How to Live a Phenomenally Miraculous Life

I recently read a quote by Albert Einstein, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” 

At first I thought, wow, pretty black and white, Mr. Einstein. What’s wrong with somewhere in the middle? Certainly everything is not a miracle. But over the next week I continued to ponder the quote.

I eventually asked myself, what is a miracle anyway? And what, I wondered, was Albert Einstein’s definition of a miracle?

The Encarta Dictionary defines the word “miracle” as: “1. Act of God – an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of god. 2. Amazing event – an event or action that is amazing, extraordinary, or unexpected, i.e. it’ll be a miracle if we get there on time. 3. Marvelous example – something admired as a marvelous creation or example of a particular type of science or skill.”

Just how expansive was Einstein’s definition of a miracle?

Here is a genius who broke through the old ways of thinking concerning the nature of energy and matter, time and space. Brilliant as he was, perhaps, I thought, Einstein was still in awe of the great mystery of life. And if so, did this lead him to be continually open to miracles as they occurred in his own life?

What might Einstein have to teach us about miracles? And what are we missing if we’re not open to miracles in our own lives?

Gregg Braden, best-selling author and internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, writes, “Belief is a code created from the certainty of what we think in our minds, married to the acceptance of what we feel in our hearts. The bottom-line: If you know the code, you choose your limits.”

Have you ever stopped to consider your belief codes? Ask yourself, Are my limits too narrow? Have I limited miracles in my life because of my belief codes? Have I chosen limits that interfere with living my life more phenomenally more fully… more miraculously?

Consider and appreciate the miracles that happen in everyday life.

– A summer vegetable garden that bloomed from tiny seeds that you carefully tended.
– A letter from across the world that arrives in your mailbox.( I still love snail mail 🙂 )
– A loved one who has triumphed over cancer or a traumatic accident.
– If you’re a parent, the miracle of your own children… created from love, a part of yourself reborn in another.

Thoughts to Ponder…

– Have you ever said, “I can’t,” before you ever gave yourself the chance to prove that indeed you could?
– What miracles might have occurred had we been more open to the possibility?
– Are we just blind?

A Challenge:

I challenge you, as I have challenged myself, with the question: How have the miracles in your life been limited by your own belief codes?

“Sooner or later we realize that we are the master-gardener of our own souls, the director of our own lives.” James Allen.

Let’s examine our thoughts and beliefs and be open to the miracles that can occur in our lives. Let’s be open to the profound effect of beliefs on our bodies, minds and even our planet.

My wish for you is to be free to embrace all the wonderful miracles this phenomenal life has to offer us.

What are YOUR thoughts on living a Phenomenally miraculous life? How do you embrace the miracles in and around you? Share your phenomenal living thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to be aware of more and more miracles in and around me.

Stay Tuned- Next weeks Topic: Rebirth Everyday.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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24 thoughts on “How to Live a Phenomenally Miraculous Life

  1. I loved your post, Zeenat!
    I believe miracles are everywhere, every moment of every day. We have to develop the mindset of seeing everything through the eyes of a child, full of wonder, awe, and thanksgiving.
    Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Martha,
      Youre so right about keeping that wonder and awe alive….miracles appear everywhere then na…. My little one teaches me wonder everyday.
      Thank you for ur beautiful comment here…i love seeing you here.
      Much love….

  2. What a great post! I have never gotten the pleasure to visit your blog before, and I really enjoyed my time here. I will be definitely coming back 🙂 I love the depth that can be found in your articles. A book you might enjoy is Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. It chronicles her spiritual journey as she, on a dare from a friend, began to write down all of the blessings (or miracles) that she found during her everyday moment. It transformed the way she perceived life. I happen to think all of life is a miracle in some form. Miracles don’t always have to announce themselves boldly, but they can be subtly wrapped up in life’s folds, attentiveness in the present moment helps draw them out.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      what a beautiful comment! Your book suggestion sounds amazing…i will definately try to get my hands on it. Thank you so much. I am so happy to read that you are a fellow miracle believer. Miracles come in such amazing surprise packages…
      Thank you for your amazing comment here.
      Much love.

  3. Zeenat,

    Oh goodness, this is a big one to ponder! It seems the first step is to tune into the miracles already occurring around us. And the next is to really consider whether a new miracle could happen today. Thanks for getting us thinking.

    1. Dear Sandra,
      oh it isnt all that big…more like noticing the small and understanding the miracle even in the little around us. Like to me..sitting here communicating with u is nothing short of miraculous….
      Being open and accepting is key….
      Im always happy to make you ponder the deep stuff 😀 !
      Lots of love…

  4. Wow well my recent “gift”from the universe that has me totally embracing myself and self love I believe is a miracle.

    My belief codes were stronger than my physical challenge and I initially did not embrace the diagnosis. Combined with my positive attitude and the belief that I was was healing has amazed the Drs.

    I know that my beliefs can limit the miracles that could occur as you say when and if I use “I can’t”

    Yes I can tune into daily miracles, like yesterday seeking whales breeching off the beach. That is magical.

