A Prayer for Peace and Love – 26/11

Today it is exactly TWO years after the Terror attack on the city of Mumbai at the Taj Hotel. The city was under this terror attack for a whole day. Innocent lives were taken hostage and then killed by these terrorist.

This date brings back memories of tragedy and an incredible loss of precious innocent human life.

When I started writing this, I wanted to vent at how it could be stopped, why the officials didn’t do anything etc etc… But I just stopped myself and thought, what purpose is that serving now. How will that help all the families who lost their loved ones and how will that bring peace???

I am quite and question the universe instead for such a huge loss of beautiful souls.

I have often been able to understand, or rather come to terms with loss due to a natural calamity. But, a man made calamity, that too of this proportion, I can’t understand. I don’t know why one human being would consider another human beings life so cheap and unimportant. In my opinion a ‘true human{e} being’ cannot and would not do something like that. I just cant fathom it.

Even today when I read or hear of the tragedy and the aftermath of that tragedy, I feel so helpless. Helpless cause I couldn’t do anything but watch and listen. I might have been far away, but I could and still feel the pain of the loss. I keep wondering how it would be had that tragedy not happened? All those people who went there to work, to meet friends, to have a good and peaceful time and never came back. All those who went there to help and were left critical or damaged for life. All those who were left with incomplete families…

Can we help???

“Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.” -Mohandas Gandhilarge_praying_hands

Physically, sometimes its not feasible to help, but in spirit YES we can.
We can Hope and Pray. We can send them our love and think of them in our prayers.
How many times have we prayed for someone other than ourselves or our loved ones?
Learning to pray for anothers plight makes us selfless. It makes the universe aware of the positivity going out and maybe, just maybe, all that positivity will go in the right direction.

Today, as a tribute to those beautiful souls, I would request you to say a prayer for them. A prayer that will reach them and make them feel like they mattered and haven’t been forgotten. A prayer that will show them the immense love that is still felt for them and that their going has left a huge hole in the universe.

I urge you to also pray for their families. May they have the strength to overcome this loss and live their life as was truly intended for them to be lived.

The Almighty Allah Says in the Holy Quran- “Call On Me, I Answer You.”

Lets all Call on the Almighty today for Peace and Love to surround this whole universe. Amen.

Dearest Reader-This article was written by me last year on this very day. My emotions&sentiments are still the same. I still feel a major loss within me, whenever this day comes….I try to not think about it. But, that doesn’t make it go away. May each of you pray for all the beautiful departed souls.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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17 thoughts on “A Prayer for Peace and Love – 26/11

  1. Dearest Zeenat,

    My heart aches as I read your words. I feel as you do each time such an incident occurs. Today, I join my heart and spirit with yours in Hope and in Prayer.



  2. Thank you for reminding your readers that tragedy does not belong to any single group or country. When we look only at the pain and suffering of our own community, we tend to see people outside our community as “other.” But when we can open our hearts to recognize that other people’s suffering is just like ours, our compassion awakens and unites us across borders and cultures.

    I find much comfort in your quote from the Quran.

    Thank you.

  3. Zeenat,

    Thank you for reminding us of the power of prayer! It’s easy to forget it or think that we are doing nothing when we pray or have positive intentions. But the mind is powerful indeed. Thanks for sharing your sadness and your medicine.

  4. Hi Zeenat,

    Praying has so much power. It heals us and it can heal others. Praying should really be done daily. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  5. Dear Zeenat,
    I am a new subscriber to you blog and I subscribed because I found that your writings came straight from heart and your thoughts and persona resonated with me.

    And in this heart-felt post, I totally am with you when you say – that you can’t come to terms with human lives taken away by man himself – “a man-made calamity” as you say.

    Thank you for reminding the power of prayer. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I also believe in the power of chanting. I have seen it work miracles.

    Thanks for writing this article….

    Much Love….

  6. Hi beauty filled Z,
    I Feel you. I Hear you.
    Thank you for sharing so openly.
    The power of opening your heart to Love and sharing from that space is transformative. When you are able to let someone know you are interceding for them..sending love and light..that is a beacon of hope. When you are unable to let them know, but do it anyway, that is a beacon of light. There is room for healing and growth.
    Precious Z..we may not always understand..and there may be pain..but we may make the choice to open our hearts anyway..and let *love* work fabulous healing magic….
    Much peace to you!

  7. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    Beautiful Zeenat, I will pray. I ask that love may fill our world. I ask that broken hearts be mended, and that light shines in where it’s dark. The more we love ourselves, each other, and the more we pray in the name of love, the higher of a vibration our world ascends to.
    From my heart to the world’s…

  8. Dear All, the reason for my short replies to your comments, is that I dont want to take away from the core message of this article…Prayer. Lets all pray today and everyday, for every soul that departs and for every family that is left incomplete, due to man made tragedies.

    My Love is always with each and every one of you…..Too teary to type more.

    Thank you!

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