopefully will help us all remember who we really are, what we are connected to, and where we come from.

ZEENAT: While writing your book, what was the most challenging part? Was there a time you wanted to just give up?
When someone publishes a book, composes a piece of music, creates a film or other piece of art that becomes publicly known, we tend to say, “The reason they were able to do that is because they had more talent, more money, more time (or something that I don’t have).” I’ve learned that this usually isn’t true. Their success is usually due to one thing; they didn’t give up.
I’ve done many creative things in my life: as a performing musician, a professional glass artisan, a potter, and now a writer. Although I still do the other forms of art, writing my rainforest books felt more like a calling than my previous projects. And yet, I had more setbacks with my writing than with any of my other “careers”. I experienced many setbacks, some of which were serious illness, financial challenges, divorce, loss of loved ones, and minor things like book rejections, trying to find time to write, and maybe hardest of all, adjusting to a culture that was beyond my comprehension.
However, one day I simply said, “I can embrace it all. I can simply “be with” it, let it all wash around me and still maintain my center. I also can grow from these challenges, and let the ups and downs be part of the process of my life.” In doing this I no longer felt that life “should” be something different, better, perfect, more, and so on. Of course I did all I could to keep my life on track, in balance, and moving in the direction of my heart. Sometimes I didn’t even know why I decided to turn my writing into a book, but I was continually called by love to write about my rainforest life. Most days I felt something much greater than me guiding me, watching over me and loving me. Often the trees that talk about in my book, appeared in my dreams, speaking to me, just as they did in the forest.
Through writing I got to commune with my rainforest (now thousands of miles away). The forest had become part of me, maybe all of me. I had to listen to its calling and desire to speak through me. Since I’m very willing to trust my heart, I easily trusted this “calling”, wherever it led me. Making that decision allowed me to be more relaxed and at ease.  For me, it has never been about “being an author”, but it has been about listening to my heart, experiencing life, enjoying the journey, and loving as much as I can. With time I saw life as one big adventure. I thrived no matter what was happening. It never occurred to me to give up on my book. I realized that the only thing that could stop me was me. As if by magic, the doors started opening.

ZEENAT: Do you have a message for the readers of your book?
There are so many messages I suppose I could share, but I will simply share what comes first into my heart: Dare to take risks. Take time to be still and listen to your heart, then act on its dictates. Get rid of your TV and live life instead of watch life. There’s a whole world out here awaiting you. Yes, YOU!! Commit to living no matter what life throws your way. Take the “manure” that life flings at you and use it as fertilizer to grow the most beautiful flowers anyone has ever seen. Think for yourself. Make decisions as if you were the only one left on the planet (imagining this will help you to better hear your most authentic truth). Love like your life depended on it. Love, even more, your enemies and those who hurt you; they need it most. Forgive. Don’t hold grudges. Never keep score; the Universe will give back to you what you need. You may not “get back” from the person you give to; you may receive from a totally unexpected source. Take great leaps of blind faith, huge leaps. Do what you need to get close, very close, to your own personal “god”. Help those you are called to help. Many are suffering beyond endurance. Some pray daily that “someone” will help them. They might be praying to you. Be that someone! Find ways to help. When we help another we essentially help ourselves. When we heal another we heal ourselves. Have compassion and do not judgeThe world needs both our laughter and our tears. Don’t be afraid to hug people, compliment them and love them. We are being called to create our world; right now. Love, Robin

Naked IN Eden Book Trailer:

If you aren’t already blow away by this amazing woman, purchase the book and you will be for sure!

“Mother Nature began her work of stripping away the fabrication I’d called “my life”. She spoke directly to my innermost self, and the human-animal within me heard her voice, picked up its ears and grew restless.
The contrast between who I really am and the role I’d tried to fill in society was so great it was beyond understanding.” ~Robin Easton, Naked in Eden~

This Amazing book is out NOW and ready to be purchased.
CLICK HERE to Purchase NOW! or click the Books Image above to go to the Amazon Purchase page.

Prepare to be Amazed!

Thank you Robin, for being YOU, for loving like no other and for making me feel like I never felt before. Your Book has left me transformed and yearning for more.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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26 thoughts on “A Timeless Interview with Robin Easton-Author of “Naked In Eden”

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  2. Zeenat, thank you for interviewing Robin, and Robin, thank you for having faith. “Dare to take risks.” It’s the only way to live. Look forward to meeting you both one day. Love and peace, my friends.

  3. Zeenat,
    I have such deep respect and love for Robin – thank you so much for sharing this here.

    Your book journey, really a part of the journey of your life…is so touching and meaningful. Today I am drawn to the messages you share above – and it all reminds me that life is about living…now. And daring…taking chances..and truly listening to the voice that speaks from the heart. You shine all of this so beautifully.

    Much love to both of you,

  4. I am pleased beyond words to live in the same world of Robin and Zeenat.
    For in my soul, I know it will take the pure hearts of such women to change our future for the better.

