8 Cues for Developing Passion

While penning down my thoughts last week on what passion is, there was the realization that passion though freely available in our true authentic self, isn’t truly tapped by each and every one of us.
We go about living lives full of goals, balance sheets and to-do lists, without batting an eye towards our hidden passions. That passion which made you experiment, that passion that made you Unique, that passion that made you YOU!

Here are some cues for cultivating, developing and reigniting that hidden passion that lies within each and every one of us-

8 Cues for developing passion:

  1. Review your dreams: There are only two emotions: pain and pleasure. And passion is an offspring stream that flows between the two. It feeds-forward into pleasure the lessons it learns from the pain. When we fail in either of these two constituent abilities—receiving and rightly interpreting the lessons from the pain, and persistently feeding them forward as an investment in intended pleasures—we fail to strike the fire of passion within. So being ceaselessly awake to the gap between one’s potential and intentions (the idea of a dream life complete in all its facets) and one’s performance and pains (the reality of one’s present life circumstances) is the key to strike passion. And striking passion is akin to striking gold. The only fundamental wealth we have is that of passion. You can create anything with it and also lose anything without it. However, an insecure man feels too secure with his present to allow himself to try any experiments with it.
  2. Learn from sorrows: The real sorrow in life is not getting sick, old or having to die, for we often come across sick, old and dying people who are happy. The real sorrow of life is to lose the ability to feel the sorrows—and hence that of doing the needful. Pain is a message from Nature that you should pay attention to and address.  Most humans  get roasted in their suffering, having lost their sensitivity to the pain they are going through. You need to develop awareness of the pain, track it down to the learning hidden in its roots and persevere to take appropriate action to leap out of it towards your passions.
    “Whenever you lose, at least do not lose the lesson involved,” ~ Dalai Lama. Sorrow and pain must be accepted with grace but not as a punishment meted out to us for our past deeds that we cannot even remember. It should be seen as a signal towards the necessity of looking within to discover and correct where we are continuing to flaunt any of the laws of nature.
  3. Examine your subconscious vision: There is no one among us without a vision; though consciously we may not be aware of it. You arrive in life where your vision takes you. And where you are now can help you discover the subconscious vision that you had been carrying all this while. And if this is true, you can easily determine where you would find yourself tomorrow, if you ruthlessly examine your hidden vision.
  4. Identify genuine passion: A sure sign of genuine passion is the fact that it takes you out of the confines of your narrow personal achievements and inspires you to contribute more to the larger self. This kind of passion fills you with a feeling that you are a humble servant but with a heroic mission. Your goals are in terms of ‘giving’, not ‘getting’, ‘grasping’ or ‘achieving’. Desires indeed have no end—more so when we do not dare to acknowledge them honestly and do not seek their fulfillment.
  5. Let inner peace prevail: There are three kinds of people. One, who are so deeply satisfied with themselves and sing glories of the virtue of contentment that they stop growing; two, who are so discontented that they see no point doing anything; and three, who are so obsessed with speedy results that their impatience consumes them. All these three kinds of people immobilize themselves and instead of growing, begin to decay. Contentment or frustration of the kind that makes us stagnate in life can hardly be spiritual.
    You cannot focus on your work whole-heartedly unless there is peace in your mind and contentment in your heart. You cannot look at frustration and draw the necessary passion to dream and do what is possible if you allow yourself to become it, i.e., allow it to consume you or get consumed by it. Keep distance from it—the way you keep distance from fire—so that you use it without getting burnt.
  6. Be here and now: The solution of life does not lie in finding a permanent end to it, imaginary or real. It lies in learning to live it correctly, joyously and ceaselessly with passion. In order to be happy, you need to feel happiness. If you are living in a sea of happiness but don’t know how to feel what you are in touch with, I am sure there will be no happiness for you. The road to Happiness, therefore, is an inward journey of progressively deeper awareness of what you already are. It is strewn with carrots of intentions planted within you by Nature, as milestones, in order to inspire and guide you further on the path.
  7. Flow with life mindfully: One of the greatest spiritual qualities is that of being aware of what and why one is doing what one is doing at any moment. Lack of goals or passion in achieving them is certainly what would not necessitate or help one develop this quality. Most of the time people don’t realize that flowing with life is not the same as living irresponsibly, absentmindedly, passively and purposelessly. Life is an exciting journey if it traverses through the progressively meaningful goals that you set for yourself.
    The realization that what we were going through so far was ‘life’ and what all we could have done with it dawns on us just a few minutes before death. How pathetic, painful, and regretful! I wonder, if only we could get to live those last five minutes of realization somewhere towards the early or even the middle part of life, how much life it could inject in our lives. I also wonder what possibly would happen, if once introduced to them, you could live every five minutes of life like those last five minutes.
  8. Aim high: The answer-sheets of the toppers when compared to those of the average or not so good students are not necessary long with extra pages attached. However, a typical topper’s answer sheets have more marks per inch of the page. It has almost no paragraph that is without compliments or rich marks. We can make our life like a topper’s answer-sheet. Each month, week, day and hour of our life is akin to the page, para and line of our answer-sheet. And each small or big piece of job or project that we undertake is like each answer on our answer-sheet. Our attempt should be to undertake only those jobs/projects that are high-scoring and highly meaningful from Nature’s point of view and attempt them in a way that each month, week or day spent carrying them out secures us rich compliments and marks from God and the universe.


