6 Ways of Appreciating Yourself

Editors note: This is a sweet guest post by an inspiring young man Jonathan Figaro. Enjoy!

When I was younger, I would curl up next to my teddy. A soft, fluffy bear that would take all my pain away. When life got too rough for me I got my teddy and life was grand. Nothing kept my mind more distracted from life’s harsh issues as a toddler than holding onto what was dear to me. When my mother didn’t allow me to suck on a piece of candy or wear the type of shoes I wanted so bad. I cried my eyes out and teddy wiped my tears away.

Now as an adult, I can tell you I have found better ways to reduce stress in my life. And I would like to share with you what you could do to reduce stress in your life while appreciating yourself too.

1.Get your own teddy- We all need something to hold onto. Sometimes the person we are with brings us more pain than pleasure. And at items the shoulder we want to lean on is taken by somebody else. So if this is the case, get your very own teddy bear and hug him until the buttons burst. Release your inner child and enjoy the love a stuffed animal could bring. It’s simple, clean and makes a whole lot of a difference.

2.Take a walk– The kind of meandering walk that will be more about wandering this terrific place more than actually finding a destination. Set your course to nowhere and just explore your environment. Places you have never been, streets you never walked down before and meetings you could have with your friends at the local coffee shop may intrigue you. Either way a good walk can change the chance of shower in that stormy head of yours.

3.Take a break– Silence your life by silencing your cell phone. Get caught in a place where you are no longer distracted and engaged in frustrating conversations you don’t want to have. Shut that sprint, metro pcs, t-mobile etc..phone off. And enjoy a life of silence for a moment. This activity alone can change your life. And help you realize how precious time to yourself can be.

4.Laugh your  A** OFF- Here’s a few things that can take the edge off and do it.

  • Funny Pictures
  • TV Shows ( fresh prince is best)
  • Cartoon show ( range from Bugs bunny to Family guy)
  • Face book wall post
  • coupons to a comedy show
  • secret agent movies
  • cups of water to splash in your Girlfriends face
  • video clips of YouTube streams
  • Hack into your friend’s MySpace and Put “ I love Barney and I still wet the bed”
  • Go to a Yankees game and Root for the Red Sox’s
  • Drive down the street in your pajamas
  • Listen to your favorite radio prank calls ( z100 is my favorite)

5.Try Something New “Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.” — Dave Barry
Today is a brand new day. Use this day as something you can cherish. The time between your goal and where you are now, should be used to do something different. Go to the park, run a marathon, seduce a cashier in the soup isle. Have fun. Enjoy today and have a good time. It’s all about having fun, so go out and do something different. Doing something new each and every day takes the stress off life and brings a breath of fresh air every day.

6.Do something nice for someone you don’t even know– Buy them some star bucks, pay for their movie ticket, give a homeless person some spare change. Giving just to give paves the way for humanity. It feels good and it’s the right thing to do.

Sometimes I still like to hold onto Mr. Teddy from time to time. But let’s forget I mentioned that. Bye now =)

About the Author:
Jonathan Figaro is the voice behind The Dropout Kid where he writes all about living a life of possibility. You can sign up for his RSS feed and receive his updates or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Now its your turn- What other ways of self-appreciation do you have to share? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hey Jonathan, I have to admit….I hold on to Teddy too sometimes 😉  The only difference now is that its been replaced by my little girl 🙂

With Immense Love and Gratitude,


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22 thoughts on “6 Ways of Appreciating Yourself

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  2. George

    What about guys, we dont have Teddy’s.

    I love taking walks, I always take a detour going to the office and another during Lunch and I find it brings calmness and lets me experience being in the moment.
    great article.

  3. this Drop-out Kid never fails to give me some good advices…..and those one above are so true and I am doing some them actually….and will try the others.

  4. Thanks Zeenat for this post. Doing nice things for others is one of the best ways really to reduce stress and appreciate ourselves. Also trying new things is crucial in life. We learn new things and this should be always an on-going task. Thanks for sharing Zeenat 🙂

  5. Hi Z…
    Thank you for opening your space to share with Jonathan…

    Hi Jonathan,
    I *love* your suggestions..thank you for sharing your insight..
    Each suggestion is a part of my life..plus, I look to the skies..the sunrise/sunset/moon glow/blanket of stars…and I live on a boat, so often take my walks where the ocean water meets the sand, or kayak around my harbor..I love to hike so find a trail in the local hills..Something about being in nature soothes my soul, and refreshes my Spirit…
    I have tons of books on board the boat, but when I feel down I love to go to the local book store and browse..look at all of the book covers, soak in the atmosphere, flip pages of books that look interesting, travel books, biographies, beautiful photography books…

  6. Jonathan,
    I love the simplicity of this!
    Even as an adult, I had a whole bevy of stuffed animals – about 6 or 7 – including a big tiger, a cheetah, and several small cute ones. They brought so much fun and solace to me. I gave almost all of them away to a young child when I moved far away, but it was such a delightful period for me to have them.

    Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  7. Jonathan –

    I love the last one: “Do Something Nice For Someone You Don’t Even Know”. It just feels good and rewarding to make another person feel good and rewarded!

  8. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    Fantastic guest post! And nope, none of us will forget that teddy comment. (smile)

    You know, I was stopped by the “try something new” suggestion. Specifically the “seduce a cashier in the soup isle.” Well, if “cashier” can be swapped out for “mandolin player” and “soup isle” can be exchanged for “totally awesome band I saw Saturday night,” then this rings true! New, indeed, and it felt GOOD to appreciate and/or validate myself by going outside of my comfort zone, telling the cute mandolin player I thought he was, well, cute and having that turn into something even cooler the next day.

    Have a great week!

  9. Hi, it’s for the first time I am visiting this site and really felt great to read this post on self-appreciation. Super six ways to appreciating self. I really believe in taking a break and roam or walk when your head just seems to have overburdened with the never-ending troubles, you feel.
    Overall, superb guest post! Really Appreciable.

  10. I find that taking a break is very effective for me. It really helps me to re-energize myself to get away from whatever or whomever is stressing me out. It’s a lot easier to return to myself with a little break!

  11. Great post, Jonathan. I’m embarrassed to say this but I had about a hundred stuffed animals as a kid. All stacked on my bed. I couldn’t have one moved. I guess you could say i was pretty OCD. 🙂

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