    I will now look at expecting miracles daily
    love and hugs

    1. Dearest Suzie,
      You are my miraculous gal for sure! Your recovery and determination after your recent hospital visit is nothing short of a miracle. May you grow in health and in miracles dear one. Tuning into daily miracles makes up for all those times i think when I wasn’t so aware of these miracles….:)
      Its amazing how when we let them…our own beliefs amalgamate into the universe’s …..
      Ahhh whales…I think just for that sight of whales I have to visit your end of the world 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your wonderfully glorious miracles here…
      Sending you lots of love~

  5. Dear Zeenat,
    I absolutely believe that we must live our lives as if everything is a miracle.
    Every thought we think and every emotion we have goes out into the Universe and returns to us the exact reality we believe in. So, to choose to live as if all of life is a miracle is to have “faith beyond measure” that what we are seeing in our physical reality is only a fraction of what reality truly is and of what is truly possible. In truth, there are no limits to what we are capable of – there is only the limit of our beliefs.

    1. Hi Angela,
      I agree with you completely…the many miracles we are part of just with our thoughts….oh the vibrations reaching far and wide… miraculous is that….
      Love your comment dearest.
      So much love to you.

  6. Rand

    “If seeds in the black earth can turn into such beautiful roses, what might not the heart of man become in its long journey toward stars?” ____Gilbert Keith Chesterton


    The ‘journey’ that has brought us ‘all’ here to this post is a miracle when we ‘all’ refect the many events that could have prevented ‘all’ from ariving to this place.

    Yes…I agree…with Angela “Every thought we think and every emotion we have goes out into the Universe and returns to us the exact reality we believe in.”

    …so to this: The seed I planted…my miracle..(my daughter *Rose*) and myself both ‘choose’ not to spend the day together in physical reality. As a parent I do understand the need to allow the soul of my creation to have its own freedom.

    …so to this: I have “faith beyond measure” that both my daughter *Rose* and *I* will continue to *grow* for on this journey what we see is only a fraction of what is truly possible.

    Z…I am reminded of the reply you left for me a couple of months ago:

    “Dearest Rand… You truly are a lovely a misunderstood world.”

    We may not always understand the ‘journey’ but we can nurture our souls along the way.

    Thanks to ‘all’ and a wonderful journey to ‘each’ *soul*…

    1. Dear Rand,
      Thank to YOU dear one for sharing so beautifully and openly 🙂
      You almost always have the ability to leave me speechless 🙂
      I love love love the Gilbert Keith Quote….such perfect depth.
      Souls fly…
      Much Love~

  7. The key is right in the phrase – “as if”. Of course not everything is miraculous, but staying hooked in to our own sense of wonder allows us to appreciate our experience of life more deeply and consistently. This is the energy of joy you share with us in articles like this 🙂

    1. Hi Mikey,
      Staying into that sense of wonder is really really what can make living or just ebing alive so phenomenal na…
      I’m always glad to share the joy with all…and you my invisibly visible friend is no exception 😉
      Hoping to catch you on skype soooonnn…
      Much Love~

  8. Beautiful Zeenat! I’m really good at hearing others’ limiting beliefs (aka, the “I can’ts” or “it’ll never happens”). I wonder if I’m able to decipher my own quite as well, though? Perhaps the conscious ones, but what about the subconscious ones?

    This is a wonderful reminder for ME to stay open to all that’s possible – in all situations, in all ways. For instance, for my birthday (which is a week away) I have a “miracle” I’d love to have happen. Is 7 days enough time, though? Well, according to Einstein, YES! 7 seconds would be. So let’s just see… !!! Love you, sweet friend!

    1. My Darling Joyful Angel…I hear ya! I can be the same….about hearing ‘others’ limiting beliefs….I think many a times that we kind of take our own beliefs for granted. Being aware is key.
      And birthday a week away…woohoo! Your miracle is just waiting to happen awesome angel…you just wait and see 🙂
      I Love you too sweetie~

  9. Rand


    7 Days…or perhaps… 7 seconds?

    My birthday will become a ‘Phenomenon’ within ’13’ days!!

    This ‘time’ of the year my senses become very acute!

    I will consult with a few of my spirit friends about this “miracle”

    My physical self also transforms!


    My gravitar is scary just like Mr. Mikey’s!

  10. Hi Zeenat,

    I am finding more and more that by being open to everyday miracles all around me that the “I can’t” belief greatly fades away.

    Thank you for an inspiring message!

  11. Zeenat, there is something about a child’s eyes/mind/heart and Gratitude that can open our eyes to the miracle that is called others and life. When we also become more attuned to God’s Spirit around us, and to prayer and meditation, I believe we can also then become more aware of miracles everywhere. Thank you for the beautiful reminders.

  12. Dear Zeenat, thx for another awesome and inspiring article! It made me remember a quote of John Adams “It’s not an easy task to build a new world”, new worlds can only be built bit by bit, stone by stone just like the “miracle” seed in your garden only grows inch by inch. Our eyes are so used to admire the things that move and happen fast (and furious) and have become blind to all the things that grow slow (and miraculously last). Michaela

  13. Okay, brilliant. Miracles happen in our lives everyday, but most of the time we done see them because we simply do not look for them, we miss them. We dismiss miracles as chance happenings instead of embracing the joy of receiving a miracle. I love the challenge. It gives me lots to ponder on.

    Thank you. I am so glad I stumbled upon you.


  14. Zeenat, thanks to Allah I found your wonderful blog. I’m so happy to be here. Here, I can learn everything I want, to make my life happier day by day. I believe in miracle, and I think my life is a miracle too… 🙂

  15. Found this via StumbleUpon… Great post… All I have to do is look at my children and realize which way we should live. They truly are a miracle and are proof positive that miracles happen.

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