Green Juicing just got so much more awesome

Make your own recovery your first priority in life.~ Robin Norwood

I often talk of healing. Mostly cause I’m a healer and believe we all have a chance at healing any and all scars that we may carry with us-physical, emotional or spiritual.

Today I have the special pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite bloggers and ofcourse a dear friend Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living! Just like the Title to her blog she is indeed prolific in all she does. So, when she told me she was working on a Green Juicing Guide I literally did a happy dance and jumped sky high. Not only was I excited about the new guide, it was the actual topic of green jucing that made me so happy. 

Green Juicing has been one of the modes of treatment I use to heal people I have the pleasure of helping. I ofcourse couple it with many other modalities of energy healing. But, I do know the exceptional benefits of green juicing. I have seen the most dramatic positive healing results with green juices. The detox effect is just the tip of the iceberg!

As I have been going through Farnoosh’s Green Juicing Guide, all I could think was “WOW”! Its simple, readable, enjoyable, lovable and oh so do-able. Even though I am really already very into green juicing, this guide was a pleasant reminder and eye opener for me.  I loved every page, every recipe and seriously my new gravatar with the smiling me you see on the blog is all cause of MORE green juices thanks to the motivation from Farnoosh.

I’m gonna probe and provoke Farnoosh a bit about the Green Juicing Guide. Enjoy this yummylicious interview and do CLICK HERE for details on how you can get the Guide for yourself:

  • Me: What inspired you to create this amazingly comprehensive Green Juicing Guide?

Farnoosh: Zeenat, thank you so much for having me here to share the love of Green Juicing with your lovely community.

So I got turned on to green juicing by accidentally watching a Jack Lalanne infomercial and my curiosity was raised to the roof. I was at the time trying to lose weight, get back in shape, and reduce the stress of my corporate job. And anything new and healthy was really catching my attention, so that was the start.

Then I got my first juicer in 2007 and started the experimentation and I was shocked at how delicious vegetable juices were and how transformational they felt to my body, both on the inside and the outside. It was easy to get hooked!

I was happy and satisfied, and had less cravings for bad food. I always felt hydrated; it worked much better than water. And the best part was that initial detoxing, getting rid of waste and bringing your organs and cells back to life. Plus, great skin! What woman isn’t crazy about that?

  • Me: When was the first time you ever had a green juice and which one was it?

Farnoosh: So the first time was actually my very first juice that I made at home in 2007. I had been reading a lot about what to make as a simple juice but it is still one of my favorites: Carrot, Apple, Celery and I may have added a lemon in there. I do now. It was delicious. It was refreshing, and very filling.

Since then, I’ve developed many favorites and if you are starting out, I think a carrot-apple base with a green vegetable – kale, spinach, celery – makes a delicious juice. Just for fun, you can add a lemon and a tiny piece of ginger to make it more interesting. 🙂

But you know the reason I really got hooked is because of the amazing benefits of juicing to my body. I lost about 15 pounds or so and have kept it off, with lifestyle changes over the years of course but no doubt, thanks to green juicing for a big part. And I can guarantee you that my digestive system runs like a perfect machine mainly thanks to green juicing. Trust me, it can do wonders for you if you stick it out a few weeks or months.

  • Me: Which is your favorite green juice, you know the one you can have anytime of any day and why?

Farnoosh: Favorite green juice, now that’s a hard question. I would really say it depends on what mood I am in, what time of day, whether it’s before or after workout or just where I am in general. I do love a few vegetable juices a lot: Beet juice, spinach juice, kale juice, carrot juice, and citrus fruits. One of the most amazing discoveries was how orange and spinach go so well together. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I’ve had some delicious orange-spinach juices lately, so that will be my favorite for the purposes of this interview :)!!

Seriously, though, your taste buds change over time, and the seasons and the weather also have an effect on what kind of juice you crave a lot. It’s really a fun journey. The one advice I give everyone, new or intermediate to juicing, is to always ALWAYS, listen to your body. It will tell you everything you need to know. Your mind on the other hand may already have these wrong preconceived notions that a green juicing is yucky and strange, but let your body decide. Give it a chance.

I share a lot of free tips and advice from my experiment on my juicing newsletter if you want to learn more: Click Here

  • Me: Which Green Juice recipe do you suggest for the enhancement of heart and soul?

