5 Signs Someone/Something is Good for Your Healing Journey

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” ~ Helen Keller

Healing in this time and age is hard. And, can be confusing too.

Back when I started my healing journey, information and guidance predominantly came from books or mentors. There was a human element to understanding how to heal. It felt sacred. Now, everything is online or on apps, which can feel, less sacred.

Today, healing is harder because there is SO much information out there. It can get confusing for someone to actually find the right healing channels or mentors. This essentially slows down the process of healing, and takes the sacredness out of it.

But, hope is not lost. There are still people out there who genuinely want to help and guide you on your healing journey. You just need to know what to look for. I might even go so far as to say, that in this time of information, you can actually find very specific help to your specific situation and make your healing journey faster and mor satisfying. Crux of that is How to identify the right kind of help.

Here are a few signs that can ease your journey:

5 Signs Someone/Something is Good for Your Healing Journey

Now, before I share these signs, know that these are applicable to everything you would use for your healing, eg. mentors, counselors, spiritual guides, books, youtube channels(all social media basically), courses etc.

  1. The person should have the right credentials to help you in your healing. It means when you read books, or find a therapist or do a course, it is by a person. That person- who could be the author or content creator or writer or therapist or spiritual guide, SHOULD possess degrees, expertise and experience to help you. This is, so that you are not being fed false information and your healing journey becomes exponentially faster and more satisfying.
  2. The kind of help you need needs to be identified. Eg. you can’t take emotional healing advice from someone who is a lifestyle blogger, or a cookbook or even a tv show. Yes, their journey might resonate with yours, but for healing, you need more than someone with just experience. Your emotional needs during your journey are specific to you, which can only be identified by a person who has been in the field of mental health/healing for a long time with the right credentials.
  3. Just because someone has millions of followers, that does not make them a credible source. I feel like this one needs to be emphasised a million times over, simply because of the content creating world we live in. And, I have clients often tell me, they heard this from this blogger or youtube channel. Upon further inquiry I find that the information is wrong and coming from a non-credible source. The wrong information is damaging and brings about severe confusion. Again, slowing down YOUR healing journey.
  4. A personal reccomendation trumps all! Which simply means, if someone you trust, like a friend or family member recommends a book or course or therapist, saying they have helped them or someone they know, you MUST check them out. They might not fully resonate with you, but you won’t know till you dont check them out. Again, provided they have the right credentials for your specific issue.
  5. Lastly, even after all the credentials and experience, someone/something might not neccessarily be a good fit for you. That is perfectly ok too. Knowing who/what you connect with for your healing journey is completely upto you. Your comfort level is key!

Something my journey has shown me is that the more I heal, the more grounded in my truth I become. It’s hard to sway me out of the soul work I’ve done over the years.

I’ve also realized that healing isn’t just something to do when you’re hurting. It’s the intentional act of preparing for and receiving joy. It has shown me the beauty in trusting my self-worth.

The more we heal, the more we understand the many layers that emerge when we trust our process and believe that healing is possible—that happiness and joy are possible.

As we change, grow and evolve, we become more protective of our peace and more selective with who we want to share our energy with. There are so many moving parts to our healing process, it’s not just one thing. The more I heal the more I realize that.

The biggest blessing in my healing journey has been the reminder that I AM deeply worthy of having a life that is rooted in joy, presence, and the ability to grow on my own terms.

Your healing journey is sacred and beautiful. So, the tools that you use on that journey need to make you feel that way too.

💭❓What about y’all? What do you realize and learn, the more you heal and change?

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12 thoughts on “5 Signs Someone/Something is Good for Your Healing Journey

  1. Hi Zeenat, true healing, I believe, comes from within and from our own inner work and self awareness. When we look to others to heal and guide us we can often be lead off course but I understand and agree with many of your points here. Love and blessings your way.

  2. “As we change, grow and evolve, we become more protective of our peace and more selective with who we want to share our energy with.” I have found this to be so true in my life Zeenat. And I couldn’t agree with you more that we need to ensure that the advice we seek should be from somewhat who has the capability to support us.

  3. It is so true Zeenat that we need to be careful of the source we get our advice from. And as I have grown and matured I definitely am very protective of my space and the energy I allow in.

  4. Sandra Pawula

    An interesting topic and much food for thought, Zeenat. There is such an abundance of healing information available these days, which is wonderful but as you say can also be confusing and lead us to unqualified people.

    I’ve worked with the “wrong” people (for me) several times. You’re so right, it can really slow down your healing journey. Thanks for these tips on how to find the right counselors and guides for us.

    1. Sandra, it so happens that I have worked with the people who were not a right fit for me too in the past. And in my line of work, I often see people who mistake numbers for credibility, thats why the distinctions and pointers needed to be shared.
      I hope your healing journey is smoother and calmer now ❤

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