The Real Super Hero-Sunday Self-Reflection

“Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.” ~John Barth

Being a Super Hero is a fantasy we each garner since childhood. We all want to have super powers that can make us stronger, faster and better than everyone else.

I still remember the first time I saw my first Superman movie, how my brothers and I would run around the whole house with bedsheets tied around our necks pretending to fly and demolish the bad guy.

As I have grown up, I still want to be the super hero. I still want super powers to save the whole world….and you know what, in my life’s simple story I already am.
As my little girl looks up to me and tries to emulate what I say and do, I feel like I am shaping the future-Super Mom Power, dont you think…
As I take care of my home, my life, my family, my world…I know noone else can take care of it better than me. I am the Super Hero here. I know I have the power to create amazing goodness in this world.

In my world, everyone has a super power. Everyone has a unique ability to create goodness and happiness.

This beautiful Sunday let me ask you-
What does being a Super Hero mean to you? What Super Powers do you possess?
The video below really touched me….on the topic of Super Heroes ofcourse. Its a beautiful conversation between a father and his little son. Watch it and share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy Sunday to all!

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,
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16 thoughts on “The Real Super Hero-Sunday Self-Reflection

    1. HI Suzie Darling!
      I know it gave me goosebumps too!
      And you are the super hero in your world too 🙂 My Ultimate Change Warrior
      Love and hugs right back~

    1. HI Tracy,
      Thank you for your lovely comment here..and am so glad you liked this. May we all embrace our hidden super heroes.
      Much love~

    1. Darling Farnoosh…I so didnt mean to make you cry….but as long as they are the nice happy kind I dont mind 🙂
      This just got to me…hence thought it would really get to others too.
      Glad you loved it.
      So Muhc Love~

  1. inspired type

    Hi Zeenat ~ This is a beautiful reminder that we are the real Super Heroes to our children. Such a lovely and inspiring message! :~D

    1. HI Sue,
      Isnt it so amazing how much our kids look upto us….
      It can be a very daunting but yet very motivating all at the same time.
      So glad you liked this.
      Much Love~

  2. I’m so glad you posted this. When we thing of how beautiful and talented we are we stop holding ourselves back. That’s the key, unleashing our superpowers in our lives.

    My superpowers are asking great questions to get to the heart of an issue, throwing Twitter parties, and laughing. A good laugh always grounds me and helps me appreciate where I am.

  3. I love that show, but I’ve never seen this clip. Knowing more about the story line in their family made this even more special. I teared up!

    I don’t know remember that any of my kids ever wanted to be me on Halloween, or on any other day for that matter, but I know there are days when they thought I was pretty special.

    What a great post. Thank you.

  4. It’s so important for parents to know they are the superheroes for their children. And when one has no child, one may mentor another as if a child; beloved, protected and guided. In this way all people become family.

    You know we are allies, Zeenat. I shall come when you call. You see through my cloak. I need no invisibility.

  5. Hi Zeenat,

    Each one of us is a super hero. Each one of us is unique in some way. This is the beauty about us humans. Very nice video Zeenat. Thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful Zeenat! What a fun idea – thinking of ourselves as superheros. Karl Staib of Work Happy Now uses this theme around work (which is cool & fun!), but I love the idea of expanding it to our whole lives.

    I laughed because I never really thought of either of my parents as being a superhero. Maybe when I was really, really little, my mom stood out as being a beauty queen… I loved watching her put her makeup on, spritz perfume, and become so glamorous looking.

    Now, though, I’d have to say that I enjoy the superhero power of MANIFESTING. Anything, anytime, anywhere. Life is super & awesome because it’s truly by design AND I get to interact with phenomenal people like you!

    Lots of love to you!

  7. Hi Zeenat,
    What a touching video! All adults, not just parents, need to realize that we are role models to children and to act in way that will help our youth become compassionate, responsible caretakers for future generations and our earth.

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