On my Birthday, I Choose to Unleash and Embrace my inner child

On my Birthday, I Choose to Unleash and Embrace my inner child“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” ~ Z

As I enter a new year of my life, I choose to celebrate (Its my Birthday.YAY!).

I choose also to shed the 33 from the 37 and embrace the 4 year old IN me. Yippeee….

You see, very very early on in life I had no choice but to grow up. Literally no choice then. The circumstances needed that from me and I did the best I could being an adult in a child’s body. Hence, my childhood never came. The realization of that lost childhood came very late in my life..but it came.

Today though, I have another choice. I have the choice to embrace my inner child in me and LIVE in Magic. And that is exactly what I have been and will keep doing. My happy choice you see 🙂

My Choice to be 4 forever (with the perks of an adult ofcourse 😉 )

Isn’t a 4 year old’s life perception the best?

  • ~They believe in magic, in imagination, in fairy-tales.
  • ~They never get bored. They can entertain themselves anywhere(even in the loo!).
  • ~They have no regard for money, gizmos, gadgets and all the material possessions, cause one little notepad and box of crayons can make them travel realms of awesomeness.
  • ~They don’t hold on to pain, nor do they take longer than 1 minute to get back to their normal fun self even if, by chance, something doesn’t go their way.
  • ~They are always excited and open to new and fun adventures.
  • ~They are constantly positive and happy. They don’t need reason to be happy, they just are.

I have decided to make the choice to BE a 4 year old for the rest of my life. Yup, even when I’m 80 and have grand-kids roaming my rooms, I’ll still play, love, enjoy and believe in magic and marvel in the wonder of all that is In and Around me. Lets hope my hips dont give way till then 😉

My darling hubby often says, “when will you grow up Zee?” and I still and will forever say “NEVER.na na na na…” 🙂

The only thing I would like to shed from this 4 year old me is the ability to throw a tantrum! (ok…only sometimes 😉 )

Taking Responsibility with an element of Fun

This does not mean I want to run away from my older self’s responsibilities, but it only means that I want to do it all with fun, play, wonder, happiness, innocence and delight. I never want to lose that sense of awe and wonder from even seeing a falling leaf….I don’t want to miss anything. My 4 year old self doesn’t really miss anything and seriously can be bought off with ice cream, chocolates and loving hugs. Isn’t that the best kind of currency? 🙂

There is silent affirmation I’d like to share with you, that I use on most days when things are tough, to reconnect with the child in me:

I let go of all pain NOW and am filling my heart and soul with Divine Light and Magic.
Emerge little child Happily Emerge.You are made for Happiness!

I asked some of my dear friends who also happen to be Personal Development experts about how they keep their inner child happy and thriving. This is what I asked them:

“How do you keep your inner child thriving and happy on a daily basis?”

Their responses will inspire you to go play and have some fun for sure. Read on:

ShannSmile-2“I take care of my inner child by choosing one creative project each day that makes me smile. Today I chose to paint a coneflower. I keep an easel in my living room so I can paint at any time. Tomorrow I may choose to shake my tambourine! The child in me loves to be out in nature. I often go for beach walks to collect stones and driftwood. More than anything, I throw my head back and laugh a lot!” said Shann Vander Leek of Transformation Goddess.


Farnoosh Brock“I have to say it has got to be my yoga practice. Even though the practice of Ashtanga yoga is very rigorous, disciplined, and measured, and requires all my attention and breath and focus, the yoga poses make me feel childlike. You bend and twist and turn and tuck and roll, and you can’t help but feel light and happy, carefree and creative, loving and lovable. Oh and if that doesn’t do it, then there’s my handstand practice.” said Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living.


Tim Brownson“To be honest, the biggest challenge for me is getting my inner child to stfu from time to time. I don’t consciously cultivate it, it just seems to be there, constantly lurking in the background. I do make sure I look at some humor every day – either jokes on Pinterest, videos on YouTube or just on TV and I do play a lot of loud dance music when I’m writing – so maybe I do cultivate it, but not consciously. My body keeps telling me I’m 52, but my brain keeps telling me it’s a malfunction in communication and to just ignore it because I’m still 18.” said Tim Brownson of A Daring Adventure.


