How to find the Healing Happiness in Cooking

“A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness.” ~ Elsa Schiaparelli

Cooking heals. Cooking can soothe jangled nerves, heal broken hearts and cure boredom, insomnia and anxiety.

Cooking is therapy and, fattening or not, it’s effective.

It worked for Julie Powell, who set out to whip up every recipe in legendary chef Julia Child’s cookbook when she felt stymied by her own problems. The blog and book that resulted, “Julie & Julia,” are portrayed in a must see film starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I highly recommend watching it.

How do I know cooking is so good for the mind, heart and soul??

I have been cooking since I was 12 yrs old. Not that, the first dish I made was anything next to good. But, my darling dad ate it all up. Yeah, the first time I cooked it was out of neccessity. My mum wasn’t feeling very well and had to be hospitalised. Being the eldest of three siblings I took it upon myself to fill in her shoes for those few weeks. My mum is an amazing cook! When that first dish bombed big time, and came time to serve it to my dad and little brothers I thought “such a simple dish, and I spoilt it.” (I had forgotten I was only 12 yrs old!) With this frame of mind the food got served. The three males of the house looked at the dish in ‘awe’. They ate silently. I couldnt even have one bite of it. It was so so bad. But they ate and they praised it. Imagine that! I saw my dads face light up when I served him for the first time. Since then, cooking has become my happy place. cooking to me is creating happiness in edible form.

I love to cook now. I love it so much, that if any one day I haven’t cooked even one small meal, I feel incomplete. My healing depends on that special time I take to myself…to get all raw and messy…wet dough is wet dough afterall. The pure modesty to cooking is what keeps me grounded and healed.

How to find the Healing Happiness in Cooking?

For many of us, when we make the time, finding the energy to cook everyday is difficult, because when we have just done a day’s work, the idea of having to stand in the kitchen doing more ‘work’, is not that attractive.

If this resonates with you, then see if you can turn your time in the kitchen into something which nourishes you and restores your energy, rather than drains you. Cooking can be very therapeutic, if you do it in the right way. It may not always be possible, but if you can, on difficult days, have your partner look after the children while you cook. Close the kitchen door and tell your family not to disturb you. Forget multi-tasking and allow yourself to concentrate solely on just one thing, the task of cooking a meal. I find it helps to create a nice ambience for yourself. Remember a happy cook is a good cook and a Good cook is a Happy cook!

Sometimes I like the ambience of silence, when I am feeling bruised and sore from the noise of the world. But you don’t need silence to feel the happiness of cooking. Sometimes, I want to hear the birds outside or the traffic zooming past too.

Creating your psychic cooking space is as important as your physical one. During a difficult time in my life, when slings and arrows were coming at me hard and all was disorder, trauma and upheaval, I used cooking-time as ‘time out’ for myself. I came to really look forward to that slot in my day when I could put to one side, all the problems I was dealing with, turn off the ‘worry switch’ and just cook. I became so engrossed in what I was doing that I forgot everything else. I became calm and focused and my mind rested. I was experiencing the healing power of cooking.

Any activity can become a meditation, be it archery, motor-cycle maintenance, calligraphy, flower-arranging, walking by the sea, sitting cross-legged repeating a mantra……so why not cooking? If you are a stressed-out working mother, I doubt you have much time for walking by the sea, calligraphy, or cross-legged meditation. But cooking is something you have to do each day and if you can use that time to feed your spirit and rest your mind, you will be multiplying the benefits you reap from your kitchen labours.

So when the world beyond your kitchen is in chaos, you can create a healing happiness-filled oasis, where chaos does not reign. In the kitchen, we can create harmony, order, wellness, the antithesis of everything in our lives that stresses and exhausts us. Instead of chaos, we can make an oasis of creativity. Kitchen-time can become me-time, during which we nourish and repair our spirits, as we cook and regroup our energies for the next battle we have to fight. Just as eating home-cooked food can be a ritual that grounds our children, we can make the cooking of it a ritual that grounds us.

