3 Powerful Steps that WILL Fill Your Life with Miracles

Do you (or anyone you know) need your own miracle right now in any area of your life? Or do you feel like you could actually use several miracles now in many different areas?

What is a miracle?

The word “miracle” comes from a Latin word meaning “something wonderful.”
Wikipedia defines a “miracle” as a “striking interposition of divine intervention by a god in the universe by which the ordinary course and operation of nature is overruled, suspended, or modified.” In other words, we get “hooked up” in some really cool way by the “Big G” (God). 

For most people however, a miracle can also be something that is unlikely but really good and beneficial or it can be virtually anything else that is seen and regarded as “wonderful.” For example, to many, winning the lottery is a miracle.
While writing “The Power of Now,” Eckhart Tolle experienced his own lottery miracle:“I had virtually no income (at the time) and lived on my savings, which were quickly running out. In fact, everything fell into place beautifully. I ran out of money just when I was getting close to finishing writing. I bought a lottery ticket and won $1,000, which kept me going for another month.”
For me, a miracle is a “positive shift or change in perception.” Yes, these shifts and changes can sometimes be sudden or happen quickly, but miracles have no limitations (such as time and space) because they are pure expressions of a greater Love.

Characteristics of Miracles

Some key characteristics and principles of miracles, as listed in “A Course In Miracles,” include:
  • There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same.
  • Miracles are natural. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
  • Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe.

3 Powerful Steps that WILL Fill Your Life with Miracles

“Prayer is the medium of miracles.” – A Course In Miracles
Here is my own “system” or way to fill my life with mircales:
  • Use The Power of Gratitude
After identifying the area(s) where I would like to have a miracle, I begin using the power of gratitude by writing a list of all of the things that I am grateful in this particular area that I am challenged with (even if I don’t think there are any). For example, if I am requesting a miracle for abundance and prosperity, I write down all of the abundance and prosperity that I am already grateful for in my life. I try to list as many items as possible on my gratitude list. In fact, I try to come up with at least 10-15 entries. For some areas, this is easy. Others, it can take some work to come up with this many, but I do try to stick with the process until I do.
After completing my list, I write “Things I am grateful for” at the top of the page. Next, I review the list several times to make sure that I included all of the items that I could reasonably think of.Sometimes, during this reviewing process, I will think of new items to add to the list, therefore, it can be very helpful to take your time with these exercises.
Whenever I feel like this gratitude list is complete, I then read it aloud, item by item and say “Thank you God” for each item on the list. Also, when I give thanks, I try to sincerely feel as much gratitude as possible for each item before moving on to the next one.
  • Use The Power of Forgiveness
Next, I start a new list with all of my “problems” that I am facing in this area(s) of my life. By “problem,” I am referring to “everything that does not bring me joy, everything that does not bring me peace, and everything that I feel challenged with in any way.”
After writing out this list, I write “Things I would like the Universe to take care of” at the top of this page. Again, as with the previous list, I review it to make sure that it includes everything that was on my mind in this particular area of my life.
When this process feels complete, I read each item aloud and sincerely say (to my Higher Self within): “I am sorry. Please forgive me for whatever is going in me that is responsible for the problem here. Thank you. I love you.” Then, I take a deep breath, let it go, and move on to the next item on the list and repeat these steps.
This is a powerful method for forgiving yourself and taking full responsibility for all areas of your life. By taking full responsibility, you become empowered to initiate the miracles and changes that you truly desire.
After I have completed all of these steps (for both lists and exercises), I literally shred and discard all of it the next day. I have found it to be very helpful to wait one day before doing all of this because it will give me the opportunity to add items to both lists (if they occur to me). Also, by actually shredding the lists, it helps me to let go completely and fully release my requests to the Universe when I am done. Other people may prefer more ceremonious methods of discarding their lists, such as burning them in a fireplace or bonfire (if convenient and available).
  • Use The Power of a “Miracle Journal”
For the final step, I start a “miracle journal.” First, I begin this journal by writing “Miracles I am grateful for” at the top of the page. Then, I list daily all of the miracles, signs, synchronicities, messages, and coincidences that I experience (both big and small) throughout the day.
For example, butterflies have always been a good sign for me to surrender and trust (“in God we trust”). Other times, billboards, license plates, words on the radio or other symbolic messages have shown up as the perfect sign, guide, and miracle for me in that moment. I have discovered that they are always there for me when I am open, willing, and desire to see them.
The easiest way for me to maintain my “miracle journal” is to reflect back to all of the miracles at the end of each day (although another convenient time during the day could also work well for others). What I have discovered from this process is that most of the so-called “big” miracles are often just a series of “small” (or even “tiny”) miracles. However, the important thing is not to judge the size here. That’s right. Size does not matter (when it comes to a “miracle” that is).
I only need to become aware of the miracles (regardless of size), write them down in my journal, and be grateful. Often, many of these “small” (or “tiny”) miracles will be understood or make more sense later when seen from a larger or different perspective.

