Life Well Lived to Healing Oneness-sending Love to the victims

“It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you.” Russell Brand

In 1991 at the young age of 14, I lived the comfortable life. I had it all. I had money(my dad’s 🙂 ), I had health, I had zest for living and all that comes with the perfect definition of having the good life.

Then one day the headlines broke out with red alerts and breaking news. People ran to supermerkets and grocers. Stocked up on food and water. Some sold their happy businesses, cause they(Non-Residents like us) had to leave the Gulf(Muscat). It was Gulf War and we were right there. Unaware, scared and cooped up in the house for nearly what seemed like months. Life as we knew it had come to a standstill. There was only the smell of “what if’s..?” in the air. Thankfully, The King of Muscat, had and still has very good relations with all the GCC countries heads, and is considered a very peaceful person. Hence, we were physically left unharmed. And in time life came back to normal.

Since that incident though, I have had this aversion to reading the newspapers or watching the so called Breaking News. Ok, I have to say that today even if Angelina Jolie sneezes it becomes Breaking News…but it wasn’t the case then. Ever so often I glance at the headlines, and my heart sinks. Death, tragedy, calamity usually take center stage in the News. Ironically peoples pain is the New source of entertainment for many today(Reality TV).

There were times I used to feel helpless after reading or hearing news about loss of life and the simplicity of it being just a certain number of lives, that pass away. There are ever so often visions of some going into the light, while some hanging on. I want to be everywhere. I want to be with every person who is hurting, every soul that needs a helping hand….but alas, physically its impossible.

In time, I have learned about so many realities of life, its dawned on me that the best help that I can provide is by LOVINGLY Praying for them. Loving all the souls, all the hearts. Praying for their well-being, like I pray for my loved ones. With that much intensity, with that much feeling.

As I read the headlines recently about the natural calamity in Japan, I felt sad. I again had that old feeling of wanting to be there. In that moment I prayed. I closed my eyes and just knew, they will be taken care of. I have that much utter and complete belief in the Divine order.

The realization, that ups and downs are a natural part of life and inspite of the unpredictability of it all, we CANT stop living. Life is a gift. Its meant to be LIVED completely and fully. Just because of the fear of the unpredictable, I wont stop living or loving. I wont stop caring, I wont stop learning, I wont stop enjoying this life. This life is my Gift from the Divine and I intend to LIVE it well. Live it with love, honesty, integrity and zest, so that in my time of passing, I will have no regrets.

In lovingly praying for all those in need, I feel like I am doing my part. I feel like I am praying for me. Indeed we are all ONE….but till we can feel for each other and pray for each other the way we do for ourselves, its merely talk. The Healing Oneness of us all will not take effect till we do really walk the talk.

Dedicate just one minute everyday to sending out loving prayers. Who knows, your love may reach that child who has just lost his family…your love and prayers can provide strength and courage to many. The power of your dedicated One minute is truly untapped in this moment. Stop reading this….and close your eyes just for a minute…and in this minute send love, send happiness, send courage.

Live your life well, and in doing so you will be on the road to Healing the world. Oneness just is. Embrace it.

Now its YOUR turn to share your precious thoughts.
What was going through your mind when you first read or saw the news on this calamity in Japan? How do you deal with the unpredictability of life? How do you truly LIVE the best life? Share your amazing thoughts in the comments below and is you have liked this article, please do share it on your favorite social networks-facebook, twitter etc. Thank you!

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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7 thoughts on “Life Well Lived to Healing Oneness-sending Love to the victims

  1. When I hear of these large tragedies, I pass rapidly through the Kubler-Ross stages, as if I had to face my own demise: Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance. I wonder if we have increased the likelihood of these things occurring with our climate-changing technology, and I hope not, pray it is not so, and that I will not make it more so by my own actions. But I do not know. I must entrust those I cannot save to more powerful and loving arms than my own. I pray with you.

  2. Darling Z,
    Thank you for this lovely post! As you read my story above, my children and I evacuated our boat..we are safe..our boat is unharmed. I could not watch the news reels of an empath after only a few seonds tears rolled down my face, I Felt it..and I want to shield my children from the media hype of devastation.
    We are One..that is you and I searching for our loved ones..feeling lost and alone..being swept away. It is also you and I sending energy, prayers, thoughts, healing in every way we are capable..Geographical distance doesn’t spare us the pain…or the healing.
    I wrote my post while we were evacuated..for the main reason that I heard people were upset with God/Nature..something external to “blame”..whatever you believed in pre tsunami is what your heart needs to hold on to (rather than turn away from) ever more dearly post tsunami..And, please..Nature follows cycles, and our ocean is as loving, gentle, healing today as she was last week..please be respectful of her and send her healing thoughts as well..
    I think this crisis is to pour *love* into..and I hope we all stand together and do so..I for one am sending butterflies and glitter every moment it crosses my heart, and living on the ocean it crosses my heart lots:)

  3. Beautiful Zeenat, this is such a phenomenal sentiment to share, and one that resonates deeply with me. Thank you for wording it just perfectly, and letting it be so easy to live the grace of which you spoke.
    YOU are love personified! And I am grateful to call you my friend.
    Prayers and love for everyone, everywhere!

  4. Hi Zeenat,

    Sending prayers to people is very powerful. This is one of the things that I personally do. It is positive energy that we send to the world and it gives us tranquility. Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  5. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan. They are in my thoughts and my prayers. may God give them strength and hope for one day rebuilding their lives and their country.
    God Bless

    Nice Blog-Enjoyed your other stories too !! Happy Blogging !!! 🙂

  6. Zeenat,

    This is so beautiful, Zeenat. You truly have a beautiful heart. I too believe in the power of prayer and sending a stream of love out to those in need. I feel deeply for all the suffering and chaos people are experiencing in Japan.

    It’s so difficult for us to accept that impermanence is the natural order of life. It’s only the body that dies, not our pure awareness or true self. Yet it can be so hard to embrace and accept that truth, which compounds our suffering further. Learning to let go – I feel – is a lifetime journey. I’m not there yet, but I’m walking in that direction.

    When trajedy strikes, it reminds us that every moment is precious indeed!

  7. Dearest Everyone,
    Thank you all for joining me in prayer….the more we can pray the more positive an impact it will make on the lives that truly need it…..
    I have read your comments…and all I can say in this very emotional state is Thank You!
    Its this circle of love and light, that gives so much hope ….may the Divine Plan take care of it all.
    So Much Love to each and every one of you beautiful souls…for praying and for commenting here.
    Immense Love,

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