In Stillness ~ Sunday Self-Reflection

This Sunday I am reflecting about the times when it is better to speak or simply remain silent given the circumstances of the moment as we are in.

Many Years ago I had a good beautiful conversation with a dear friend about discovering our inner beauty and he brought to our dialogue some key ideas from Eckhart Tolle in his book ‘Stillness Speaks’.  There, he said, “True intelligence operates silently” and “Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found”.

“Silence is the dignity of a seeking soul”, said Marc Edmund Jones.

My reflections today on Stillness:

I am Present.  You are Present.  Here and Now.

Slowing down pace in living contributes to the process.

Time of quiet Meditation and Prayer enhances staying present.

Peaceful listening to nature inspires stillness.

Be still and know that PEACE is here!

Be still and KNOW…



Clarity, Wisdom, Peace, Success…all come from within. 

What are YOUR thoughts about this reflection? When was the last time silence and stillness brought about amazing clarity in you? How do you attain stillness? Please Share your wisdom in the comments below.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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23 thoughts on “In Stillness ~ Sunday Self-Reflection

  1. Najma

    Hey Zeenat,
    Your posts are always inspiring to me. I am learning so much from your blog, our little peace of heaven 🙂 . I am having exams and reading your articles is a real stress relief.

    1. Hi Najma,
      So lovely to see you here! And oh yes yes and yes to this blog being OUR little piece of heaven 🙂
      I am so so happy that my articles are providing you the much needed stress relief that you require right about now. I remember my exam times..ahhh….I never used to sleep the night before the exam…and then dose off if the exam ran to long and I finished earlier 😉 Yeah I was mad… now I’m mad and happy 😉
      Thank you for your lovely comment here. Made my day!
      Lots of love~

  2. Simply beautiful and it goes so well with my mood right now – stillness and no talking, no speaking, no telling, no saying. Just being still. Lovely writing today, dear Zeenat. Thank you!!!

    1. Farnoosh,
      Stillness Silence has this amazing magic to it. We fail to see that in the regular hustle of life na…Lately I have been feeling like I need to calm down and be quite more….
      Glad you liked my writing 🙂 Coming from you I take it as a BIG compliment. Thank you!
      Much Love~

    2. Zeenat –

      I, to, have a need to “calm down and be quite more”…I accomplish this by sitting in the swing early morning and late afternoon and listening to the summer sounds around me.

      Your thoughts on Stillness are touching and to the point. The one I like best is…
      “Peaceful listening to nature inspires stillness.”

      Deepak Chopra tells us, “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”

      1. Hi Ellene,
        Such beautiful ways to calm down. Love them all! And Deepak Chopra’s words always resonate with me too!
        Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts here my dear.
        So Much Love~

  3. I often find the solution to my problems in that sacred space somewhere between this world and the next…in meditation or nature. Speaking sometimes just gets in the way of listening to the soft whisperings of our soul, where the truth lies waiting for us! You are such a peaceful soul Zeenat…thank you for sharing the beautiful stillness within you.

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      I so completely agree with you here. The speaking the chatter all around just blocks the inside voice or rather makes it mute. Silence has a beautiful way of letting your true self just emerge equipped and free.
      I’m so glad you liked my reflection this Sunday 🙂
      Thank you for your beautiful comment here.
      So much Love~

  4. Zeenat,

    So beautifully and simply said! We’re traveling in the same stream today. I love the synchronicity, dear heart! These are my sentiments exactly > I am slowing down the pace. I’m off now for reflection and meditation. Then quiet time in the garden. I love your inspiration and your words.

    1. Darling Sandra,
      Still Synchronicity 🙂
      Slowing down brings back the magic of living truly Living.
      Meditations, reflections gardens… sound like you are on a bliss trip. Enjoy your day.
      So Much Love~

  5. Darling Z,
    I love this! Especially today with wind speeds gusting through the harbor at gale force for the second straight day in a row..I can resist and complain, or I can be still within it and celebrate the good..I choose be still..Pure bliss, even in the midst of gale force winds..:) Just like within still and allow all that is natural to wash over you while harnessing the energy of it all…

    1. My dearest Joy,
      You are my joyful blissful queen! Choose bliss…I choose it with you. Lets allow for silence and stillness to be our spirit home.
      So Much Love~

  6. Anton Cutajar


    When life is hectic, as is mine, there is no better way than to plan STILL moments. I try to plan three throughout the day: one as soon as I wake up, read a bit from the Holy Book, and sit still, reflecting on what the day will present, the second, sometime druing the rush of the day, stopping somewhere for a quiet coffee on my own, and a third in the evening, meditating the day!

    1. Hi Anton,
      Lovely reading your Still moments here. I love how you consciously take out time to be still. Its an amazing practice and one we all should take up 🙂 I especially love the tip about reading form a holy book. I do that too 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts here.
      So Much Love~

  7. The time I felt the stillness of creativity most strongly was an afternoon I spent at a pond in Vermont. As I stared at the reflections in the water, they seemed to change throughout the day, growing less and less like a representative of the surrounding nature and more abstract and dynamic, until it seemed as if I were viewing a Kandinsky painting, the very movement of life itself.

    As Herman Melville wrote so long ago in Moby Dick, “Meditation and water are wedded forever.”

    1. Hi Steve,
      You write like poetry! Beautiful description of your still but creative moment…
      Meditation and water….my god that’s brilliant!
      Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here.
      Much Love~

  8. Our natural state is calm. When we are calm we can produce better, be more creative, be more focused which really helps you succeed.

    Slowing down and just being happy is a blessing and really makes a difference.

    1. Hi Daniel
      You are so right. We are naturally calm beings. Slowing down is really really an amazing gift! We sometimes overlook it na…
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here.
      Much Love~

  9. ur right Zeenat
    sometimes i stay with myself in a silent place to arrange my thoughts and come up with conclusions that help me later in my life . Silence is useful of course

    1. Hi Farouk,
      Staying with your thoughts….ahh sounds like an amazing way to recollect nad reconnect with your real thoughts.
      Silence is golden 🙂
      Thank you fro your lovely comment here.
      Much love~

  10. Hi Zeenat,

    This is beautiful! When we are silent, we achieve peace of mind. There is nothing like living in the moment. We have nothing except the present. When we are calm and in the moment, we can achieve wonders. Thanks Zeenat for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Dia,
      Thank you so so much for sharing your thoughts here. I love your comment and so glad you liked this reflection.
      Much Love~

  11. Dear Zeenat — I love this Eckhart Tolle quote! So consistent with the many other seeming ironies that hold truths about the meaning of life — strength in vulnerability, understanding the cosmos by looking within, living in the moment to touch eternity, and others.
    Thanks for sharing this reflection.

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