Points to remember:

  • Cooking is a great destresser because it serves as a creative outlet.
  • While stress can numb your senses, cooking activates them. It’s a sensory experience with aroma, taste, touch, visual delight and even sizzling sound.
  • If you’re cooking for people you care about, you get nurtured by their appreciation.
  • Cooking is like giving birth because you are mixing things together to create something new and wonderful.
  • Cooking offers a way to feel better about life because it offers immediate gratification.
  • Cooking keeps you in the moment and this shifts your attention from a brain locked into worries to a recipe for happy living.
  • Cooking is the fastest way to mend a broken heart.

Understanding that we can experience the healing happiness of cooking is like a self-fulfilling prophecy—the more we are aware of this possibility, the more it works this way. When we are resentful about having to cook and allow the stresses of the day to leak into our cooking time, we become even more depleted. When we throw a ring around our cooking time, and think of it as sacred time, we ‘enter the zone’ and it becomes a special ritual that we can look forward to every day.

What are YOUR thoughts on this topic?
Do you cook for yourself or your loved ones? How has the process of cooking helped you? Do share your therapeutic cooking wisdom, thoughts and questions in the comments below. I’m eager to learn about your happy cooking ways.  

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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50 thoughts on “How to find the Healing Happiness in Cooking

  1. Amazing post, dearest Zeenat. I had an idea in my head about writing a similar post after I posted Sundays in my city yesterday with food pictures. It was basically because I realized, a few years ago, how much I enjoyed cooking. Not that my mom was surprised since it is standard practice in our family for kids to help with the various chores related to kitchen work. And suddenly, one day, we found we could make most of the dishes being cooked on our own! I was extremely lucky to have a grandmother and mother who were fantastic cooks. My mom often said it felt very therapeutic and soothing to create something everyone would enjoy. Instant gratification, you know.

    Now, I do the same. Whenever i am not feeling too good mentally, I decide to make something. And it always works, always. Also, I am blessed with a family that appreciates everything I make. Very encouraging 😀 Even more fun to make something and go out and distribute it – I do that often. I make food packets and distribute them to the people sitting outside the outside the temple near our place.

    I enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for sharing. Love and hugs, Vidya

    1. Hi Vidya,
      Its the same I think in most indian households…we girls dont know when we learn to cook per say…but we all inevitably do. And cause we have such great role models in our mothers, grandmothers etc… becomes easier to love the art form na 🙂 There is gratification in fiding the right role models too!
      I do hope I get to read what your cooking adventures have been…do write that post ❤
      My favorite dish to make when I'm lazy…curd rice 🙂
      And how amazing are you to share the joy within your food with those less fortunate…I do kinda love you more now 🙂
      I loved your comment here sweetie!!Thank you for sharing from your heart.
      So Much Love~

  2. Cooking does generate happiness, great cooking greater happiness. I love being in the kitchen, making up a new recipe or 2. Have just put beetroot, red onion with garlic and sweet potato into bake. Yummy and high alkaline.

    This is the first meal i have cut up vegs in 4 plus weeks- Des has been a great sous chef.

    I am passionate about cooking and love cooking for others-Des says he lives in a restaurant.
    Recently as part of my healing process I have used food as medicine- cooking/eating an 80/20 Alkaline diet and I am seeing great results – higher energy, weight loss, lower bp, and more.

    I have been surprised at how yummy food is without processed food and mainly buying all our fruit and vegetables from local farmers markets, fresh fish that is last nights catch…….

    thanks for your inspirational post
    keep cooking up the love
    Suzie xxoo

    1. Hi Suzie,
      Des in the form of a loving chef hubby..ahhha I can only imagine how much you too love each other. I know you have been through a tough time and support in the form of attention, caring and cooking….says it all and heals it all. May you heal quickly and may all the food you create help you all the way.
      Healthy food is usually good for the heart and the soul 🙂
      I’m so glad you shared your amazing energy here…am loving the comments on his post so much…and your especially.
      Sending you lots of love~

  3. I enjoy cooking only if I don’t have to do it everyday LOL! I like cooking but I enjoy doing art or painting more. So it is a preference.

