Do You Open Your Heart and Say Thank You When Gratitude Comes Knocking?


Do you greet each day with a Thank You or Two or Three?

When you give thanks your heart smiles and your body might even tingle and move into what I call a rampage of gratitude. The more we are grateful, the more we do open our hearts to love and abundance.

So what do you do when gratitude comes knocking? Do you welcome it in like a close friend or do you close the door on it? Sending it away with no blessings.

Sometimes it is easy in our busy lives to be forget to be grateful and say thanks. I think of a friend who was having a rough time health wise and I said to her: “Start being grateful each day” she replied “I don’t have anything to be grateful for”, you don’t know what it is like!

I was stunned, she lived in a beautiful hone, had a loving husband, travelled and lived an abundant life and because of the pain she was experiencing she was unable to give thanks, or even to see the gift in her current situation.

I believe when you take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions there is always a gift, a learning that you can be grateful for. You do have a choice and at the same time it is up to you to decide what your choice will be.

I know that sometimes it can be difficult to see the gift in what at the time seems like a rough patch, you are feeling, unwell, in lack or maybe even depressed. I always believe that there is a touch of magic that allows us to find the gratitude in any situation.

I know from my own experience of my near death experience 4 years ago that I was given a gift. I did have a choice: Life, Death or Dialysis . In a heartbeat I chose life. I told the doctors that I was going to meditate, use my law of attraction tools, one which is to be grateful and to acknowledge the abundance every day, to save my life.

Gratitude flows when we open our heart and listen to it whisper: l love you Then we allow our gratitude to flow outwardly and touch others with love and abundance –Suzie Cheel

I know that through my daily gratitude practices of journaling and being grateful in the moment along with noting my daily abundance, these practices helped me to fully heal and today live an abundant life.

This did not happen overnight. It took me several years of daily practice and patience to overcome my health challenges. When I have a setback now, which happens I have that reference of making the choice to live and I give thanks every day for my life and my health.

Each day I wake and say thank you, thank you, thank you and then mentally list all the things I am grateful for. I include the small things too, like having a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, running water, food to nourish me- the things we so often take for granted that so many people in the world lack. At night I write 3 things in my gratitude journal I keep beside my bed that I am grateful for that day and made my heart smile and whisper: “ I love you”.

The more you open your heart and allow the love in, the more grateful you feel and the more thanks you can give to others and to the world. Then you will allow the doors to your abundance open wide.

So today on what is in USA Thanksgiving, do focus on what you do have and allow your positive thoughts and feelings to bubble up then you can start your own rampage of gratitude.

What daily rituals do you use to grow you gratitude muscle and open the doors to the abundance that you deserve?

Share below in the comments so we can all support one another in growing our gratitude muscles.


About the Author of this Post:

suzie cheelSuzie Cheel aka The Heart Whisperer is an artist, author,  healer, speaker and Abundance Coach. The author of the forthcoming book Lucky to Be Alive: How I Used the Law of Attraction and the Healing Power of Self-Love to Save My Life.  Suzie will color your world through her art, her words and her coaching where she helps people make the shift from their head to their heart which brings more love, more creativity and more abundance. Suzie shares her inspiration, heart whisper art and awesome energy on her blog at where you can get your weekly Heart Whisper.

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One thought on “Do You Open Your Heart and Say Thank You When Gratitude Comes Knocking?

  1. Thank you for sharing your life experience, Suzie.
    It’s indeed very hard for us to see the good when we’re going through tough times. What I do to counter this feeling is to think of 10 good things that happened during the day (i.e. I wasn’t late to work, I met a kind stranger, I ate my favorite food, I talked with my Dad, etc.). It really helps puts things in perspective. Plus, you’d be surprised by how many good things could actually happen – even on a bad day!

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