Conserve your passion:

Some people are passionate while planning their life, if at all they ever do it, but the passion gets dissipated on its own very soon. It fails to percolate down from their filofax into their daily living. To have moment-to-moment passion in our lives we not only need to ignite passion but conserve it too. A great day does not begin in the morning; it begins the night before with the chalking out of a plan for it. It is pursued the next day as planned while maintaining the tempo by allowing yourself to contemplate on the desired ‘means’ and ‘ends’ pertaining to every new activity before starting it with your best of attention and intention.

What do you think…Are these cues for developing a life of passion enough? Do you have any more suggestions? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

with love Zeenat

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41 thoughts on “8 Cues for Developing Passion

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    1. Hi Jonathan,
      I never looked at this post as a guide…hmm interesting..I think i shouldve titled it “a guide to developing passion” 🙂
      So glad you found this inspirational….and compliments coming form you always make me happy….thank you so so much!

  2. Excellent writing and explanation. I also so enjoyed the picture too – just right.

    I always persuade myself that once I understand the sorrow, I will not have to experience it again and that includes not as deeply as the previous experience. Sometimes the sorrow repeats itself to provide an opportunity for an even deeper lesson to be learned and because one has already been able to learn from this lesson- it comes again to reveal it’s next layer.
    It is only that I do not wish it to come again! Oh if wishes were horses, then everyone would ride.

    Thank you for sharing these ideas

    1. HI Particia,
      I do get what youre saying…Sometimes a life lesson comes with so many facets…sorrow and pain being the forefront of those learning lessons…
      But, you know…I always think God gives us only those many lessons as much and as many as we can handle..nothing more nothing less.
      Isnt it amazing that every time we learn something new about our self..while in these life lessons. Amazing!
      Thank you fro sharing your thoughts here Patricia. I really appreciate it 🙂
      Much Love~

  3. Great read Zeenat…passion and compassion should go together…understand yourself and live for others…the moment you put self-discovery above everything else in life, you are lost…ego takes over
    I would love to read more of you…wonderful blog!

    1. Hi Nalini,
      I am so glad you to see you here and happier that you liked this post and my blog 🙂
      Self discovery is an amazing journey….but you’re right..if ego takes over then you’re really not self discovering the right way…!
      Thank you for your beautiful comment here 🙂

  4. Hi Zeenat, I thought this was a great post and feel you could write an ebook just expanding on the points above, or better yet do 8 videos on each point and make it a product. Sorry, I’m in business mode just now and can’t get out of it 🙂

    1. HI Steven,
      I like it that you’re business mode when you come here..I love your advice always. Am compiling the best of ebook all cause of your little nudge. So no apologies required 🙂
      Am glad you liked this post Steven…i guess the 2nd ebook will be this one 🙂

  5. Passion..my favorite topic. You made me think Zeenat with #5 – let Inner Peace prevail. This is so powerful and so true. That’s I guess what letting go is all about. I used to be obsessed with speedy results and you are right it is not leading anywhere. The best way to go is to enjoy the journey, let go. Love it but don’t be attached to it. Thank you for this beautiful post Zeenat, your passion is shining through!

