Positively Looking Ahead and Beyond-A Preview, Review and New Year Contest

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~ Lao Tzu

As the new year comes closer, I feel its like a New dawn approaching rapidly. I feel that same level of excitement and happy butterflies inside my being, as I felt when I was waiting for my little girl to enter this world. I am not sure if its just me or not..but this coming year is feeling Pivotal in my heart. There is so much happening around the world that is making me feel like “yes! we do have a chance to make a positive and happy world.”

There is the BIG 2012 approaching us all. You and me both have a New chance to create history. How are you going to create history? What did you do in this past year that WILL be remembered?

Personally for me there were lots of amazing moments this past year. Here is a snapshot of what 2011 is leaving me with:

  • My daughter went from Nursery to Junior K.G. and to Senior K.G. in such a short span!
  • I helped, counseled and healed countless souls.
  • Wrote literally millions of words and learned lessons that will last me a lifetime.
  • I discovered that even in the most trying times, I was never alone. The Divine love was always with me, supporting me and making me stronger.
  • Moved to the Big City of Mumbai, after literally 30 years of being away. The change was major, but am now able to silence the constant hustle bustle around me. Inside peace is all that matters.
  • Have finally learned the art of calm in my thoughts, words and behavior. Which means I only speak where absolutely necessary, all other times I quietly pray. This for me is a major achievement…cause I have always been labelled ‘the chatterbox’ 🙂

Its not that there were no ‘low’ moments. Infact there were many, but the eternal optimist in me chooses to look and focus on the positive.

2011 for Positive Provocations- the year that was:

  • 100+ articles written.
  • Successfully counseled and healed 1240 beautiful souls through online counseling.
  • 60,000+ monthly hits.
  • 3000+ daily hits.
  • The Positive Provocations Facebook community grew by 10 folds. Currently 1557 beautiful people “like” it.
  • Learned a bit of CSS code to spruce up the blog= fonts colors and all 🙂 ~ Shout out to Loving Sandra for all her help and support.
  • Just last week received the TOP 50 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BLOG OF 2011 AWARD from Steven of Change Your Thoughts. Thank you awesome Steven!

2012 for Positive Provocations- the awesome year that it WILL be:

  • We will ring in the new year with the POSITIVE LIVING HANDBOOK-50 Soulful Ways to be Positive Today & Everyday for all the Email Subscribers. Sign up here to get your copy in your Inbox on 1st Jan 2012.
  • The start of a new column- Heart Centered Blogging because everyday I recieve countless emails about how I have created and grown this blog in the past 3 years. In this column I’ll share my simple blogging/writing experiences.
  • The Re-start of an old column- Sunday Inspiration (with a MORE positive twist 😉 )
  • A New page on ‘Healing’ coming soon!  Being a Holistic healer as well, I’m going to start offering online Healings to all those who need it. Details about which will be on the “healing” page that will be published on the 1st of Jan 2012 too!
  • More guest authors will be sharing their positivity and knowledge here for your constant growth and evolution in the coming year.
  • And ofcourse MORE tips and ways to heal and fill your life with positivity, love and happiness!

“It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal.” ~ Helen Keller

As I take a nostalgic look back at 2011, I dont have any regrets. I have had up and downs this past year, but each experience had made me learn a new life lesson. These experiences in turn have helped me understand myself and the world around me in a new light.

Positive Provocations 2010 Year end Free Counseling&Spiritual Healing Contest:

As you all know I offer counseling online via skype(paid), email and chat(free). I’m adding ‘spiritual healings’ to this too now. As I mentioned earlier there will be a new “healings” page that will have the details of how you can avail this service from me in future.

But, for now as my NEW YEAR Gift to YOU…I’m offering 2 free spiritual healing and counseling sessions for January 2012. This simply means 2 beautiful souls will receive these session absolutely free.

The counseling and spiritual healing sessions will help you to gain clarity in thoughts and actions while giving you the opportunity to share your deepest fears and issues with me. The sessions will be completely private and your thoughts will remain between the two of us only.
Counseling  provides a safe space to explore your emotions and find new ways of looking at your life. In a confidential environment you  can express your feelings without fear of judgment. This involves helping people explore their inner stuck places, such as that which motivates a particular behavior or thought, or how we come to believe what we believe, especially if that thought or belief produces unhappiness in us. Occasionally, we may feel a feeling that we don’t know how to cope with, or we possess a painful emotion that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what we do.
Spiritual Healing is the restoration of wholeness or wellness to one’s experience. It is recognizing, accepting, and realizing the atmosphere of The Divine, or the perfect spiritual idea of being, in the individual. It removes the toxins of distorted self-acceptance that appear to have separated the person from wholeness.

The combined approach of counseling and spiritual healing helps you immensely in your current situation and also in healing past emotional wounds.

How you can take part in this Free Spiritual Healing & Counseling Contest?

All you have to do to be eligible for this free Gift from me is:

  1. Leave a comment below, stating your interest in receiving this Counseling and Healing. If you want to state the reason for the same, you can do so too. But I would prefer you share the reason with me either by email or by a message on facebook as it would be more private.
  2. “LIKE” and become part of the Positive Provocations facebook community page and share your beautiful self there. I would love to get to know you better.
  3. Share this article on Facebook or twitter and let me know you have shared this article by tagging me in the post. For facebook you can tag facebook.com/positiveprovocations and on twitter its @zeenatsyal

Thats all you have to do to. The winner of this contest will be announced on the 1st of January 2012 with the launch of THE POSITIVE LIVING HANDBOOK!

This contest is my little way of giving you a new year gift of healing and prosperous health. May your new year be filled with love, happiness and abundance. 