The Formula for Miracles

“The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still.” – A Course in Miracles

So, whenever I truly desire a miracle in my life, I simply use the power of gratitude and forgiveness (as detailed in the processes above), along with keeping my “miracle journal.”

They have been the most effective and powerful ways that I have found to quiet my mind enough to allow the miracles to flow and manifest in my life.

What are your thoughts on this topic? How do you create or request for miracles in your life everyday? Do you have any miraculous secrets to share? Do share your thoughts, questions, wisdom and insights in the comments section below. I’d love to learn from you!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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36 thoughts on “3 Powerful Steps that WILL Fill Your Life with Miracles

  1. Beautiful post Zeenat! Those are wonderful days when everything falls into place and the miracle happens. They seem random and haphazard but when you look back you see that you often had something to do with the miracle. It’s also a choice of perception. Do you chose to see the miracles in life?

    Just loved it! A perfect thing to wake up to on Monday morning!!

    1. Hi Betsy,
      We are indeed living miraculous, should we choose to be open to them 🙂 I think many a times when our heart says wow…its a miracle we are in the midst of.
      I’m so glad you loved this post. Thank you for stopping by to share your beautiful thoughts.
      Much Love~

  2. I have never heard of a miracle journal. One that I can record any synchronities in life. Very nice idea Zeenat. I realized that the best way to get answers is to ask the right question. Each day I wake up, I have some questions in my heart. That I surrender to the universe. It does make me alert through out the day. Although sometimes I don’t get the answers I need, I do learn a lot. Turns out what I want is not necessarily what I need. Journaling these experiences will be fun.

    The forgiveness process you have outlined is so insightful, thank you.


    1. Hi Veehcirra,
      I love my miracle journal! I’m sure once you start with your, you will love it too 🙂
      Its a lovely practice you have created for yourself, to surrender your questions to the universe. When you surrender, you make your heart open to receiving. The answers then come to you when you truly need them.
      I hope you start your journal quickly….I’m sure you will be hooked in the most positive way.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely self here.
      Much Love~

  3. Zeenat…

    LOVE this post. The idea of using a Miracle Journal in tandem with things that we are challenged by is brilliant. I’m putting it to use immediately. You’re my miracle today!! 🙂 Fran

    1. Darling Fran,
      I hope you find as much happiness in thsi miracle journal as I have.
      Aww and you’re my miracle happy maker for this day 🙂
      So much love to you~

  4. synchronicitybridge

    With all my heart I ask for a miraculous healthy life for one that I love.

    I offer to God my loving ‘proof’ with all ‘sincerity’ and pray for this wish to be answered.

    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. So happy you love this post and that all I share resonates with you.
      I am very glad you stopped by to share your thoughts here.
      Much love~

  5. Wonderful post Zeenat,

    A great idea to use gratitude in our area of challenges. And as Fran said, it’s brilliant to combine miracles with our challenges. I’m going to try this process too. I bet it will help me shift me around career and feeling stuck. I’ve started the first list, and I’m already feeling & thinking differently!

    Thanks & many blessings, Brad

    1. Dear Brad,
      This will definitely help! Just don’t give up once you start…like you said the benefits will show themselves to you in all areas of your life. Positive changes are just a bit ahead 🙂
      Lots of love to you~

  6. I’m going to bed shortly and you can be sure that I’ll be performing your three steps first thing in the morning. While I’ve practiced pieces of each, I’ve never put them together this way. I could feel their power as I read them.

    Thank you so much, Zeenat, for the miracle you’ve just given me! You’re an angel!!

    1. Darling Paige,
      You are definately going to love creating your miracle journal! I can’t wait to see how this whole experience brings about the many miracles you so deserve!
      Thank you for sharing your loving energy here.
      Much love~

  7. Oh gosh, I have just typed in my comments and they are gone! If this is a duplicate, please delete it.

    I like the idea of a miracle journal, I believe that the act of recording down the miracles in my life will help me become more observant of them. What a great idea!