    Still, there is no denying that there is an art to cooking. It is another form of expression of our soul. It is easy to taste if there is love in the cooking or not. The little touches count.

    LIke Suzie, my family has been focusing more on healthy foods over the years. Organic produce is expensive here but we make it a point to buy a good portion of these. Oh yes, my home kitchen uses little processed foods. I like to have mine made from scratch. Quality ingredients are key.

    I enjoy watching cooking shows. I find them therapeutic! At one stage last year, we would watch these programs every evening.

    Thanks for sharing about your personal interest, Zeenat. It is great that you have weaved it into a post to share with us all!

    1. Dear Evelyn,
      You know I love cooking shows too.Other than being actually therapeutic, they make feel like I’m learning new ways to create and that to me is pure fun 🙂
      Its so awesome that your family is focusing on healthy fresh foods. Its the same on my end. That’s why many a times a simple soup and salad is haPpily enough.
      I’m so glad you stopped by to share your cooking experience. Loved it!
      Lots of love~

  4. sowmiya

    A very nice post. I have never knew this secret that cooking is a destresser until I entered into this kingdom of cooking.Whenever we feel inferior in our lives, cooking gives a great satisfaction and confidence and that too when our dear ones appreciate it.I felt very much supportive whenever I tried a new dish and it came out well.It is really a ritual when we cook happily.I loved this post very much .But most people do not know about just because they might not have tried cooking or they might not have noticed it.Everyday seems to be pleasant when I start it with cooking. Cooking for oneself gives one kind of pleasure while cooking for the dearones reveal a world of pleasure.thankyou verymuch for this post.

    1. Hi Sowmiya,
      I’m so glad you liked this post and it spoke to you on a heart level.
      I agree many dont know the healing that the art of cooking can bring about…but the thing with cooking is, its always at your disposal to try when you please.
      I am happy that you love to cook for yourself and for your loved ones. Its a great feeling na 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts here.
      Much Love~

  5. Thanks Zeenat,

    Yes great love can be found and transmitted through cooking and food. I too have used food as my quiet time to be present, give and receive the love of intentional cooking can bring. Good reminder.

    Time for some love disguised as food!

    1. Hi Brad!
      Aah…love transmission through cooking…now isnt that the bestest kind of transmission ever 🙂
      I would sure love to know what foods you cook disguised with love…who knows I might try the loving recipe.
      Thank you so so much for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

      1. Thank you Zeenat,

        I love your turn of my phrase cooking as a love transmission. Yum!

        As to recipes, I actually cook fairly simple, rice, beans, & salads typically. It really isn’t what I cook, but the how. The days that I consciously put love & mindfulness into my cooking and then to complete the cycle, to appreciate and enjoy the food as I eat.

        But I do love experiencing other people’s cooking as a way to keep cooking interesting.

        Thanks for your great blog. Would you consider helping me with ideas on how to develop my blog to create a larger and more engaged reader base?

        1. Sounds heavenly! Cooking and eating with love wow!
          As for helping you with your blog..oh I would love to!
          As it so happens, I have started a series of articles about blogging I.e. Heart centered blogging. The newest article in that series is due next so hang in there.
          Anything more specific…you can always email me. I’m happy to help 🙂

  6. Zeenat,

    You infuse cooking with the healing power of relaxation and joy! I’ve never been a cook and it’s not looking very likely for this lifetime. I can see how splendidly it works for others. And you never know…

    1. Darling Sandra,
      Ohhh…i had no idea you never liked cooking. You know what this means na…it means I need to cook something for your soon 🙂 All loving and full of happy energy too 🙂
      hmmmm never know is intriguing 😉
      So much Love to you~

  7. Zeenat,
    I wish I loved to cook but, I don’t. I never have. Once in a blue moon I’m inspired to cook but it is rare. I can see why it is so therapeutic though. There are some activities that you can get caught up in and they work to slow down the “monkey mind” very well. For me – crocheting is that activity.
    Thank you for this lovely post and for the link.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Youre so right…it doesn’t necessarily have to be cooking…it could be anything that keeps you so occupied that in that moment nothing else matters. Crocheting is one fun activity I tried a long time ago with embroidery, glass painting and flower making 🙂 But cooking gets my juices flowing 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