  5. Zeenat & Robin,

    What you shared hear was truly a blessing that reached right into my heart. The video was absolutely incredible!! I am about 1/4 of the way through the book now…it’s so difficult to put down when I have other things to do. This interview and video make me want to grab the book, run into the woods, and swing in a hammock while reading this book!

    1. Hi Adrienne,
      How wonderful to see you here 🙂 And you running tot he hammock to read the book si the exact feeling I get when it comes to Robin’s book .
      I’m glad you are already reading it…and enjoying the beautiful energy it radiates.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      Much Love~

  6. dowhatyoulove


    Thank you for the beautiful interview with Robin. You asked wonderful questions. It is beautiful to see even more of Robin. I too loved her book, and I think it holds inspiration for the world!

    I look forward to the rest of the books in the series!

  7. Dearest Z,

    I am soooooooo blown away by the effort you put into this. I am just laughing and hugging you and smiling right now. You put SO much into this my sweet friend. I also am SO moved by your beautifully open heart and vitality. I am so grateful for your friendship and all I have learned from you and all the love you’ve given me over the months.

    I so often feel very humbled in your presence. I think because you genuinely care so deeply about others. I remember your exuberant response when I told you my book was coming out, and that just moved me to tears. Z, you are a infinitely lovely and precious soul.

    You know, I don’t really have words for WHY or HOW it happened but your questions brought out something in me that was so very healing and allowed me to feel deep compassion for myself and others. I feel this a lot, but it was more special this time. I think it’s because it had something to do with you. I literally felt like I was talking to YOU when I answered these questions. As if you were here in my living room and we were having tea and talking sister to sister. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes.

    I am very grateful to be part of your life and circle. I ALWAYS go away feeling so loved and safe in your presence. I often think of your little girl and what a gift you are giving her in being who you are.

    I love you immensely my dear soul sister. Although thousands of miles away, we are always close. Love, Robin xox

    1. Oh Robin, I cant thank you enough for the beautiful replies to my simple questions. I think its probably our connection that makes for amazing communications. You always move me to tears dear one…there is so much love, energy and life just bubbling out of you….and I can feel it right here. Thank you thank you thank you….
      Words cant begin to describe how grateful and blessed I am to have you in my life….
      I wish one day you can meet my little girl and hug her and play with her….what a joyous day that will be…i can already see the three of us running in the forest between trees catching butterflies… 🙂
      Love you so so much my amazing soul sister. I’m so happy that you liked my little review of you already Magnanimous book. You are truly a blessing to all you encounter.
      With Immense love and gratitude, Z~

  8. Hello Z and Robin,

    Z, what a fantastic job you’ve done with this interview. You’ve successfully tapped into what makes Robin “tick”, I think, and this loving energy is tangible! I have goosebumps as I type this.

    The more I learn of you the more kinship I feel with you. My soul resonates with the vibrations you’re sending out to this world. I RECEIVE them openly and gratefully. This article is a blessing to my heart and spirit today. I hope to continue this journey of knowing you better.



  9. SIMON – Dear Simon, I think of you so often and have written long comments to posts and interview that you have done, and my responses are SO long that I can’t post them. What you bring up in me is SO huge that I am never capable of leaving something short. We have much in common and I TRULY do hope we get to meet one day, sit down in a quiet place and talk. There is so much I’d love to hear and share. I really feel intensely where you are coming from. Hugs, Robin

    LANCE – Dearest friend, you words here today really touch me. I keep waiting to read your “snake story”. The moment you told me about it, I kept checking your blog. I now realize that you had a marathon to run, and I am still marveling over THAT!! I’m serious, I really am. I was thinking about that last night and talking to Stephen about it. It took a lot of courage and commitment to do what you did. ….Of course, I still hope you do share your snake story with us. LOL!! 🙂 I am dying to know what happened and how you responded/felt/etc. ….Also re: this interview, thank you for understanding, because you’re right; life really is about living now, no matter WHAT is going on. If we wait for the “good times” the “perfect times”, we will miss sooooooooooo much, possibly the most important part. Thank you dear friend for your loving spirit and support. It and YOU mean the world to me. Much love, Robin

    KEEPER- Dearest Walt, well you already know how “I” feel about you and what you shared here. I hope you got my comment. I was thinking about you last night and SO admiring your openness to women. Your relationship to women and what you see about their place in the world is truly quite profound. It is something I have sometimes told my friends. But to hear it coming from a man is deeply healing and empowering for women. Bless you dear friend. Much love, Robin

    ADRIENNE – Dearest Adrienne, You are soooooo vivacious! And I am deeply touched that you are enjoying my rainforest story. Reading it in a hammock in the woods just sounds SOOOOO wonderful. I was just thinking that one day, maybe after ten years, LOL! I will take my book into the woods stretch out my camping hammock and read about my own life. So often when I wrote, I was in another world, as if I was right back in the rainforest. Writing for me is not a “thinking” process; it is a “feeling” process, as I sit back and let flow through me what needs to be expressed. Sometimes I don’t even remember having written part of my book. It is a healing experience. So reading it in ten years time, after not having edited and all that, I think would be very moving for me. I would probably do a lot of crying, good tears, beautiful tears. Hugs and love, Robin

