You ARE the Hero!

The unfolding tale of lives lived upon the Earth is a complex story.  There are the known and unknown characters, and actions seen and unseen.  Though all the stories of our lives weave together into a great tapestry, we also have our own individual threads.  Each person has a story that is his or hers alone. In that marvelous, mysterious, comic, romantic, epic saga, you are the hero.

Please Note: This is a guest article by my new favorite Invisible Writer Invisible Mikey. Enjoy his glorious thoughts!

It’s important for you to know this, to acknowledge and express your heroism. Some hold back from acting even when they know what ought to be done.  They may believe they are only a supporting character and it’s not their place to step forward on the stage.  You must shake off this chain.  This play is about you.

Every day another is asking for your help. Your child needs feeding.  A visitor doesn’t know where to find the store.  An animal approaches for the reassurance of your touch.  The receptionist has been dealing with angry people all morning, and could do with being smiled at.  The hero is the one who steps forward to help.  See and understand that these ARE heroic actions.  And know that when you are the one in need, you provide the opportunity for others to express THEIR heroism.

All beings are heroes.  Learn to recognize it. Sometimes you will rescue a child, but at others times they will rescue you.  Have you ever had a dog offer you sympathy when no person did?  Age, gender and physical condition do not determine the capability for heroism.  History is full of heroes who did not accept limits artificially imposed upon them.

If you want to free the hero in you, study the traits of heroes. Heroes protect the weak.  They help to ensure justice where it is needed.  They train themselves and take care of themselves, knowing their skills will be called upon.  Heroes also form alliances with other heroes, and allow close companions to know their secret identities.  They know they can’t do it all by themselves.  Heroes are brave, but also humble.  And heroes understand the inimitable, redemptive power of joyfulness.  They share laughter with those in their fellowship.

There are ups and downs in every tale of heroism. We each face obstacles and trials.  We all must endure confrontations with the shadow, the villain in disguise who opposes us.  The enemy is our fear, our doubt, our pettiness, all the forces attempting to make us smaller.  In Western mystic traditions this is called the “dark night of the soul”.  It is in this moment of greatest peril that your capabilities as a hero are forged.  There will be nothing to encourage you to move forward except your understanding that because YOU are the hero and no other, it must be done.

It is by the force of spirit, of will, of innate positive energy that the hero, bloodied and bowed, rises to transform what looked like certain defeat into victory. The heroic act could be as small as giving your companion a look of encouragement despite your own irritation, exhaustion and pain.  Or it could be to lay down your life to save another.  There’s no hierarchy.  Heroes do what is needed.

Just as there are many kinds of battles, there are many kinds of heroes. There is a great need in the world for transformation, for people to be able to understand that we are all heroes.  This process of empowerment begins inside us, but it has a never-ending effect that moves outward.  By becoming a hero you make your family and friends into heroes.  Heroes share responsibilities according to the special powers held by each member of an alliance.  Eventually you empower all people in your region, your country and the world.  Then, in your hour of need, other heroes will return your actions to you.  The outgoing tide returns to shore.

This psychological current flows beneath what’s going on in the Middle East.  These are countries in which assertive men with armed companions convinced weakened people that they alone were the heroes, the strong ones, the deciders.  They made people believe they would be saved from danger if they would rely only upon them.

Villains employ disguises.  Anyone who tells you they alone are your protector is wearing a hero’s mask with evil intent.  You are also your own protector, and we must all help each other.  This is the order of nature.  This is the truth of the cosmos.

In country after country people are saying to themselves, “Hey!  I’m a hero too!  I can change things.  I can right wrongs.  I can promote justice, and oppose evil, and protect the weak.  You, Mubarak, Gaddafi, you lied to me!”  It isn’t over yet.

The last step in the evolution of a hero is the acquisition of wisdom. In case you hadn’t heard, the ultimate end of all martial arts study is to gain the ability to convert enemies into friends through the force of love and compassion.  This conversion negates the need for violence and conflict.  The way of selflessness and service is the most heroic path of all.  That’s why Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Socrates and the others in this mighty alliance are esteemed.  The truths they offer empower everyone to become heroes.

So, come join with me, my friends!  Rise, and take your places in this league of justice for all.  There are wrongs to be righted, people needing rescue, and lonely ones who need to know they belong!  Bring to the task your own special abilities, your superpowers, and together we shall feed those who hunger both for food and for truth.  What matter wounds?  Because we are together in this, each time we fall, we will help each other up.  You were born for this.  You are a hero.

About the Author: Invisible Mikey maintains a secret identity as a medical imaging technologist, but he blogs online in this, his hero’s outfit. When in this disguise, he fights ignorance and the forces of darkness by writing about philosophic topics and the arts at:

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25 thoughts on “You ARE the Hero!

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      1. Aww make me blush 🙂 But you are such an amazing writer….I’m glad I got you before you become celebrity famous 😉

  2. As you know, I am definitely the one in need and I am grateful for the many heroes in my life. I would be nothing and my life would have no meaning without them.