  8. Dear Zeenat

    I never thought I would be a “cook” when I was younger, and today food preparation is one of my greatest joys! In fact I feel like I have a love affair with the fresh, raw and real foods like fruits and vegetables. I find food preparation to be one of the most creative tasks one can do and I have to say I love its every facet. It is definitely meditative and so often I feel like I am literally “channeling” the food preparation, so much so, that many a meal have been made to such delicacy only to never be repeated again, as I was in a state of deep being, rather than doing.

    To me food preparation (I call cooking that, as so much of my food is raw and not “cooked” in the typical sense of the word) is a big part of holistic self love and care, as it isn’t about whether we cook or not, as much as what we choose to nourish our body with. I truly believe every one of us can cook – because “being able to cook” to me means being able to nourish yourself, and for that we do not need any classes or cookbooks, but simply our inner voice.

    1. My Dearest Evita,
      Its lovely seeing your gorgeous smile here 🙂
      I love how you ‘create’! Preparation and then nourishment….such healing acts na.
      I’m so glad you are my food preparation sister, I can see how you channel all good vibrations while you prepare a meal.
      My meals are part raw part cooked….but am inching towards all raw everyday. One day 🙂
      And youre so right…we dont need guides or cookbooks to teach us to prepare good loving food form the heart.
      Loved loved loved your comment here.
      Much Love always~

  9. Rand

    mmmmmm…..My dinner tasted great!

    Just finished:

    Red Snapper, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Onions, Zucchini, Red Potatoes.

    Have you watched the movie ‘Tortilla Soup’? Worth viewing on YouTube.

    I love to cook for myself, with others, and for others!

    Three people I dearly loved that are no longer here come to mind regards your post Z :

    My brother John (dual diagnosed) was taught cooking skills. If only you could see the delight in his eyes upon serving me his *Tuna Casserole Especial*.

    My second dad Bruce. He was a veteran of Iwo Jima, The Korean War, and later a Marine Core Drill Sargent. I know a few of his experiences in battle…won’t mentioned them. Bruce was the cook for the family of three boys and his wife. The kitchen was the place where the memories went away, and perhaps some of the pain from the shrapnel lodged in his neck also went away. I can’t tell you how many delicious meals that I sat down to at their table.

    My second mom Lois (Bruce’s wife). Lois was the auto mechanic for the family. A physically beautiful, free spirited gal that grew up on a Kansas farm. Yes, ‘any activity can become a mantra’ for man, woman, boy, or girl.

    God knows how all three loved serving those that the loved.

    Well, here in The States day light saving time will begin this March 11th. With the coming of more day light towards the evening I plan on cooking at a campsite out in the Anza – Borrego Desert soon!

    Ah…the smell of food cooking out in the fresh air.

    And what scenery…

    1. Dear Rand,
      Your lovely heartfelt comments get me everytime. Thank you for sharing your story, your losses and your beautiful memories here. Truly food can not only heal..but can also help make amazing memories.
      And truly there aint anything more heavenly than the fragrance of food cooking in the crisp fresh air…
      Much Love~

  10. I’ve been cooking since I was young, being a latch-key kid with my younger brother. Since I was about 14 I’ve been the “head chef” cooking the big, traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners. I don’t remember how I learned although my father was the chef in our family. I learned how to turn recipes into creations. Over the years I’ve been with friends and family across the US at holiday gatherings and I almost always end up being the main cook for the big feasts – frequently called upon to do this the day before the event.

    I grew up thinking that anyone can cook (except my mother). I’ve learned that it truly is an art that doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

    I love cooking for friends and family when I know they’ll appreciate whatever I create. It feels like more of a chore when I “have to” throw together something for dinner to a lack-luster crowd (my 3 young children and husband who aren’t all that hungry).

    I feel that cooking is a social thing. I enjoy cooking more when others participate in the process with me. When I’m alone, it feels more like a chore.

