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A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ~ Diane Mariechild ~

My association with working with NGO’s and Women’s organizations has been very old. True, that since I had my little girl, I have found less time to be ‘out there’ doing the social good, but the humanitarian empath in me still remains very much alive. My blood still boils, when I see or hear or read of another human soul being abused- physically or emotionally.

I believe violence in any shape or form is Never and I do mean Never justified. Quite recently an army man asked me, “Then what on earth are we doing? We are war veterans and lead countries into war.” I quite simply replied, “destroying Divine creation.”  To which the reply very promptly comes, “All of history is full of how war and armies have captured and conquered and created this world. Was it all so that you could come and so simply state it was not justified?” I again very simply said, “yes!”  The army man thought I lived in another dimension of sorts to think this way. But it is what I firmly believe in. Think about it…what if from the beginning of time, all humanity lived and never fought. Yeah, I have been told I dream of the impossible, but again I think its quite possible.

I believe there is a peaceful, loving, honorable solution to all the worlds problems.

As you may well know, I recently moved to a new city(a  few months back) and am living in a new apartment block. This apartment block has about 5 separate blocks, each with about 35 apartments each. Since the day I moved in, at a particular time in the morning, I could hear a woman screaming. Yes literally screaming, belting out abuses, crying and wailing. It was so clear, I felt I had stepped into a day in my childhood. My heart would beat so fast. Somedays, I wouldn’t hear it, and somedays it was too loud to ignore. Let me mention again, I am new to this locality, hence walking up to another blocks neighbors house to ask  ‘are you screaming? do you need help?’ isn’t really the best way to go about introducing yourself to the community, especially since I didn’t know where the loud noises were coming from!
Last week, I couldn’t contain myself. At that particular time, when I heard the loud voices, I walked down, tried to hear where it was coming from and I rang the bell. The voices stopped. After what seemed like forever, the door flung open and a man opened the door. I introduced myself as a new neighbor and asked if I could help in anyway, as the voices were traveling far. He understood, she( the lady/wife of the house) emerged from the kitchen in what seemed like shambles to me. She was weeping, he was angry and I was in the middle of a raging domestic situation. Its not something I hadn’t handled before, but still it had been too long since I walked into someones home while they in between a violent fight.
I spoke, I spent what seemed like hours listening, pacifying, counseling….
I am not at liberty to discuss why this was happening, but whatever the reason it didn’t justify him raising his hands on her. She was bruised, physically and emotionally. He was bruised too…emotionally. They are now coming in for their couples counseling sessions. The noises have stopped. The problems in between them are resolving, but thankfully they are not opting in for the violent route. I have to mention here, the woman was really really really black and blue when I first saw her. Upon their pleas, I decided not to contact the authorities.
Its so weird, that this couple has been living in this apartment building for the past 5 years, with relatives for their neighbors and not once has someone knocked on their door, to ask whats wrong.

Why do we run away from an uncomfortable situation? Why cant we feel the pain or cry of another human soul anymore..and even if we do feel, why don’t we act and do something about it?

The “who cares” attitude is really whats tearing us apart as a race.

We should care. We should do. We must take notice and reach out. Who knows whose life we will save?

Let come back to the war isnt justified issue. I do believe that if all people, thought of each other as Human Souls made by the same Divine Maker, Love will heal the world. Armies, war and ammunition will not be needed. The problem with most of the world today is we are still thinking about each other as either Indian, Pakistani, American, British, Australian, Srilankan, Malaysian etc. We have yet to evolve to such a state, where we can think of every soul that walks this earth as part of our human family.

Do you think the world would be in such shambles if we all thought of each other as ONE Big Beautiful World?

My humanitarian attempt at healing the world and filling it with love begins with every soul I encounter. In such an effort I have joined Tara in blogging about The Girl Effect.

What is The Girl Effect?

“The Girl Effect” is a powerful idea: by investing in girls in the developing world, we make an incredibly effective investment in eradicating poverty, creating thriving communities, and slowing the spread of AIDS.

Visit The Girl Effect.  We can all make a difference. This is our chance to DO. To spread Love. To Be ONE world!

A special hug to Tara, for creating a space to share in spreading this message of love, hope & inspiration.

Dearest Reader- Please share this article with your friends and family. The more people who join this beautiful Effect the bigger the chance we are giving this world to truly heal. Please also do share your precious thoughts on this topic in the comments below.
Thank you for reading !

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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14 thoughts on “Violence is Never Justified, Never! My One World Initiative -The Girl Effect

  1. I absolutely agree. Wars are just ridiculous. Domestic violence is never justified.

    I remember giving shelter to a friend after she was the victim of domestic violence. I was absolutely terrified that her husband would come after me. Good on you for taking a step against it, not just from the safety of your blog, but in real life and on your own. Many of us would be scared to.

  2. Wow, Zeenat. This is the first girl effect post I’ve read this year, and it is the perfect one to begin with. You are brave and we need voices like yours. I too believe there is a peaceful, loving solution to all the world’s problems. How insane has our world become that that is now a radical thing to say?
    Love to you,

  3. Religion Justifies Violence.
    And did that which we call God make religion? I think not.
    For the Spirit can be found in the hearts of all that seek It.
    All doctrine and dogma are of the hands of the men who gain power from it.

  4. Murigi

    Hi Zeenat. This is a very good article although many cannot imagine a world without wars and suffering. Personally I believe such a world is possible. It begins with each one of us. If an individual creates a war-free zone within what he/she can control, say family circle, the the larger world is definitely better off with that zone no matter how small it is. All problems can be resolved in other more effective ways without resorting to violence. However, human greed will continue to be the fueling factor to these situations and as said above it’s for each one of us to ask ourselves; ‘what is the driving force for this destructive emotion?’ Is it greed or a need. Either way, violence is not justified.

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  7. Savy

    A great message and I have seen the video for this as well… Violence is never the answer to a problem…

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  9. Dearest friends,
    I love that you are all here supporting in my Girl Effect blogging campaign.
    I apologize for not being able to respond to each one of you….My little girl is a bit under the weather…so have been at her side this past week. Please pray for us.
    I’ll be back with a new post/article next week.
    Till then, you take care of yourself and know that you are truly appreciated.
    Lots of love,

  10. Zeenat:

    Thank you for sharing this post…as some of the others have said, you are a very courageous woman and I admire you for knocking on that door. I would agree, violence is not justified…it seems that violence only leads to more violence.

  11. Zeenat,

    I am so glad to see you blogging about the Girl Effect. Did you know that there are young girls and women all over the world who are unable to care for themselves during their periods? They resort to things like newspaper, leaves, ashes, or old mattress stuffing or they stay isolated for several days EVERY month! How long could you keep up in school if you missed one week out of every month? Right, many drop out never finishing the education that could help them better their situation. I work with a special organization called Days for Girls International ( We provide feminine hygiene kits to non-profit organizations for distribution to schools, orphanages, and villages in developing countries. Please check out our website to see what you and your readers can do to help. Or drop in on our Facebook page to catch the action at This is an amazing work. It takes so little of the resources we have to make a big difference in the life of a girl in need.

    Cindy Murdock
    Days for Girls International Ambassador
    Northern New Mexico

  12. Domestic violence can never be justified.It is the last thing that should be in our minds.Whatever could be your problem why not try to solve it amicably between the two of you?violence doesn’t solve anything.

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