A Celebration, An Announcement & 33 Spiritual Laws of Happiness

Being alive, truly alive does make for extraordinary living.

As this days ends, I will be entering a new year of my life. A new leaf will unfold. A new transformation is waiting to happen.


In the past 33 years,
life has presented me with umpteen experiences, magnanimous gifts and many joyful tears. Today, I celebrate my existence on this beautiful Earth and thank God for making me and giving me a chance to live this life. In reflecting back, I feel like I have never been more alive than I am today. Never felt more rooted than I do right now. Today, with immense happiness, I can say-“been there, done that, and still happy!”

Its not that life hasn’t thrown many many lemons my way. But, I have learned and discovered along the way, how to make sweet, soul stirring, happy lemonade out of them. That’s where spirituality came in for me. To me personally, living a spiritual life has led to a state of complete happiness. irrespective of the external factors. It has been the essence and reason of my inner growth.

As a gift to all of you on this day and to the Universe at large, I present the 33 spiritual laws I live by and attest for happiness.


You will also be glad to know, that these spiritual laws are the draft by which I am currently writing a book: 33 Spiritual Laws of Happiness. It will be complete, Inshallah beginning of 2011. The plan is to self publish it as an e-book and make it available for purchase here on the blog itself, but if there are any publishers out there who would like to turn it into paperback, it would be wonderful too. I have left that upto God and his Universe to decide and lead the way. That plan will unfold itself when the time is right.

So without further ado-

My 33 Spiritual Laws of Happiness:

  1. Love Unconditionally
  2. Love yourself without arrogance
  3. Love others, like you love yourself
  4. Love even the minutest creation of the divine
  5. Be kind to yourself
  6. Be kind to everyone & everything
  7. Be kind even if it isn’t appreciated
  8. Be kind to your heart, to your mind & to your soul
  9. Be aware of your needs
  10. Be aware of everyone’s needs
  11. Be conscious of your thoughts-keep them positive!
  12. Gracefully embrace differences
  13. Forgive yourself-past, present, future
  14. Forgive others-past, present, future
  15. Know yourself
  16. Accept yourself
  17. Enhance your passions
  18. Include the Divine in your life
  19. Have an open mind
  20. Let the Divine enter your heart
  21. Know your purpose
  22. Dream big happy dreams with complete belief
  23. Believe in yourself completely
  24. Nurture your mind, body, heart  & soul with wisdom
  25. Return to innocence
  26. Simplify your thoughts
  27. Amplify love
  28. Simplify your environment
  29. Be Understanding
  30. Be harmonious with nature
  31. Give your all without expectation of reciprocation
  32. Exemplify peace
  33. Just Be

These personal spiritual laws have helped me immensely over the past years and living by them is not only easy, but also very very enriching to the very core of your existence.

Since this is just a rough draft, it only covers the main titles in the book itself. The book will cover each Law in detail, with personal examples, insight , affirmations and practical simple ways of incorporating each in your life to truly BE happy.
I intend this book to be part of each and every soul’s/readers spiritual healing.
Just sitting to write the book, makes me feel like Its being done automatically. It feels effortless…and the words, the thoughts are just flowing. I just have a feeling, that this book is meant to be written and read. The sense of peace and calm that envelops me in the process of writing this is just Wow!

I’m so excited and happy to share this with you today of all days…cause I turn 33 today! And I love it! Bring on the life…I’m ready. I’m open…with love and gratitude.

I don’t really believe in material gifts on birthdays, so I request you all to say a small prayer for me and send me lots of good positive thoughts. I just know, they will reach me and help me immensely. Just know, that I truly appreciate it.

Lets all spread the divinity within and celebrate everyday!

With Immense love & gratitude,

p.s. Do let me know what you think of this rough draft of the book. Your opinion matters. Share your thoughts in the comment below 🙂

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43 thoughts on “A Celebration, An Announcement & 33 Spiritual Laws of Happiness

  1. Happy birthday to a special and extraordinary person – YOU! I feel so blessed to know you. Your deep trust and faith shines like a beacon through this article. I’m so excited by your new venture. I know your book will help countless people.

    Sending you love and prayers for never-ending happiness and success!

  2. Happy Birthday, Zeenat! Wishing you a year filled with lots of love, great health, success in the ways that matter and peace!

    Life has a beautiful way of bringing us what we need and I am sure that as you proceed on your adventure of writing your ebook…everything will fall into place beautifully and with ease!

    With love and blessings always!

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  4. Zeenat, a beautiful and extremely useful guide to living fully – My grandmother always emphasized “kindness” – above all other characteristic traits and habits – and I see that you have emphasized it so much in your rules. This is a beautiful guideline, not easy to do for me all the time and that’s why it’s so important to have your reminder….best of luck with the book/ebook and I hope a great publisher comes your way to turn it into hardcover!