    My husband enjoys the fruits of my labor and tells me often. He grew up with a mother to whom cooking didn’t come naturally. My husband says that, growing up, dinner was usually something “warm and brown and tasteless.” He’s amazed at how I can give something like brussel sprouts amazing flavor. We both grew up with vegetables heated up from frozen boxes with little or nothing added to them. I love to use butter.

    I’m sharing the art of cooking with my kids. It will be fun to see which ones pick it up.

    1. Dearest Paige,
      Arent you already Master Chef material 😉
      My hubby and your hubby should start a ‘how much we love our wives cooking’ club heheeh….I’m blessed that way too 🙂
      Youre a good mother to share the joys and healing of cooking with your kids. They are lucky lucky kids for sure.
      May your art of cooking only grow in time only to make everyone it touches feel immensely loved.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment here.
      Much love~

  11. Priyanka

    I am very new to positive provocations,my bro suggested me this particular site and I must confess its highly beneficial,I simply don’t want to miss a single post of yours Zeenat,you are truly mesmerising.Sometimes when every bit of me is feeling low and I just cant find a way to light myself up this site definitely helps.This particular post of healing through cooking is awesome coz I can relate it to myself,it sure does help.Sometimes when I am very depressed and just cannot concentrate on anything even don’t feel like talking to anybody cooking is the only thing that helps me to forget my worries more so because I am not even working,I actually feel like I have done something worthwhile by cooking for my family and then feeding them,moreover if you are being appreciated its like addition of one more feather to your cap.I love cooking though I don’t cook daily.It even enhances your existing skills as well as helps to freshen you up

    1. Dear Priyanka,
      I am so so happy that your brother suggested positive provocations to you! Happier ofcourse that you came over and share your thoughts on this article. Thank you!
      Its lovely that you too are a cook who finds immense joy in the very act of cooking.
      I cant tell you how good I am feeling that you consider Positive Provocations your go to feel good space online. Thats exactly what I am going for with the feel of the blog 🙂
      You stay just as you are and keep coming here to share your amazing energy.
      With Lots of love~

  12. Dear Zeenat,

    This may be one of my all time favorite ‘Zeenat’ posts. Talk about nourishing for the soul and the palette.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about cooking being a ‘de-stresser’ as well as being creative.

    I was lucky to have been raised in a household where my Mom did cook and baked A LOT. There was rarely a day that I came home from school when there wasn’t a home baked snack. Her cooking was about nurturing and love. When I took a bite of her chocolate cake and washed it down with cold milk, it was not only the delicious chocolate cake (and frosting) whose taste gave me such pleasure but I was also getting a taste of my mother’s love.

    I ‘m not a gourmet cook but have always loved it. When my kids were growing up, some of our best times were in the kitchen. Even when they were older and not around much, my son would make his ‘Jason special hamburger dinner’ for us on the weekend. Cutting fresh salads was a ritual…

    My daughter was passionate about baking…so much so that she apprenticed with the pastry chef at a well known restaurant in Philly. Her shelves are still lined with cookbooks.

    Having robust family meals at my place beats meeting up for dinner at a restaurant any day.
    Cooking creates community…a place where we connect with each other…over food. This ritual is shared by all (or most) cultures throughout the world.

    Cooking is sensual. I can’t think of anything better than finishing work, pouring a glass of wine, putting on some good music, and making a batch of vegetarian chili during the winter…filled with fresh veggies.

    I also love the Julia Childs movie. Julia Child was the first cooking show produced on PBS…it might be on YouTube….passion, love of cooking? For me, she’s still the queen of ‘chef’s..

    ‘Chocolate for Water’…is a sensuous delight centering cooking and love.

