Get Rid of Bad Mood Once and For All

Get Rid of Bad Mood Once and For AllUnfortunately, in our lives we constantly experience injustice, irritability, anger, aggression, and we don’t always get what we want. In such situation it is easy to get depressed. Let’s find out how bad mood affects us.

Occasional bad mood (stress) helps people to better adapt to the change of circumstances, find the strength to act properly in a particular situation. But if these situations happen all the time, stress becomes chronic. A person falls into depression, cries, is offended and annoyed, spoils their relationship with colleagues, friends, relatives, they find it difficult to resolve even the simplest household problem.

Though I consider myself a total optimist I also experience very often a bad mood. However, I always find strengths to get out of such condition as soon as possible. For this purpose I use the following techniques:

1. Express your emotions
Don’t keep your negative emotions within yourself. If you are alone at home, try to shout about your resentment and irritation. You can even sing your favorite song. No matter whether you can sing or not, the main thing is to react properly and express your emotions.

2. Smile
You can improve your mood through facial expressions. Smile, even if you’re sad. By smiling, you send a command of joy to your body. After a few minutes, you’ll really feel that your mood is getting better.

It’s very good to copy gestures and movements of the person that you like, who in your opinion is very optimistic. This can be a real person (for example, your colleague) or a favorite movie character.

3. Self-massage
Self-massage of the head relieves stress, soothes, relieves fatigue, helps to feel secure, etc. You can also do a hand massage, it’s also a great way to relax.

4. Proper breathing
To calm down and improve your mood, watch your breathing. When a person is nervous, his breathing gets uneven and accelerated. Fortunately, you have the power to control your breathing. By improving your breath, you can calm down and relax.

The breathing technique is the following: do a quick inhalation, and then a slow exhalation. Repeat several times until you feel better. And if you want to cheer up, do the opposite: a slow inhalation and a quick exhalation. Repeat several times.

5. Physical activity
Everyone knows that physical activity and exercise improve mood. During physical activity your body produces the hormones of happiness – endorphins, which are responsible for pleasure and peace of mind.

Find the most suitable kind of sport for you – running, fitness or yoga. If you have no time, try at least to walk half an hour each day.

6. Communicate only with nice people
If you feel that certain people cause more negative emotions than joy, if you get more criticism from them than support, if they always use you (take money, ask for help, just steal your time) and give nothing in return, try to avoid them.

Remember, you and only you have the right to choose your own friends. If you are forced to deal with unpleasant people at work – talk short and to the point.

7. Respond only to constructive criticism
Certainly, admitting your mistakes is very useful. But it happens that many of your interlocutors like to criticize you, without an explanation, just because of their bad mood or a hostile attitude. If you encounter such criticism – safely ignore it.

8. Be positive
In any unpleasant situation, you can find something positive. Think like after overcoming your life difficulties you will get a prize.

9. Proper planning of activities
Remember I’ve mentioned above about the importance of communicating only with nice people? The same is with your activities. Be sure to include in your schedule something enjoyable: listen to your favorite music, call a friend, order a pizza you love, play with children.

Yes, sometimes you wanna say, “I don’t have time even to sleep enough. How can I find time for all this?”. But, nevertheless, you should find time for this, in other case your busy schedule will have a very bad effect on your mental health. Learn to pamper yourself!

10. Be active
Find new challenges. Sadness, grief, depression, various negative thoughts are more likely known to a person who has nothing to do. And any activity is a chance to achieve results and to rejoice your success.

Remember that all begins within your mind, so don’t despair. Have a great time today, tomorrow… and always!

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