  5. Rhonda Kampers

    Happy Birth Day Zeenat, your gift, is our love and appreciation for all your positive love and friendship, which you have graciously bestowed upon us.

  6. Antonia

    Happy Birthday, Zeenat!!! and many many thanks for the wonderful things you write on your blog. Your words filled with love, joy and peace always help me start my day. I will keep you in my prayers and my loving thoughts will always be sent your way.
    And…as you say, with Love and Gratitude,

  7. Happy Birthday Zeenat,
    Thank you for your inspiration, your smile that comes through in all that you write, your friendship, you are special soul ♡♡♡
    I love your up coming book: My 33 Spiritual Laws of Happiness: if nothing else you could look at self publishing. Think I will have to write an article on this.

  8. Zeenat!!
    Happy Happy BirthDay!!!!

    You are a lovely and caring soul…and know that my wish for you today is much peace and joy! Zeenat, you give so much love, and shine kindness in such amazing ways! Sending big hugs and lots of happy love to you on this special day!!

  9. Hi Zeenat – Happpppeeeee Birthday .. yea .. all of 33 years .. loads more wisdom ahead .. but what words of peace you give us always .. wise lady!! Your 33 are a great list – ending with Just Be .. be yourself – that’s it put your best foot forward ..

    Have fun with the family .. and enjoy life, which you will do .. Happy happy days .. and bigs hugs … xoxox Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,
      So awesome to see your beautiful smile here 🙂
      I spent my birthday with my family…being happy and content, and finally cutting a yummy chocolate cake 🙂 It was the perfect birthday .!
      Thank you fro your amazing wishes. Missed you.
      Much Love~

    1. Oh Steven, How beautifully you compliment me 🙂 Thank you fro your wonderful Birthday wishes. I truly appreciate you….you have taught me so much over the past year. I will be emailing you for help before i publish the book though. I might be able to write the book…but the selling ..oh for that I still need your help 🙂
      Much love~


    Happy Birthday to you!! You awesome lady, I am definitely sending you good, positive thoughts and prayer for many blessings to you. You have been such a wonderful influence and I am grateful to you!

    Hope your day is awesome!!

    1. Hi Awesome Keith,
      My day was superb! It was filled with love, hugs and fun fun fun..among the very important highlights were- chocolate cake and Italian Food! Ahh…bliss i tell you 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely energy and wonderful wishes!
      Much love~

  11. Happy Birthday Zeenat! A new day begins every day, every minute the chance for us to start afresh and have another go. But this is a special day, the anniversary of the day you came to be:)

    The book sounds great too, like you I can’t wait to see what unfolds but I do believe that we live in exciting times and I’m happy to be sharing this journey with you:)

  12. Happy birthday Zeenat!

    Wishing you all the best for today and every day. And I just know you will make the most of each day, using your 33 pearls of wisdom.

    Here’s to the next 33 years and beyond…

  13. Happy birthday Zeenat! Your 33 beautiful laws will allow you to have a loving journey for the next years to come.

    My prayer on your birthday is: May your path be filled with laughter and love on each and every day of your life. Many loving blessings!

  14. Happy birthday, Zeenat!
    Take a deep breath — prayers on the way!
    _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_
    I loved your 33 list, too, and all the love you bring to this world.
    Thank you, Zeenat!

  15. Happy Birthday Zeenat! My prayer is encircling you as I write…may you be held in love, may your life unfold in all kinds of glorious ways. May you be peaceful. May you be safe. May you be blessed. I loved your 33 spiritual laws. It is important to have compasses to guide us! Love and light today and everyday!

  16. Beautiful Zeenat, and I catch up on my blog reading and see this post from you, my heart bubbles up with joy. You exemplify love, compassion, balance, and joy. You are generous beyond measure, and the idea that you are such a jewel of a person after all you’ve lived through is a testament to the power of the heart.

    Thank you for sharing your 33 years of wisdom with us, and for loving the world as you do. Through the love you share, my own love is magnified.

    Happiest Birthday, and happiest year ahead! All good things & good experiences always ~ xoxo ~ Megan

  17. @ Dearest All,
    I’m so completely over whelmed with all your wishes 🙂 I’m still celebrating my birthday 🙂 I can be like that….I celebrate every chance I get. So thank you ..thnak you so so much fro your wishes, your love and your amazing spirit. I love you all for making me feel like a princess 🙂
    I have read every comment here…and am so so happy! You are all Awesome!
    Lots of love,

  18. Clau

    Hi Zeenat…
    your post has filled me with an unexplainable sense of peace. Thank you for all that you share and your kindness radiates through all of it.
    Happy Belated Birthday!
    May all your wishes come to be! 😉

    1. Hi Clau,
      So awesome to see you here 🙂 And believe me..its souls such as your that truly radiate peace. I might just be a by product of your truest radiance. You see what you are my friend.
      Much love to you..and thank you immensely for your beautiful greetings.

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