    Your compassion and humanity shines through every word you write, no matter where you write it. You have a gift, Michael. Thank you for sharing it so freely.

    1. We all need our allies, that is true. You’ve been, and continue to be such an important teacher, friend and ally to me, Tracy. Your tale of heroism is already sung by angels, the ones you see and the ones you don’t see. Whatever the obstacle, you keep progressing. I believe you are unstoppable.

    2. Hi Tracy,
      Lovely seeing you here 🙂
      Micheal definitely shines!
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here. I hope to see you again here.
      Much Love~

    1. Hi Robyn,
      Nice to see you here 🙂
      Inspirational Mikey is a precious precious find for me. I’m glad you loved his much as me 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

  3. Dearest Mikey,
    I felt highly empowered and very much Hero like after reading this beautiful article here. Thank you for sharing your glorious words here on my li’l ol’ blog 🙂
    I love how you have summed and pointed out how we each are powerful beyond measure. The realization of which can bring about such an immense positive shift in consciousness…not to forget how much of an amazing shift it would bring about in the world around us too.
    Thank you again fro being here and sharing your words. I loved every line!
    Much Love~

    1. I don’t think the words would have formed so well had it not been for that invigorating force I get from my alliances with you, with the familiar friends here, and the new comrades these efforts bring. I’m grateful to you all.

  4. inspired type

    Hi Mikey,

    Thank you for this inspiring nudge to do more. I know that simply thinking good thoughts isn’t enough, I have to be brave and actually do something good for it to make a difference. As you said “The hero is the one who steps forward to help.” Together we can all make the world a better place. Thank you for this great message!
    Wishing you many simple joys and small {heroic} adventures,

    1. Thank you so much, Sue. It’s been a learning curve for me to realize that the tenacious performance of small, simple, correct actions is heroic. Though I knew it as a child, I forgot it when my career went hot in the “big city”. I had to move back to a small town to remember it again.

  5. Hi Mikey,
    I feel inspired to do more to help others because of this article. You have certainly been a hero to me over the past year. You’re the very first person who started reading me and your comments are always soothing to me and filled with brilliant advice. Thank you for being there for being there for me when that guy was giving me trouble and had started a blog about me…since then, we have become on again off again friendly depending on his mood, but I’m wary.
    Thank you for welcoming me into your fold from day one as though I were your long lost friend. Thank you for letting me meet all of your online friends who became my friends too and supporters.

    Thanks Ms. Zeenat for letting Mikey guest post. Your posts are always inspiring to me and I’m so glad you shared Mikey with your many, many readers. 🙂

    1. Nuthin’ to it, my dear. Heroes help each other. I’m also glad you are working on being your own protector, too. You have significant powers. I know you will train and use them for good.

  6. I love this post! Especially because it reminded me of the day my daughter was walking home from high school and saw a mentally disabled woman in distress. Turned out that the woman had gotten off at the wrong bus stop and was disoriented. Mia got her address and walked her all the way home. I was so proud of her. She was my hero that day! You are so right. We have opportunities every day to be a hero.

    This is so inspiring and exciting. Thank you!

  7. It was my good fortune to be small and sickly until my late teens. I had at first wanted to be a fireman or something traditionally heroic and manly. Because I could not qualify physically for these kinds of things, I was impelled to expand my definition of heroism to maintain my own self-esteem. Once I had, I began seeing heroes everywhere, as indeed they are.

    1. Good for you. As you write anonymously, naturally I had no choice but to create a picture in my mind of you from your words. Let me tell you, it was not a small and sickly image. From your words I invented a tall, strong, caring, man who I envisaged striding everywhere solving humanitarian problems.

  8. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    “There’s no hierarchy. Heroes do what is needed.” I LOVE THIS!
    What a great, uplifting and inspirational post. Thank you for reminding me of who I am, and making me smile to think of the other great heroes with whom I share my life.

    1. You’re so welcome, Megan. It is truly energizing to become more aware of the life-changing deeds happening unnoticed, but all around us. And JoyGirl is a PERFECT superhero name!

  9. Mike,

    This is brilliant in every way. Every word is blessed with wisdom and could be savored for eons.

    I deeply appreciate the core message: “The hero is the one who steps forward to help. See and understand that these ARE heroic actions. And know that when you are the one in need, you provide the opportunity for others to express THEIR heroism.”

    This is profoundly inspiring, “In case you hadn’t heard, the ultimate end of all martial arts study is to gain the ability to convert enemies into friends through the force of love and compassion.”

    I shy away from the idea of being a hero, but you’ve tantalized me into embracing the notion. Thank you, my friend.

  10. The main task in my own learning process was re-framing and expanding the word and concept boundaries from the narrowness of cowboy movies back out to the dimensions of classic mythology. (as Joseph Campbell rode off into the sunset…)

    Happy trails to you, Sandra.

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