    Thanks for a mouthwatering post !! xxoo..Fran

    1. Darling Fran,
      Ok now you made my mouth water with your deliciously loving comment. Thank you for sharing your love for cooking and all things amazing.
      My God you have a house full of professional chefs! How much fun must it be to cook together??
      Loving and sensual all at the same time. Cooking rocks na 🙂
      Lots of love to you~

  13. Caelyn Garman

    I don’t like cooking but by the way you explain how it can be fulfilling, I hope I can change my current attitude. There was a long period when people cooked for my family and it’s hard for me now that I have to cook for my family. I do love them much and really want to “serve” them. Often, I feel suddenly depressed when I am in the kitchen. Sometimes I convince myself that there are negative energy dwelling in my kitchen but I know deep down that this is just a way to give the responsibility to external factors.
    I know that my husband and my children enjoy good food but I am not a good cook. May be (or surely) I am too lazy.
    From now, I will try to experience as you advise how to take this moment. Of course, I am convinced that it is all about attitude; but I am afraid at the same time that Mrs Laziness will win again the battle.

    1. Dearest Caelyn,
      Please give mrs laziness my address…I’ll personally deal with her, so that she can leave you at peace to enjoy your full life. Be it cooking or any other activity that makes you happy..Take it up and see how good you feel. Take one step and all the rest will just follow through easily. All that negative energy you feel will disappear once the determined you emerges.
      Good luck and lots of love to you~

  14. I do a lot of cooking! It’s my creative outlet. I grew up in a family where mealtime brought us together and with a mother loved experimenting with different meals from different places. Meals are so important!!

    PS I love Julia and Julia and have read both books which the movie is based on, Julia Powell’s book is wonderful. But Julia Child’s book, ‘My Life is France’ is one of my favorites ever.

    PS Thanks for the link!

    1. Darling Betsy,
      We have both been blessed with amazing cooks as mothers 🙂 I do hope our children grwo up loving this therapeutic way of living.
      I’m yet to experiment with all of Julias books..but one day I will master it 🙂
      Thank you for your loving comment here.
      Much love~

  15. Lovely blog this is 🙂

    I enjoy cooking, though I don’t do it much often. I didn’t know it can be such a healing activity. Wow, next time I am in the kitchen will definitely be going after a new experience.

    Julia and Julia is a great movie 🙂

    1. Hi Veehcirra,
      So glad this article is positively provoking you to try this healing activity. Cooking is really so so good for me, it could be good for you too.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your amazing thoughts.
      Much love~

  16. Hi Zeenat,

    I agree, cooking is very relaxing and therapeutic. Although, I have to admit I don’t do much cooking, especially when my mum and two sisters are around! When I do though, I love it.

    It does also reduce stress. I have an extended family member who is a doctor. Sadly, at times when a patient of his passes away, he will come home and cook in silence.

    1. Hi Hiten,
      So you are a mama’s foodie hmm. My little brother is the same..he will leave a meal at his favorite restaurant for just one dal made by me and mum 🙂
      As for your relative doctor…atleast he is venting his stress out in the form of cooking. Good for him.
      Thank you for sharing your loving thoughts here.
      Much love~

      1. Hi Zeenat,

        Yep, your brother sounds just like me. 🙂 What I can say? There’s just something special when sisters and mum make the food!

        Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  17. This is wonderful Zeenat! I make almost all of my meals at home. Healthy eating is a huge part of my lifestyle. But I have to confess, sometimes I get lazy and see my food preparation as more of a chore than a labor of love. Thank you so much for this shift in perspective. I’m cooking a big pot of soup, right now and the aroma is filling the whole apartment. Yummy. How could I forget to love the process?

    Huge hugs!


    1. Darling Melody,
      Ahh soup! Yum!
      I have to admit too, that soemtimes on day when I’m too tired, cooking does seem like work.but that’s only till I start. Once I start then I so forget all that tiredness…its like magic 🙂
      May you make many many more healthy meals..thank you for sharing your amazing energy here.
      Lots of love~

    1. Hi Farouk,
      Just go into the kitchen with love and a few ingredients…then see what magic you can create. When you cook with heart even the simplest food becomes heavenly 🙂
      Thank you for your comment here.
      Much love~

  18. Hi Zeenat .. are those chubby little arms and mits – your little ones? I bet you’ll love sharing with her as she gets older and now already you must be bringing her gifts of life through cooking … such a wise woman .. big hugs and love – Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,
      So lovely seeing you here after so long! Hoping you have been just peachy 🙂
      Oh no thats not my little one….its just a pic I found incredibly relevant to the post. But my little one is all happy and bouncy and not 5 yrs old. And she loves cooking with me…she washes the veggies and whisks the eggs ….she loves all of it. Only hoping that love stays a lifetime for her 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and for all the big hugs and love. Right back at ya 😉
      Much Love~

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  20. Dear Zeenat,

    Oh I absolutely love the Elsa Schiaparelli quote!

