A Short Path to Change by Jenny Mannion ~ Author Interview and Review

Book – A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life

“Change is possible and does not have to be difficult.” ~ Jenny Mannion

I’m an advocate for Positive change. Always have been. I know its never easy to change our negative ways, but we can DO it if we are committed to our inner peace and happiness.

Change always seems daunting to the human mind. We are creatures of comfortable habit and refuse to change our ways simply because we think its difficult. But Jenny’s book kicks all those difficult ways to change out the window and gives you simple, clear, wise and doable ways to create positive change within you. Jenny’s journey is inspiring and learning from her life’s work has been a blessing for me. I recommend this book to everyone who really really wants to create positive change within themselves and add happiness to their life. A must read!

And do I have a treat for you- Below is an interview with the gorgeous and very inspiring Jenny Mannion about her amazing book. Enjoy darlings!

Interview with Jenny Mannion Author of “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life”

What sparked the thought of writing this highly insightful book?

Thank you so much for having me here Zeenat. I am so grateful you are sharing your space with me! We met just as my journey to helping others began and I am very grateful for our connection! The desire to write this book was ignited by my passion to empower others to know that they can heal and change all aspects of their own lives. The passion for helping others came from my direct knowledge it was possible from healing myself of several chronic dis-eases. Over the years in working with clients I discovered how similar we all are in so many ways when it comes to overcoming our own limitations. This book addresses the areas that I have seen almost all of us can use some gentle reminders in and tools to understand change is possible and it can be quick! I wanted to guide people through exercises that would help them fall in love with themselves and also become present so they are truly consciously creating their lives instead of reacting from past programming, limits and patterns that we all get so used to.

While writing your book, what was the most challenging part? Was there a time you wanted to just give up?

I do things in a very nonlinear fashion so in ways this book was perfect for me to write. There are four sections with 7-8 chapters including exercises in each so I did jump around and did not complete it from chapter one through chapter thirty. The most challenging part was to count on making time to write no matter what else I had to do. I am a mom of two children who I love to spend time with, a home owner, in a relationship for the last year and a half with the man I am madly in love with, have a full and fun practice with clients and also have friends and family I like to keep in touch with as well as my own spiritual practices. So finding the time and not coming up with excuses and distractions to write steadily was the hardest part. There was a point I thought I might have to give it up. My publisher had set a deadline of October 1 of last year for the final draft to be in. The 6 months preceding that had a lot of challenges including my step-dad (who had been with my mom for 35 years) getting suddenly sick and passing within months. That coupled with wanting to be more present for my children and my mom, and meeting this new man all contributed to me knowing I would not hand in the book that was to my greatest ability if I forced myself to meet that October 1 deadline. Luckily, my publisher was more than understanding and granted me a later February 1 deadline. It meant my book coming out 6 months later than originally planned but gave me the time to write my book in a way I was proud of. It was tough though – the recovering perfectionist in me dreaded putting off that date but in hindsight I am so happy I did. I spent the time with my mom in the aftermath of my step-dad passing and I was able to nourish the relationships with my children and my boyfriend. I also felt like I gained more knowledge that would not have been in my book previously. Even though I wrote in the book the Universe knows best with timing I felt myself resisting and wanting to force things the way I wanted them. It was a good lesson to myself to walk my talk, to let go and take the path of least resistance and trust the timing is perfect! The book is being released on what was my step-father’s birthday, January 8. I also am very grateful for the confirmations the Universe sends!

How much research went into writing the book?

I was researching for the book unknowingly the last 7 years with all the information I gathered in my own healing and in my work with clients. I became obsessed with self help, the mind/body connection, spirituality and chakras over the last 7 years and have read so many books and taken so many courses in the process. The book required a little more research in terms of the chakras to make sure I was offering as many ways possible to help balance them but luckily there are so many references like the brilliant Cyndi Dale who writes Encyclopedias on Chakras so it was easy to find reliable sources. I tried to include and mention quotes and some key thoughts I learned from inspirational teachers in my own journey and ones my clients have resonated with such a Dr. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh and Cyndi Dale and also mentioning such empowering movies such as “The Secret” and “What if?”.

Which is your most favorite chapter(or chapters) from your book and Why?

This is a hard one! I love the first section as it is all about getting rid of negative patterns and it is so important to clean out the old to make room for the new changes you want to manifest. Chakras and energy in general are kind of obsessions for me so writing a whole section as simply as I could for people to understand the chakra system (which I consider our priceless inner diagnostic system) was empowering for me. I loved writing exercises to help people connect with each chakra and to explain it in a way that just seems to make sense. The third section starts with some what I consider some of the most powerful and essential exercises and tools. Exercises like tapping into self love, gratitude, meditation and energy – these are tools I use daily and find priceless in helping other people remove those limits and begin to see the unlimitedness of their being. I guess I would say the fourth section brought up the most resistance. While I loved writing about tools like “setting intentions” and “asking for help” I really put off writing about “shadows” and “self-sabotage” and the topics that honestly make me kind of squirmy inside even though I know they need to be dealt with and there is great power in doing so. My favorite chapters are the ones that really empower others to feel the connection to all and the powers within, which are actually a good number of the ones throughout the book.

Who would benefit from this amazing book?

I feel almost anyone would benefit from reading my book. Anyone that has tried to attain change in their life or has feared change because they previously felt no control over it would benefit from reading my book. People who want to learn how to love and be kinder to themselves would benefit from my book. Anyone who has felt there is more to them than just their bodies but didn’t really know how to go about accessing that part of them would gain tools from my book. Anyone who wants to take control of their lives and feel like they are in fact creating their realities would learn from reading my book. Even healing practitioners or people in the spirituality or healing field I feel would benefit from those gentle reminders we all can use sometimes by reading my book. It’s funny because as I have been in this process of publishing my first book – it is all new to me and a huge learning process. I have met my own resistance at times and been hard on myself and faced the many challenges all of us do when stepping into the unknown and taking that step outside our comfort zone. I have found myself using some tools I wrote about. I still use the book myself as some gentle reminders, tools and ways to guarantee I am always moving forward on my own path to change! I feel the book offers tools we can all use time and time again.

Do you have a message for the readers of your book?

The greatest message from my book is that change is possible and does not have to be difficult. My life looked totally different seven years ago. I went from being told I would be in a wheelchair and in pain every day to healing myself totally and barely even getting a cold since. I have my own business where I get to help people and witness what some might call miracles almost daily. I own my own house, discovered my soul family, have close relationships with both my children and met a man that has broken through the glass ceiling of what I thought relationships could look like and now I have my first book being published. Life can be what we dream of and these were all intentions I set seven years ago and I am seeing each one come to fruition. I have seen my clients do the same using some of these tools. Anything is possible once we begin to fall in love with ourselves, shed some past limitations and patterns and gather some tools to become present. Change is inevitable, it is always happening. What my book shows you is how to steer your path of change to the most beautiful destination you can imagine in a loving, simple and gentle manner!

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About Jenny Mannion author of A SHORT PATH TO CHANGE

Jenny Mannion

Jenny Mannion is an author and alternative healing practitioner. Jenny became passionate about helping others to tap into their unlimited selves in healing herself of years of chronic dis-ease. She has helped and inspired many people to create significant change and healing in their own lives. Jenny teaches about the mind/body connection and how we are all truly unlimited and change is available to us all. Jenny lives in upstate New York with her two children and has her first book, “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life” being published by Llewellyn on January 8, 2016.

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