    1. Hi Lana,
      I am glad this topic resonated with you at some level.
      Letting go is hard to do..but when you know its for the best, you will do it. The results will so passionately speak for themselves.
      Thank you for your beautiful compliments and comment 🙂

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  7. Shadab Mustafa

    Hi Zeenat 🙂

    Well, this is my first ever comment on any blog (hats off to you for this achievement :D)

    The most touching lines in your writing I found:
    “I wonder, if only we could get to live those last five minutes of realization somewhere towards the early or even the middle part of life, how much life it could inject in our lives. I also wonder what possibly would happen, if once introduced to them, you could live every five minutes of life like those last five minutes.”

    Life, death, purpose of life, achievements… This is what I always think to motivate and recharge myself for my goals. If one is mindful of his vision, equipped with passion to achieve the goals to accomplish his vision.. sorrows, problems, hardships.. are all just gifts from God to equip him to sail through successfully..

    Keep writing… 🙂

    Best of luck (Y)

    1. HI Shadab,
      First comment ever!!! WOW! I am honored 🙂 Thank you!
      I do hope there are many more comments and beautiful thoughts where that came from 😉
      You say it so well- that all our hardships, sorrows, problems..and visions are gifts from God. Lessons to be learned in this journey of life…
      Thank you again for your superb comment! 🙂

  8. Hi Zeenat! Really a wonderful post, Z! Boy if people don’t get what passion is all about from reading this, well then, there is no hope for them! 🙂

    I live passionately, fueled by gratitude and a good helping of joy and awe on the side. Took me a while to get the recipe right! And YOUR passion is in every post! Thanks for being who you are!

    1. HI Dear Suzen,
      Fueled with gratitude and dollops of joy, is the best way to live passionately !! I love this recipe…I have got to keep the balance for all three though 😉 And its better to have learned than not learn at all…so even if it took you long to get it right…see now You and I both are going to benefit from it 🙂
      Glad you liked this post and thanks a million for your wonderful and kind words.
      Much Love~

  9. Hello Dear Zeenat,

    Your page shows the passion already and every time you bring something new in your blog. I could definitely tell how much passion you have in all you do, wonderful post!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Zuzanna,
      Thank you for your loving and kind words 🙂
      I truly appreciate you ! Your presence always brings me so much joy. Thank you.
      I am so so happy that you liked this post.
      Much Love~

  10. Hi Z.
    What I have learned is that passion alone it not getting passion into your life. You have to do something with your passion, so I like the parts in which you talk about intent and doing.
    I am now more and more aware that I have to intentionally do things I am passionate about, I have to think about my intent.
    Whenever I do something and if it is not coming from desire or passion, then I guess I need to review my intent.
    That is powerful and working a treat so far.
    And your passion is shining through and that is a delight to see. It becomes clear when people are passionate and acts done with passion are attractive and that is an absolutely great incentive to come from passion.
    xox Wilma

    1. HI Wilma,
      Its doing that will get that passion out in the first place right!
      I am glad you enjoyed this topic..and am happy to hear that your intentions are now passionate too! Yay you!
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts here.
      Much Love~

  11. “This kind of passion fills you with a feeling that you are a humble servant but with a heroic mission. Your goals are in terms of ‘giving’, not ‘getting’, ‘grasping’ or ‘achieving’.” – Zeenat, this is a great point. Even the wealthiest eventually end up giving back (e.g., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). As Marian Wright Edelman said, “Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night. “

    1. HI Adam,
      I am always amazed when people know that giving back is the way to live passionately. My hubby worked for Bill and Melinda gates foundation when he was in Africa…so I have the utmost respect fro what they do.
      And that Marian Wright Edelman quote is just perfect. So beautifully puts our souls needs into perspective.
      thank you for your wonderful thoughts on this topic 🙂

  12. Beautiful Zeenat!

    I have moments of passion, when I feel fueled and properly carried forward in pursuit of that which feels good & heart-centered. I also have moments of stagnation, when I look around and wonder where all of my passion went?!! It ebbs and flows, and I’m learning more and more to harness the energy when it’s present, and not focus on its absence when it’s not. A natural order of things!

    Big hug to you, and lots of LOVE!!!

    1. HI My Joyful Angel,
      Its only natural to not feel passionate all the time. Believe me, i still cant find the passion in doing laundry 😉
      But, passion present in the heart, makes life on the whole a great adventure to live in. So instead of trying to look for it…its best to just feel it inside that beautiful heart of yours and the actions will come out naturally from there on.
      Bigger hug to you and lots of love~

  13. Zeenat,

    A lovely inspirational post with a wonderful philospohy to life. I can’t help admire your passion and knowledge for your subject; it is truly enthralling. Thank you for sharing these insightful words.



