Mind-Body Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”~Albert Einstein

IN this fast paced life and the environment playing cat and mouse with us, we have become sedentary creatures. Waist-lines are increasing but hearts are getting smaller. This shift in the environment although a man made fault, has its adverse effects on mind and body.

The more we think we have it in control, the more its out of control. The more we think we have balance in our lives, the more we strive for it, the more we fall. Sometimes harder than normal. After very many tries to get that balance we often give up. The reason for this is pure lack of motivation and inspiration in our lives.

There are many ways to infuse your life with motivation like reading uplifting books, watching and listening to uplifting talks and lectures, reading a good blog a good article, reading quotes and also being surrounded by people who motivate and inspire you. This motivation will create a balance within you, which no amount of negativity can diminish.

Imagine if you had someone who could get you out of bed every morning, tell you exactly what you needed to do to become active and balanced in only 1 month. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, I have good news for you. Considering my waist needs the work too 🙂 , I’ve joined a retreat to do just that. Before you jump to conclusions about this retreat, let me tell you-I live in India and this retreat is happening all around the world. Yup! It can happen right here in my home office and right there where you are sitting. Its that flexible and awesome!

About Balance In Me Retreat:

Anastasiya Goers of Balance In Me recently informed me about a revolutionary retreat she is organizing.
About Anastasiya: She has been actively pursing a balanced and happy life for the last 8 years. Over these years she has  gained a lot of wisdom. She has become a fitness instructor, a healthy person, a grad school graduate, a wife, a runner, a mother of twin-girls, a housewife, an employee, unemployed and finally self-employed, a blogger, a Pilates instructor, and at last a balanced person. “Balance” is now the motto of her life. Get to know her better here.

I asked Anastasiya (you will love her) to answer a few questions about her retreat for me:

Me>What sparked the idea for the retreat?
I find that a lot of people cut physical activity out of their lifestyles because they do not have time for it or they believe that they are just not made to be active. Actually today we all get robbed of our right to be active in life. Most jobs require long hours in front of a computer. Most of us spend at least a few hours a day driving. Our leisurely activities mostly include watching TV, going out to restaurants, going to the movies … None of these activities make us active (no pun intended!)
I know myself how difficult it is sometimes to get off the couch after a busy day and how unappealing exercise feels early in the morning. Nevertheless, benefits of the active lifestyle are tremendous:

  • Active lifestyle combats chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and even certain types of cancer.
  • Active lifestyle helps you manage your weight.
  • Exercise improves mood and wards off stress.
  • Active lifestyle gives you more energy during the day.
  • Physical activity promotes better sleep.
  • Active lifestyle wards off depression and anxiety.
  • Active lifestyle improves concentration and focus at work and while studying.
  • Active lifestyle reduces the risk of premature death (by up to 94%!)

I wanted to show people who just do not know where to start how they can change their lifestyles without sacrificing things that they love and learn to live in balance with their bodies.

Me> When did you realize that an active lifestyle makes for better living?
Anastasiya>I’ve never been very active while growing up (I was a complete nerd who loved to read, study and could spend the entire day on some arts and crafts project) and my mom always pushed me to be more active. Of course at a certain point my weight started creeping up and that’s when I understood that I needed a change. Basically I was forced to start living a more active lifestyle, but once I got into it I realized how much I loved it.

Now I understand that active lifestyle is a perfect balance for my introverted, quiet and “nerdy” nature J  Once I learned how much fun it is to be active I made a commitment to show other people this joy. This is the reason why I became a fitness instructor (more than 8 years ago, I can’t believe it’s been that long) and I am running the retreat From a Sedentary to Active Lifestyle in 1 Month starting next week.

I want to show other people that it is fun to be active and you do not need to give up your current lifestyle or all your free time for the sake of exercise.

Me> What are the benefits of joining this retreat?
During the retreat members will learn:

  • to find time in their busy schedule for physical activity  (I will personally help you work with your schedule);
  • how to improve general fitness level and become healthier;
  • how to stay active virtually anywhere (workout videos and my tips will help you witn that)
  • how to set personal fitness goals that they can reach and feel great
  • how to improve posture and prevent back pain;
  • how to find energy boosts during a long day;
  • how to use exercise for relaxation at the end of the day.

Me> How long is this retreat?
The retreat will last for 4 weeks.

Me> Can anyone anywhere in the world join this retreat or does the person have to come to you physically to join?
The retreat will be going on online. Any person with an Internet connection can watch videos and follow daily steps on their own time.

Me> What kind of packages and prices is this retreat available for?
Anastasiya>Level 1 ($29.99) – is the best deal for those who just want to get all the materials but they have enough motivation and will-power to do everything on their own. It is basically a self-study course spread out during 4 weeks.

Level 2 ($37.95)– (my personal favorite) is a package for those who want to be a part of the community, who want to see how other members are incorporating new lifestyle into their lives, and who want to get my help in changing their habits or routines.

Level 3 ($89) – (this package includes a 2 hour private consultation with me) is for those who completely do not know where to start and who have a ton of questions about healthy lifestyle. Not everyone will need this package but some members will require special modifications of the exercises and additional support developing their new habits.

Anastasiya>Thank you Zeenat for hosting this interview with me. I enjoyed answering your questions about  my upcoming retreat.
Me> Thank you Ana for answering my queries and for creating such a wonderful active program.

To learn more about the retreat click here.

I hope you all will join Anastasiya & me in this awesome retreat.

Stay Tuned- On Wednesday we talk about “How to be YOU no matter what!”.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Just follow the link and sign up… 🙂 Its a really great opportunity make the necessary changes in our lives.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      Much Love~

  1. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    This sounds great, and mind-body balance is something many of us could use more of. I know that when I’m up and moving around, my mind is clearer (as is my body!). Funny how that works.

    And someone once told me that farmers have the strongest, healthiest spines/backs of anyone because they’re constantly moving about. I know many farmers, asked them, and each one said their back has always felt fine. Me? The one who sits typing most days? My back aches a lot… So what does that tell you?!

    Love you, Beautiful Zeenat! And love to Anastasiya for her awesome energy and the great service she provides!

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