Farnoosh: Oh what a beautiful question, Zeenat. What is a good green juice for the heart and soul? You know, I really believe that just drinking fresh vegetable-fruit juices in itself opens your heart and makes your soul happy. That may sound strange, and this coming from an ex-engineer, believe me it sounds strange to me too but it’s true, I have felt it. I feel more connected to Mother Nature and to a healthy lifestyle when I drink these green juices, and so in that regard the recipe is not so much the question as the freshness of the vegetable juice.

For example, I never ever use canned or bottled juices because most of the time, they have been pasteurized and other additives have changed the original taste of a juice that should’ve been consumed immediately after being juiced. I would rather not have any juice until I can find it in fresh form and without any other ingredients other than the actual vegetables and fruits.

If I were to make a recipe for the enhancement of the heart and soul, it would be a really dark green juice with a heart of gold. 🙂 I would say: Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard for the rich dark leafy vegetables, with one large apple for the sweetness, a few carrots for the rich orange color and creamy taste, and a lemon for a bit of zest and vitality.

How is that? Would you be willing to try it? Remember not to listen to your mind telling you “Oh that can’t possibly taste good!” or some other version of a non-truth that it splatters all over the place. Just go on and experiment it and come tell us how it REALLY tastes. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Me: Who will benefit from this awesome Green Juicing Guide? 

Farnoosh: If you are brand new to the idea of juicing and know nothing about it at all, this is a perfect guide for you. If you are uncertain and worried about how your body will react to it or if you have dabbed into it and now just want some delicious juicing recipes, then this guide is also ideal for you because I have included my 10 best recipes, each with specific best-uses, benefits, modification just for you, and preparation steps. And if you are an intermediate or advanced juicer, I have included some advanced topics that I believe you could benefit from, plus you can always add more recipes into the mix so that should be fun too.

In the guide, I share with you my knowledge, and tips to use and worst mistakes to avoid from 5 years of green juicing! And no holding back, I give you the good, the bad and the ugly of green juicing – don’t worry, it’s not that bad, but every change comes with some adjustment and I want you to make smart and informed decisions the first time around as you learn how to awaken and heal your body and return to your vitality.

Zeenat, thank you SO much for this interview and for letting me share the LOVE and benefits of green juicing with your lovely community. Any questions, I will be delighted to answer them!

Me: Thank you Farnoosh for sharing so beautifully. I loved your responses and I’m sure the readers will too. I’m immensely enjoying the recipes from your superb Green Juicing Guide. Thank you for all you do! This is a masterpiece you have created for sure!!

To learn more about Farnoosh Brock and her work please CLICK HERE.

Stay Tuned: Next week I’ll discuss how we can free ourselves from negativity once and for all! Till then have a wonderful weekend.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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21 thoughts on “Green Juicing just got so much more awesome

  1. This is great ; people can now have a guide to better juicing techniques 😉 Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. synchronicitybridge

    Thank you so much Farnoosh and Z!

    Early on reading this fabulous post my mind thought…’weather warming…good timing for giving this a go’. Later the ‘weather’ was mentioned as a factor on blends, which tells me: Yes! Diversity of *Green Drinking* throughout the whole year!

    I purposely ran about 6 miles the other day under a bright sun to just sweat out some toxins. The combo of *Green* & *Exercise* all the better!

    The combo of Jamba Juice & Starbucks close to each other…well you don’t have to permanently give up that Latte, but perhaps an introduction to a blended juice drink is doable once in awhile before you go out and buy the juicer.

    I worked operating a meeting room today for an International Dermatology Convention…very…very huge. I worked 8 hours bringing up PowerPoint presentations. Each presenter had 4 minutes…so imagine the amount of presenters and the amount of slides related to cancer that I saw today.

    Yes go *Green*…ya can’t go wrong.

    Here’s a tune you can listen to while the juicer is doing its thing:

    1. You know I used to go to Jamba Juice and Starbucks both back when I traveled to San Jose, California for work ….. Good memories (minus the work :)). So glad you enjoyed the message for health and green juicing.

  3. 🙂 Great to see you here, Farnoosh, along with the lovely Zeenat. Mmmm. I am a big fan of juices – veg and fruits. Although I do get lazy sometimes and simply eat them raw. Make a great snack while working, combining mindful eating.