    1. HI Paul,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind compliments. I’m blushing 🙂
      Am glad you found this post inspirational. Life has a way of introducing new philosophies to u everyday 🙂

  14. Hi Zeenat .. you do write so well – and I just love the calmness that seems to exude from your blog – be it with zinnia flowers, pink background, or now blue .. and the rainbow colours in between .. and the sense you write for us .. so we can grow and learn so much from you.

    I love your sentence .. under the para reviewing your dreams: The only fundamental wealth we have is that of passion. You can create anything with it and also lose anything without it.

    Passion an essential to life .. thank you so much .. Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Aint I a stickler for design… 😉
      I just love tweaking the blog ….somehow its my extension, so what i feel..the blog feels in terms of writing and design. Hence the changes…:) Atleast now after you mentioned it..i know they aren’t crazy designs 🙂
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliments you always shower on my writing. Coming from you I take them as HUGE compliments 🙂
      I am glad you loved my passionate ramblings 🙂
      Much Love~

  15. Zeenat,
    What a wonderful review of really igniting that passion. When it comes from within, and we connect deeply with what passion means to us…this is a beautiful direction for us to travel. And your cues for developing that passion are so excellent!

    1. HI Lance,
      Our internal connection with our passions really makes all the difference in how we live and carry on in our lives. These cues according to me just help so so much.
      I am glad you liked this Lance 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful words always.
      Much Love~

  16. Hi Zeenat! I really like the way you write – fluid and profound. Awesome post. Hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts. I really don’t have much to add, so I think I’ll just drop a few sentences…

    [[The realization that what we were going through so far was ‘life’ and what all we could have done with it dawns on us just a few minutes before death.]] – Yeah, I’ve heard from many sources that this sort of thing happens before we die. Personally, I think one should try to induce an ego death experience to prepare for one’s departure from life Earth and to, at least, arrive at this kind of realization way before that time comes. In that way, when it’s time to hit the replay button, one could at least say to one’s self, “Hey, I did well on those scenes!”

    [[What do you think…Are these cues for developing a life of passion enough?]] – I guess it depends on the type of passion that one wants to consider to be the object of attention.

    [[Do you have any more suggestions?]] – I’ve always been an advocate of the Buddha’s teachings although I honestly admit that I’m far from being an expert on the subject. Anyway, yeah, I suggest the passion for Wisdom, Morality, and Meditation. These three pretty much summarize how all of us should live our lives.

    Great post!

    Peace and respect,

    1. Hi Ryhen,
      Now thats an awesome comment ! 🙂
      You are the one with the fluid writing…:)
      Your thoughts exude so much wisdom…surely I have to come over to your blog end and learn from you!
      Thank you for sharing such profound wisdom here..and youre so so right…our passion does depend on the object of attention..hence passion shifts depending on your focal point 🙂
      Much Love~

  17. Hi Zeenat,

    I have come to turn to your blog, whenever I need positive reinforcement and this is just perfect, infact sometimes it is just that passion to achieve what one has set out to achieve that keeps them going.

    Sometimes positive reinforcement and Affirmations help a lot as well!

    Thanks for the post and God Bless!!!

    1. Hi Dagny,
      I am so glad my thoughts serve as positive reinforcement to you 🙂 Affirmations do help immensely in your life especially if yure going through a particularly hard time.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts! I truly appreciate it.
      Much Love,
      p.s I read in your profile…youre from Hyd. WOW! We are in the same city…

  18. So many people have lost their dreams and have no idea what their passions are. I often suggest they think about what they loved as children as I find that we usually know from a very early age what calls to us.

    Until we stop long enough to listen to our hearts we will continue to automatically run the programs that have been conditioned into us. Those programs are wrong. They tell us we “must do this” and “have to do that”, causing us to focus on all the wrong things and focus on fears, money, work-work-work and survival.

    We each have a greater calling and peace that lives within us but we can only hear it when we ignore that programming and focus on what is TRULY important. Our priorities are upside down. It takes a crisis for most people to wake up and realize what that is.

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  22. Hi. Nice read. I like the idea of flowing with life mindfully. It kind of makes you aware of everything that can guide you in the right direction of our passion.

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