Megan Bord“This isn’t an everyday thing, but…  Whenever I do cartwheels, handstands or somersaults, my inner child comes to life. Something about flipping my body upside down in a wild burst of energy evokes youthful freedom. And then I eat a cupcake, because cupcakes always make my inner child happy. 🙂 “ said Megan Bord author of The Pocket Guide to Manifesting.


brad-volz“There is no doubt that I feel better when I make time to play. One of the ways I do this is dancing around my living room to music; sometimes vigorous and playful, sometimes slow and sacred. Lately, I’ve been singing my intentions in the morning as part of my morning ritual. My inner child also likes spontaneity and riding a bike, which I still enjoy after 50+ years of riding. 🙂 Both my inner child and spirit appreciate less structure with time to relax, play or make things up! I’ve also been writing playful poetry as a way to honor my inner child. Here is one of my favorites called Dancing with Dino.” said Brad Volz of Writing to Freedom.
Evelyn Lim“When I was a child, I was often told to behave properly. I was given disapproving looks, for even running around. Luckily, I managed to do a fair amount of inner child healing over the years. Nowadays, I keep my inner child happy by playing and fooling around with my children. Even though they are no longer toddlers, I enjoy playing innocent pranks and teasing them. And so, on a daily basis, my inner child is happy with lots of love and laughter.” said Evelyn Lim of Abundance Tapestry.
suzie-cheel“I keep my inner child thriving and happy each day by painting, usually a heart, drawing an oracle card (I allow my heart to guide me on which deck to choose from), lighting a candle, meditating to my special Heart Health music, writing in my journal and then walking on the beach. In summer I swim too: those ions from the sea revitalising me. I know my inner child is not happy if I miss the beach: the beach brings a balance to my life and reminds me of the joy I felt as a child on twice yearly beach holidays. Now I live near the beach I holidayed on as a teenager and this brings me so much gratitude and abundance. It does make my heart sing. ​I then complete feeding my inner child by writing in my gratitude journal and going to sleep with the words from ho’oponopono: I’m sorry, please forgive me, i love you, thank you.” said Suzie Cheel: The Heart Whisperer
Balroop SinghSmile like a child smiles most naturally. I have learnt to smile all over again. I have the company of my little grand daughter who has taught me to be happy with little blessed moments of jumping around and doing blankie dance, of giggling, of playing hide and seek, of floating paper boats, watching the butterflies and re-learning the nursery rhymes. My curiosity to explore more keeps me alive and yes, eating a lot of chocolates…and the fun part is that nobody can restrict that! What I miss here is jumping in the puddles!” said Balroop Singh of Emotional Shadows
Vishnu“When we are children, we spend our leisure time doing the things we love. As we become adults, we are less likely to create leisure time for ourselves or do the things we enjoy. I try to create time each day in my schedule to do the things that I enjoy: reading a spiritual book, enjoying a moment of peace or having a good laugh with a friend. Take moments each day to celebrate your soul and your spirit by doing the things that bring you joy. And if you don’t have time, create a space for that time in your calendar and honor it. Allow the time you’ve created to be sacred.” said Vishnu of Vishnu’s Virtues.
Fran Sorin“I keep the inner child happy and thriving by making play a priority in my life. I call it playful mindfulness. It’s taking moments in our every day lives and transforming them into something fun and spontaneous. A perfect example is connecting with others. Rather than the ‘Hi, how are you?’ routine, I may say ‘Wow! What a beautiful day!’  or ‘Don’t you look fantastic!’ and then see how the other person responds. If they’re awake and ready to play, then the fun begins….and the conversation takes on the form of jazz! After I walk away from an improvisational conversation, I feel connected to the other individual (even if they’re a stranger) and my heart is singing with joy!!” said Fran Sorin of FranSorin.com
Stacey Frattinger“When I look at children, I am envious of the joy and light that radiates from their smile through the simplest acts…new experiences, a fun outing, nature’s playground.  When I need to invite that same joy and light back into my life, I go back to my “beginner’s mind.”   By looking at everything with a new, childlike curiosity, life begins to feel more like an exciting adventure! I greet each experience that day with gusto, as though there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing, and suddenly I’m smiling on the inside.” said Stacey Frattinger of Whispers for Wellness
Angela Artemis“For years I was a work-a-holic and never took time off to indulge myself. Recently I created a list of things I long to do and am now focused on doing each and every one. Just this weekend I attended Oprah’s “Life You Want” Tour. Seeing her live for two days was the culmination of a dream I thought I’d never realize. When her show went off the air I thought, “I missed it! I’ll never get to go to Chicago to see the Oprah show now.” So, when the tickets came up for “The Life You Want” I grabbed them. No more waiting to make my inner child happy.The life you want starts now!” said Angela Artemis of Powered By Intuition.
Joy Holland“I keep my inner child thriving and happy on a daily basis because that allows me to experience peace in each moment *and* naturally infuses my movements, connections and creations with joy – regardless of external circumstances. (Joy is a very powerful connector, healing and manifesting energy!) Everything I do feels like play (even what some people might label ‘obligations or chores’) – from making meals, writing articles and creating classes, to spending time with my family and friends.
My inner child loves: nourishing food; laughter; vibrant color and light (to wear and to see wherever I am in world); rest; fun, physical movement (like running, hula hooping and lots of time at the beach;  mixing things (ingredients for food, words, paint and markers, energies of people); glitter; and lots of time to just be (watch the clouds, read a book, daydream). My inner child also loves feeling safe and engaging with people who are loving and kind. So, I give all of that to her each and every day – and that makes life feel *fun and full* while allowing me to share with world from a centered space of abundant love and gratitude.” said Joy Holland of Facets of Joy.
Christine Callahan Oke“I love being silly. It makes my inner child very happy! Life can be pretty serious, so why not lighten it up a bit? One of my favourite things is dancing crazily around the living room with my two young boys.  We also sometimes do “treks” where we crawl around the living room, dining room and kitchen (Patagonia, Antarctica or the Egyptian pyramids) looking for – and spotting, of course – wild animals.” said Christine Callahan-Oke of Your Inspired Life
Vironika Tugaleva“I am present. I think that is the simplest way to describe it. I spend my life being present with everything and everyone. I am present for my body every single day – I do yoga, I run, I walk. I am present for my mind every single day – I practice self-awareness, nourishing thought rituals, and mind-care. I am present for the people in my life – I give my full attention and my open heart and mind to my clients, my partner, my family. I am present with the beautiful process of life itself – I walk in nature, I smell the flowers, I watch the sunset, I am grateful to be here. My life is like a sculpture – it is my work of art and, through it, I don’t just “channel” my inner child and my inner wisdom. I am it. I live it.” said Vironika Tugaleva author of The Love MindSet
Ready to go play yet??  🙂
Who is with me? Who pledges to remain a 4 year old forever?? Oh and while you are here for my 4th Birthday Forever, do say a little prayer for me. Thank you so so much!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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15 thoughts on “On my Birthday, I Choose to Unleash and Embrace my inner child