    STACEY – Awww, dearest Stacey, Every time I see you I am touched by your beauty, your wide open spirit. In many ways your new avatar expresses your own spirit naked in Eden. There is purity and innocence and willingness to be vulnerable about you that I so admire. And of course you are always so filled with grace. You always have been. I love seeing you “around” and hope to find to to talk. Love your msg on my machine. Work has kept me hopping 7 days a week (lots of interciews) and little time for connecting, but know that I think of you every day. You are with me, Always Stacey. Much love, Robin

    KEITH – Dearest Keith, I was just at your site listening to your deeply soul stirring music and reading your beautiful insights on your video “Candle”. It moved me soooo much. I watched it twice and felt SO whole after wards. I put it on my Facebook page. You bring an uncomplicated wisdom and beauty into the world. It’s clean, simple and VERY filled with heart. Over and over, without even saying it, you remind me to be MYSELF. That is a powerful message and gift. I am so grateful. I too feel the kinship and am on this journey with YOU, my friend. And I am very very grateful that you ARE. It’s right and good. Hugs, Robin

  10. Nice post and interview…and I just love this book…I hope the book goes viral…rooting for you all…

    I am going to persuade my book group tonight to read Robin’s book…then I will read it again…

  11. Dear Z and Robin.
    I agree that the world is wonderful because of people like you two.
    The book is indeed amazing and such an eye opener to what is possible and waiting for us if we dare to open up and step into that other world.
    It takes courage to see beyond the current appearances of this world and yet there is so much to gain when you do.
    With time I saw life as one big adventure. I thrived no matter what was happening.
    Is that not what we have been given, a huge beautiful adventure playground to enjoy and yet who does? The book has inspired me and encouraged me to follow my heart and trust we are being cared for.
    Natuer is there waiting for us to receive their gifts and thank you both Robin and Z for your gifts. Much love, Wilma

  12. PATRICIA – Dearest Patricia, I’ve been reading your blog and just LOVING you. There is just something so open and incredibly endearing about you that moves me deeply. Your beautiful connection to the life, humanity, love and spontaneity is so alive; you’ve never lost that and it makes you just glow in a very heartening and reassuring way to those blessed to have any contact with you. —-Also, I am so touched by your support.; it means the world to me. The readers group is a brilliant idea. I am open to any ideas you might have. LOL!! You are good at them.:) —Something I’d been mulling over was that if after a readers group read “Naked in Eden”, I could call on the last meeting (on either a speaker phone (at your end) or skype) and people could ask questions for half an hour. I have unlimited calling anywhere in the USA, as well as Skype. I don’t know if it would work or not, but it’s something I’ve been tossing around. —Regardless, I am just touched by your endearing spirit. Thank you SO much. Huge hugs and love to you, Patricia, Robin

    WILMA – Dearest Wilma, What a JOY and TREAT to see you here. I am just SO tickled. You are so right about what is possible, and you model to us all what is possible in the way that you listen to your heart, take risks, step away from the “norm”, and are returning to the land. I find that thrilling, liberating. You inspire others through your actions to listen to their own hearts, to take leaps of faith and dare to embrace the unknown. I am eternally grateful to you for “daring” to really LIVE. I love your line about trusting that we ARE really cared for. Thank you for that. It’s something Stephen and I were talking about last night and it is an area that I am trying to move more and more into as I “do” this book. I feel I am being called more and more to let go of a lot of things that one might think the “should” do, and I am moving more and more into what I WANT and am INSPIRED to do. And to trust that in doing this, as you say, Life will take care of me. I love you and am with you always. Thank you my dear friend. Love to you and John, Robin

    JUSTIN – Hi dear Justin, Thank you for your openness and kind words about this interview. Somehow Zeenaty really drew me out of myself. —I’ve been seeing your comments around on various blogs, so it’s good to connect with you. I am touched by your kind words to both myself and Zeenat. They are very much appreciated. Thank you, Robin

  13. Hi Zeenat and Robin .. this is wonderful .. a slightly different angle and perspective .. so real .. this sentence rang out for me:

    Think for yourself. Make decisions as if you were the only one left on the planet (imagining this will help you to better hear your most authentic truth).

    Great interview by a wonderful lady with a wonderful lady .. it is beautiful ..

    With love and the book is almost ordered .. love is all .. Hilary

    1. Dearest Hilary, what kindness you are. I am always touched by your comments, so sincere. —I too thought this was a slightly different angle. That is what made it so fun for me. I’m not even sure what drew it out of me, other than Zeenat is SUCH a remarkable soul. I think just thinking about her and feeling her while doing this interview made me feel very open and very much myself. I so enjoyed it. —It’s interesting that picked that quote out of the interview because it is something that came to me in the rainforest, maybe because I was so far away from everything I’d ever known, and suddenly I HAD to think for myself, reply on myself, trust myself and be responsible for myself. It was great!! —Thank you dear soul for stopping in and sharing. You touch my heart, always. Much love, Robin

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