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.  ~Abraham Lincoln

My Wish for you: Lets look to the future. Lets plan happy days and nights. Lets fill each waking moment with laughter and joy. As you look to the future, Know that right now, in this very moment you are Creating a future with your thoughts and actions. Every new moment is a new chance to create history….simply moment by moment and day by day.

My special heartfelt gratitude to TimeThiefSandra Pawula, Joy Holland, Evita Ochel, Robin Easton, Angela Artemis, Jonathan Wells, Steven Aitchison, Stephen Borgman, Farnoosh Brock & Invisible Mikey… among many others who have been loving and supportive beyond words this past year. May our connections grow and grow and grow 🙂 Love you all!

Loving Seasons Greetings to all!!

What are your thoughts on this topic? How are you planning to ring in the new year? What are your plans for the coming 2012?

Please Share Positive Provocations: If you like what you read and see here, please spread the word by sharing this article on your favorite social networks. I appreciate every bit of love and support from each and every one of you.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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17 thoughts on “Positively Looking Ahead and Beyond-A Preview, Review and New Year Contest

  1. Wow! What a fireball of positive energy you have unleashed in this article! I’m happy to be part of the stream. 🙂 Thanks for your loving mention. I love supporting each other on our blogging journey. And I’m very excited to see your new entries on heart-centered blogging.

    Zeenat, I was so moved when I read: “Which means I only speak where absolutely necessary, all other times I quietly pray.” Not because I’ve ever thought of you as a chatter box, but because this again reveals the depth of your understanding and wisdom.

    Thanks for lifting us all up again and again. You’re positive provocations have been an essential part of my healing journey over the last year. All my love and gratitude to you, Sandra

    1. Darling Sandra,
      Only other evolving soul will be touched by anothers growth. That is why you felt moved when I said that…
      Growth and evolution…the inevitable truths to our existence here…. Prayer and conversations with God are my way of nourishing my soul. Works wonders too 🙂
      I’m super happy that you and me have both connected to deeper levels this past year. I’m more than just grateful….for this connection and what you make me understand with every interaction we share.
      May you and me both heal and heal…and heal many more int he process of doing so.
      Seasons greetings and lots of love coming your way!

  2. swatcat

    Firstly i had a lot of help from u all last year.. >:D< thank u…,i'm trying to set myself small tasks so my confidence grows..n realised maybe i'm not as bad as i thought i was,..the possibilities i never imagined were there came thru…am trying to believe in myself like u told me too…zeenatji u rawk…hope in 2012 i can take some major steps…bte merry christmas n very awesome 2012

    1. My dearest Swatcat,
      I’m so glad you have been helped and it has been my pleasure and honor to help you heal positively. May the coming year bring you closer and closer to your truest self.
      I would kinda like to come there and rock with you 😉
      Merry Christmas and lots of love to you too darling!

    1. I would love to offer you a spiritual healing dear one. Consider yourself marked and well on the way to spiritual happiness 🙂 I’ll be messaging you soon!
      Lots of love~

    1. Dear Angela,
      Oh I’m so so happy and honored to have you as a friend too! I dont know how effortlessly this year blog wise, went very well. I didnt take any pressure and went with the flow.
      May you and me and everyone else have a fabulous 2012! i cant wait for the year to begin with a blast.
      I look forward to a lot more happy interactions with you.
      Seasons greetings and lots of love~

  3. Dear Zeenat,
    Your year has been so productive that reading that list of accomplishments humbles me. I’m so honored to be mentioned as I am inspired by your blog and to learn so much from it. I have likewise been through ups and downs this year but like you I have no regrets. You are indeed a very special friend, and as I look towards the new year I’m greateful for your reminder that we are creating our future with our thoughts. May love and peace fill our hearts and may we spread the infection of love and laughter throughout the wordl in 2012.
    With much appreciation and love,

    1. Darling TiTi,
      You have been my light this past year. Be it blogging or personal development…I have learned from you more than you can ever imagine. Thank You!
      Its what you have taught me, that has made me the blogger I am here today. You are my inspiration to start the “heart centered blogging’ column. I hope I will be able to do justice with it.
      Thank you for being such a special light in my life. I know you have had your ups and downs this past year….these life experiences make us who we are.
      Love, peace and immense prosperity to you now and for the coming year.
      Sending you love always~

    1. Hi Alice,
      I am so glad you stopped by and liked this article. 2012 is here and full of new possibilities 🙂
      Seasons greetings and much love to you.

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  5. Brilliant Zeenat,
    Wow you have achieved so much this year
    I am so glad you are part of my life, my soul sister and I look forward to supporting you in 2012 with love peace and joy.

    I will also put my hat in the ring for your spiritual healing- very timely for me given my current healing journey that is taking me on a new path in 2012 I think.

    Thanks for your love and inspiration
    Suzie xxo

    1. Hi Suzie,
      Oh you make me blush!!
      Thank you for your kind words…we really are soul sisters!
      You never need to worry about entering a contest here for your healing dear one…. Whenever we catch each other online it will be time for your healing. I think of you everyday and send you healing love…
      I am so happy you are part of the new positive living handbook!
      Thank you for all you do.
      Much Love~

  6. Zeenat,

    I shall no longer be a lurker, as I feel it is now my time to say thank you for all you provide and for this generous offer.

    I feel I have waited over 4 years to have such an opportunity placed before me. I have daily sought release of the fear, sadness, anxiety, anger and hate that is inside me for being bullied by the legal system. I merely protected my daughter, to give her the opportunity to tell her story. That was 4 years ago. She was 5. Yet today I still carry all this negativity with me, like an albatross.

    My journey continues daily. Possibly 2012 will be my year to release and experience a new way to live.

    With gratitude,

    1. Sara Darling….You are the winner of this contest!!! I was thoroughly moved by your story dearest…I’ll be emailing you soon.
      You are a very very brave soul!
      Sending you love~

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