  1. Beautiful! I enjoyed reading these 🙂 I especially liked those who dance in their living rooms, or who play pranks on/with their kids. That’s awesome!

    Happy Birthday, Gorgeous Girl ~ thanks for being in all of our lives!

  2. Happy Birthday Zeenat! 🙂 I love that you are honoring your 4 year old forever, even to the chagrin of your husband, though I bet he secretly enjoys it. XD Thank you for radiating and sharing so much joy and positivity.

  3. Happy 4th birthday, amazing lady! 🙂

    I’m totally inspired by your post. I loved reading how you and the contributors embrace their inner child and make time and space for play. Beautiful. Thanks so much for including my silliness!

    With love,

  4. Hi Zeenat,
    A very Happy Birthday, dear Z… a day full of love, happiness and celebrations of your choice. May Almighty shower his loving blessings on you and keep your heart filled with all the positivity that exudes out like a cascade!
    Thanks for inviting me to join the celebrations. I loved reading the childlike charm that glows in all the messages and thanks for reminding how important this stage of life is. In vain do we yearn for it when we can keep it alive like you suggest.

  5. Happy Birthday, lovely Zeenat! Wouldn’t it be fun if our four-year-old selves explored all of the tips in your article (together!!). What a wonderful celebration article!!!

  6. Happy birthday Zeenat. I hope you had a great day. Thanks for this post and including all the wonderful responses from bloggers around the world. Farnoosh’s comment about doing handstands made me smile. HOw could we not feel childlike when we’re flipped upside down and “standing” on our hands! 🙂

  7. A very happy birthday to you Zeenat! Hope your day was full of the enjoyment, happiness and laughter of a child! 😀
    I agree with you. I believe we must grow up when it comes to responsibilities and knowledge, but we must retain that childhood happiness, fun and innocence.
    And guess what?! It was my dad’s birthday today 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Zeenat! I hope it is magical and magnificent, just like you clearly are.
    We were born to be happy regardless of circumstance.
    Wishing you a wonderful day, year life! 🙂
    Love Happy Notes

  9. Dear Zeenat- What a magnificent birthday post. I hope your day was magical, filled with wonder, fun, and child- like gleefulness. Your post is stupendous. Thanks so much for sharing some of your background. Your thoughts and actions are empowering. It was a treat to read other bloggers strategies for keeping their inner child burning bright. And thanks so much for including me in this group~ Sending you wishes for a beautiful, healthy, and inner child like year ahead. Much love- Fran

  10. Happy Birthday, Zeenat! Four is indeed a lovely age to be! I do something slightly different with my age, adding together the digits until I get a single digit number (e.g. 49 -> 4+9=13 -> 1+3=4) – so I can never be more than 9 years old! I am seeking a more childlike life & faith, but my adult self so easily takes over and gets in the way. I’m currently reading ‘The Playful Path’ by Bernard de Koven, which I hope will help & inspire me. With all best wishes, Phil (author of ‘As a Child: God’s Call to Littleness’)

  11. Thank you everyone for your loving comments and birthday wishes 🙂 I appreciate and adore each and every one of you.
    Just so you know, I had a marvelous birthday full of love, cake and laughter! My inner 4 year old is crazy happy 😉

    I’m so glad you all stopped by and made me feel so special on my birthday.

    Love always,

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