    Also I notice that I receive signs from negative situations too. I have to interpret what has been happening to derive a literal meaning. The Universe is always providing us with feedback. There is much to be grateful for!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

    1. Dearest Evelyn,
      So sorry about the comments darling…its been happening here since there is a comments bug on wp.com. They are rectifying it asap!
      I agree with you…the miracle journal makes us observant and thankful for even the littlest miracles we experience….and that truly adds to the wonder factor we each need to develop to make this life special..to make it count for something other than the mundane.
      The signs and the miracles are everywhere….yup in the not so perfect situations 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your beautiful thoughts here Evelyn!
      Sending you love~

  8. Hi Zeenet,

    Wonderful post. I love your idea of writing your list of gratitudes and problems and then shredding them as you release them to the universe. That is surrender in it’s purest form. Miracles are around us, and when we choose to notice, it can change our life. Your miracle journal sounds like a great way to fine tune our focus on the signs around us. I will add that piece to my daily journaling. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Darling Cathy,
      Surrender, submit and release…..The Divine wants that to happen on so many levels. The miracle journal and the shredding just allow for it to happen simply.
      I would love to hear more about how the miracle journal helps you in the future 🙂
      Thank you fro sharing your beautiful thoughts here.
      Much Love~

  9. Pardip

    The miracle journal is a great idea. I’ve just recently started to get into all this (not sure how to group it all together), the positivity, the self talk, being open to be able to receive, asking for help, trusting in a higher power etc. What I’m trying to say is, that sometimes things make sense, this post makes sense. Thank you.

    1. Hi Pradip,
      Lovely seeing you here! Thank you for stopping by.
      I’m so happy that you have found your way to the positivity, the self talk, being open to be able to receive, asking for help, trusting in a higher power etc….put it all together and you are on the way to revealing your truest most pure self! YAY! May you succeed and create your own miracles everyday.
      So happy this post is making sense to your truest self 🙂
      Lovely comment. I appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts.
      Much Love~

  10. This is so amazing, Zeenat! A protocol for miracles! I just totally love the idea. I see that miracles take focus and energy…with a light tough, of course! Thanks for sharing this incredible formula.

  11. Hello Zeenat,
    For me, a miracle is a “positive shift or change in perception.” That resonates with me and your miracle journal idea is what I have been doing in my private blog. However, I don’t record only the positive shifts in it, I include the negative shifts as well and what I learn from both. http://thistimethisspace.com/2010/11/09/benefiting-from-private-journal-blogging/ I also have a forgiveness practice and a gratitude practice and when combined with mindfulness they jive with your 3 ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them.
    Love always,

  12. Priyanka

    Zeenat, I simply cannot put into words how much I liked the whole idea. The idea of ‘miracle journal’ is awesome (will have to work on it pretty soon). I do agree with you on the note that size of miracles doesn’t matter only thing that matters is their occurrence, one simply feels great when miracles happen.
    Even I am a great believer of almighty and I genuinely believe that every good thing that I possess or has ever happened to me is simply the grace of God, his generosity, so I believe in thanking almighty for every thing he has showered me with, as such I surely do believe in the power of gratitude though the power of forgiveness is yet to be tried. Its like an assurance, a safety and security to reckon that someone up above is listening to all your issues and worries, sometimes I talk to God even in an informal way, if something unwanted happens I do say that I didn’t like it and if I have done anything wrong to get such a thing and would like it to get over as soon as possible…. don’t know but this is my way of believing…..
    love always….

  13. DoWhatYouLove

    Hi Zeenat!

    This is of course the perfect message for me at the perfect time. A beautiful reminder for me to draw into my life exactly what I want.

    The miracle is that the source provides us with exactly what we focus our attention on. And so we are experiencing miracles in every moment, the question is, are we attracting what we want, or what we do not want.

    I love your practices listed here. They are a beautiful way to focus on Gratitude, and what you do want to experience in life.

    I love and appreciate the infinite and light filled being that you are. Thank you for all that you share with the world around you!

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  17. I love this! I already keep a gratitude journal, which is a practice I love…But I never thought about keeping a miracle journal! Those synchronicities are awesome when they happen, but it’s easy to forget about them later on. I’d love to be able to appreciate them long after they happen – what a wonderful idea! Thanks, Zeenat! 🙂

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