    You know – during my childhood, when we lived in a joint family (grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins) there were, at any point of time ,12-18 people in the house. Relatives and friends visiting simply arrived and stayed for as long as their work required them to stay. We cooked on fire. We had no fans and refrigerators. And my grandmother? A whiz of a cook, full of creative ideas. She would keep calling us as we played/studied/just had fun – to give us a glass of “juice”. This could be the water off whatever was cooking. All sorts of flavors. We were all healthy. Still are 😉 And today, although I have all the amenities (technology, conveniences) of life, I follow the same principle. Drink all the veg water. Drink the water strained off the cooked rice.

    One day every week, usually Saturday, we live on salads and juices. It helps – we feel energized, positive (the good feeling that comes from healthy living).

    And I am chock-full of kitchen remedies that work :D.

    That’s why I love this post. Natural living at its best.

    1. Vidya, honey, I get lazy too. I haven’t juiced in nearly 3 weeks with the crazy mad lifestyle I have lived but I have been eating them raw too. YUM!!! And boy would I like to walk through that kitchen with all your remedies.
      I LOVE love your story of growing up – I really do. And the once a day recipe is so healthy too. You are a picture of healthy and vitality, Vidya, thanks so much for sharing this darling!

  4. Just told you what an HONOR it was to be interviewed and I had so much fun with it. THANK YOU Zeenat for sharing the green juicing love with your readers and for having me here. Lots of love and great health vibes to us for 2012 and beyond. xoxo!

  5. Priyanka

    Dear Farnoosh,

    Great to have read your post! loved it, as every other girl, I too am a big fan of healthy skin (sure, who doesn’t like it) and makes it a point to drink 8-9 glasses of water everyday and eat lots of vegetables, other then that I don’t do much, It may sound ludicrous but if advised I can even have poison (oh not literally) to have a healthy skin. And since you said it even works for the upliftment of heart and soul….sounds great!
    I sure do know the secret of your healthy skin now and am craving for it………….so,sure gonna follow on your footsteps (of green juicing)

    lots of love

  6. I love fresh juices and go back and forth over getting a juicer. So far I just throw everything in the blender which maintains more of the fiber. Kale, apple/pear, red bell peppers – Yummm! I’m always looking for new recipes. So far I haven’t convinced the rest of the family but the best way to teach is to be a good example. Eventually they’ll get curious enough to try it themselves.

    So good to see you here Farnoosh!

    1. Hi dear Paige, so nice of you to share the post on Facebook….. There are SO many juicers now.. I bought one for just $100 and I know there are better and cheaper ones on the market, just FYI. You know, the best way to try it is to simply go to a juice bar and taste a green juice first, Paige :))!

  7. This is such a great interview Zeenat. I love the juicing guide by Farnoosh. Especially for me as a beginner, I can take baby steps knowing am in good hands.

    So far, I love what juicing has done to my skin and my nails…they are looking fabulous. Not to mention my tummy, I think my stomach is shrinking or something lol I am still new in juicing, though I try to at least juice once a week like Vidya above. I recently discovered a great local juice. Apparently it’s taken by people in the desert region to stay hydrated. Incorporating juicing in my life is a bet am clearly winning 🙂

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  9. Farnoosh,
    Loved reading this! It sounds so healthy and delicious! I guess I need a juicer to get started though, huh? I’ll check it out more at your blog.

    Great interview!!

  10. synchronicitybridge

    This is just off the ‘press’ today!

    The Cover Story from USA Today leads with the anouncement that *Starbucks* plans on taking on the 3.4 billion dollar ‘cold crafted juice’ industry.

    Their bigger picture is the 50 billion dollar packaged health food industry!

    Here is a link to Starbucks site with their own anouncement:

  11. Zeenat, I loved this question “Which Green Juice recipe do you suggest for the enhancement of heart and soul?” 🙂
    It’s great to see Farnoosh here on your blog & such a great topic too! I know I need to enter the world of green juicing. It really is time.
    I also love that Farnoosh includes ways to make them more tasty by adding something sweet like an apple, I think that’s where I went wrong a few years ago when I tried juicing – I didn’t make them tasty or sweeter than than just the straight greens.

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