    I do not get into the kitchen as much as I once did, but I will say that when I do I’m all about the FULL experience. It’s so much like a love for me to be in there making a creation for my loved ones.

    I think there is so much joy we may inject into the mundane by recognizing some of the things you mentioned here. One that particularly sticks for me is what you suggested about destressing! I love to get into some comfy clothing, turn on some great music like Bebel Gilberto or Sade, and just get into the zone. It’s such a marvelous and enjoyable experience! It’s also such a creative way to inject a little art into a mundane week! 🙂

    What a lovely article! I am new to your blog – followed a breadcrumb from Hiten’s blog here and am glad that I did!

    Highest regards,
    Cat Alexandra

  21. What a delicious post! Your points to remember are all excellent ones. I have a Beloved who cooks and I’m so happy about that. I spent most of my childhood cooking. I also was the cook for the first 16 years of our marriage. Now I’m content to be an assistant chef and baker. However, near Winter Solstice I start baking goodies for those who are close to me. It grounds me and connects me to those I love in a way doing other things doesn’t accomplish.

    P.S. I’ve been missing reading your blog but now that I’m on the mend I’ll be catching up again — slowly.

  22. I started cooking more this year. Especially after I decided to start eating more “real” food. I’m amazed at what it has done for me. I was one to go for the quick something to eat always. Now I can’t imagine eating like that. It has been good for my soul, for my weight and for my mind.

  23. Rand

    Hi Z!

    Don’t know if you will read this second comment being at the bottom of the ‘Pickle Jar’ where all the good garlic sits 🙂

    I found a used copy of the DVD ‘Julie & Julia’ at my favorite thrift shop. I watched the movie last night and really…really liked it. Very funny! + Liked how the husbands played such an important role in both chiefs lives. There’s perhaps some hope a gal will heat up her oven for me too…providing I don’t die of a heart attack first from some of the rich food I plan on cooking…

    Tonight: Ricotta-Stuffed Eggplant Rolls – Scampi over a light oiled seasoned pasta – Light salad (red leaf lettuce, cucumber, red onion, avocado slices) – Sourdough bagget – Glass of wine.

    Found this clever little poem with a long title this morning:

    ‘After Forty Years of Marriage, She Tries a New Recipe for Hamburger Hot Dish’

    Leo Dangel

    “How did you like it?

    “It’s all right,” he said.

    “This is the third time I cooked

    it this way. Why can’t you

    ever say if you like something?”

    “Well if I didn’t like it, I

    wouldn’t eat it,” he said.

    “You never can say anything

    I cook tastes good.”

    “I don’t know why all the time

    you think I have to say it’s good.

    I eat it, don’t I?”

    “I don’t think you have to say

    all the time it’s good, but once

    in awhile you could say

    you like it.”

    “It’s all right,” he said.



  24. Holy Jesus everything turned out like wow!!

    About 2 hours of cooking with 45 minutes of eating…the whole thing!

    Plan on kyaking and running to burn this stuff off mañana.

    Thanks Zeenat for getting me to step up my cooking.

    Wished you could of taste some…

  25. Zeenat, I love your perspective on cooking. I’d love to feel that way about it. On my epic list of things I’d like to do in life, being a good cook who loves cooking is on that list. It’s not in my basket of talents, so on the occasion that I need to cook for people other than myself and husband I panic and find it stressful. I did love the movie Julie & Julia and I can see how it can be a creative lovable activity, but somehow I haven’t discovered it’s magic yet.

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