7 Must-Have Traits of Legendary Positive Thinkers

7 Must-Have Traits of Legendary Positive Thinkers“We can change our future by merely changing our attitude to the positive.” ~Z

In an ideal world there are rainbows, butterflies, happiness and smiles always. But, we don’t really live in an ideal world…do we? Our days and our world is so full of everything that can sometimes be the exact opposite of rainbows, butterflies, happiness and smiles. To stay positive in a negative world is an art all by itself.

With the constant bombardment of bad news on almost all forms of media HOW oh how do we stay positive?

Let me give a few examples of highly evolved, legendary positive thinkers who remained positive among all odds : Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou. All these personalities went through very rough times in their lives. They faced hardships, trials and failure in the pursuit of their BIG dreams…but still remained positive. From political ridicule, to years behind bars, to torture, to working in less than normal situations….they lived through it all and still carved their names eternally in history.

So, what helped them remain positive in the most negative situations? Its their own constant struggle to become better human beings while pursuing their goals. They remained true to themselves through it all.

In my study of these legendary personalities, I noticed these common positive traits we all must adopt and hone in order to be constantly positive especially in those trying times:

7 Must-Have Traits of Legendary Positive Thinkers:

1} Simply Focused: Positive thinkers know what they want and reject any activities that may distract them from pursuing their positive goals. They do what needs to be done, even when they don’t want to.

2} Clarity of Vision: Positive thinkers are big-picture people. They are able to look into that bright future and see things (the goal) that are not there. They keep the end in mind and they work toward that end one step at a time.

3} Independent Thinkers: Positive thinkers function almost independently of what is happening around them. They develop the power of parallel or contrary thinking and create a goal-focused environment in a world of negativity. These people see opportunity where others see problems, and that enables them to remain focused in the midst of turmoil. They are enthusiastic, but not blind optimists.

4} Highly Tolerant of Ambiguity: Positive thinkers tolerate uncertainty towards their goals in confusing situations. Because of their strong goal focus and constant daily discipline, these individuals are able to believe without proof … which is essential to becoming successful.

5} Happy Pace: Positive thinkers view life as a marathon, not a sprint. This enables them to avoid burnout, hitting the wall and other serious stress-related problems. Contrary to the popular opinion, they are not workaholics; infact most have superbly balanced lives.

6} Emotional Balance: Positive Thinkers are emotionally balanced people. Because they are working from a master plan, they are in control of their emotions, and have empathy for others.

7} Persistance: Positive thinkers are inclined to believe that continued effort and commitment will overcome initial obstacles or failures. They don’t assume that they can’t do something until they’ve tried. And I mean really tried, like tried 3000 times, not that tried three times, and ‘oh I give up’.

We each have the ability to adopt and hone these positive traits within our core nature. We are all diamonds in the rough.

Adopt ONE Positive Trait at a time

Simply work on one trait at a time slowly and don’t get distracted by concerns about how you might facilitate these changes. Trust that good things will happen in due time, and they will indeed. History is here to prove it 🙂

Each of us are meant for greatness. Just start adopting the right positive traits and watch how each day you evolve into your legendary self. No obstacle too big, no mountain too high!

Do you have any legendary personalities you look up to? What positive trait of theirs would you like to adopt? Share your beautiful thoughts in the comments of this post. I’d love to learn from you.

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15 thoughts on “7 Must-Have Traits of Legendary Positive Thinkers

  1. I wanted to read this post as soon as I saw the title, Zeenat. It is so inspiring. I find this interesting: “Contrary to the popular opinion, they are not workaholics; infact most have superbly balanced lives.” I would have guessed the opposite!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Such is the element of Must- Have 😉 right?
      Positive thinkers know where to draw the line so they dont go overboard and are firmly gripped in reality while working towards that big goal they love. Workaholics on the other hand have know line drawn. They work because of compulsion and not love.
      So glad this inspired you 🙂
      Much Love~

  2. Hi Zeenat,

    This is very inspiring! While we forget how much impact such legendary figures have on our lives, it is incredible how they could work so tirelessly, with a positive focus on their goal, not caring for what people had to say about them! Each one of them had exemplary traits which will remain a perennial source of inspiration for many more generations!
    Thanks for the reminder…yes, even if we adopt one trait at a time, it would be great!

    1. Hi Balroop,
      I am in awe of these personalities everyday. If we could have even 10% of their focus and heart….we could all reach great heights.
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful words here and I’m SO happy this post positively inspired you.
      Much Love~

  3. synchronicitybridge

    “They remained true to themselves through it all.”

    #4 = Muhammad Ali

    In this video from the 1996 Olympic Games I am drawn to Ali’s moment of contemplation after he lit The Olympic Torch…

    What were his thoughts?

  4. Happy pace is something I need to work on. I think I’m getting better though. It’s just sometimes I get frustrated and just want to get to the finish line but I know it’s not realistic.


    1. Hi Lea,
      Welcome to Positive Provocations! 🙂
      We all get frustrated sometimes…the bottom line is to keep your goals realistic and know your own limitations. We are positive thinkers not wizards right ? 😉 The acceptance of “…all in its due time…” helps a lot.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here Lea.
      Much Love~

  5. Very inspiring, Zeenat. Staying positive throughout the different trials in my life has brought me back more quickly to my happier state and has allowed me to move forward and make better decisions. We all face adversity at different times in our life and it is how we deal with it that is key. I remind myself, “This too shall pass.” Thanks for the great post!!

    1. Hi Cathy,
      “this too shall pass” is my favorite silent affirmation to myself in those trying times.
      And isn’t it amazing how a shift in out way of thinking can bring us back to Happy sooner than later. More power to US 🙂
      So glad you liked this post Cathy. Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

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