Simplicity, A tool for Spiritual Growth

“Simplicity is a state of mind.” ~ Charles Wagner

Over the past few years my focus has been on Simplicity. Specifically simplifying all areas of my life. 

During this period of simplification I couldnt help but think that the chase after a wealthy life style is a rather complicated affair: the standards keep shifting, and the worries are many. 

That’s why Spiritual mystics speak so often of ‘detachment’. By taking our focus off of getting stuff, we have more of ourselves available to focus on learning to love rightly, or taking time to be face-to-face with those in need, or learning , or learning how to depend on the Divine. You can’t be spiritually in tune and chase wealth; most of the time, the paths go in opposite directions.

From the time I started learning about spirituality and the Divine, I was often faced with situations where I needed to make choices. Choices between Needs and Wants.

“Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. If you have them, you have to take care of them! There is great freedom in simplicity of living. It is those who have enough but not too much who are the happiest.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

As my core nature, since I was a child, I never really ran behind material objects. I still remember when I was about 12 years old and I needed to buy a gift for my friends birthday, I asked my dad for a few rials(I was brought up in muscat, hence the rials). I distinctly remember my dad literally lighting up and handing me a 50 rial note, which to me was like millions. I told dad ‘daddy this is too much. I need only 1 rial to buy my friend a nice book for her birthday.’ To which he said, ‘when was the last time you ever asked me for anything? You don’t even take any pocket money from me, nor let me buy you nice stuff. Buy your friend whatever you like and then buy something nice for yourself too.’ …I protested, that I didn’t need it. But he didn’t take no for an answer. I finally used the 1 rial and bought my friend a really nice book and a few days later, when dad was asleep, I quietly put the rest of the money back in his wallet. He noticed it, but never asked me. I guess he knew his daughter better than she knew herself.

When spirituality entered my life, it was all by accident. It was surprisingly at a time when I was about 17 and was at a very vulnerable place emotionally and mentally. I mean its that time when you get sucked into the being like the crowd. Trying to be a certain someone you feel you should be, because everyone is being that way. Being part of the IN crowd. And boy, I was really really IN! So IN that I became rebellious. This was the time I met my religious and spiritual teacher. I had seen her at a social gathering. Her humbleness, her sheer simplicity made me curious. I started going to her for spiritual and religious knowledge. From being her most difficult student, to becoming her childrens counselor and her best friend…it has been a beautiful journey.

In more ways than one, spirituality brought in me simplicity and vice versa. Its like two sides of the same coin. If you want to be closer to the divine, if you want to grow spiritually, simplicity is key. If you are simple, spirituality just comes to you.

Definition of Simplicity

Being humble, Being rooted, Being aware and most of all being Unmaterialistic.

It all begins with the choices we make. The eternally battle between needs and wants.
We need water, but we want Evian.
We need air, but we want airconditioning.
We need food, but we want exotic dishes that tickle our tastebuds.
We need clothes and shoes to protect our body, but we want branded wear.

Do you see the distinction between needs and wants?

I saw this distinction a while back, and it has been an eye opener for me. The minute I stopped wanting to have the latest gadget, the latest fashion, the “In” thing, my complete being felt so light. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from me. I could truly breathe. It was and still is an amazing feeling.

All those who know me personally, know this about me: that I am simple. Don’t get me mistaken for someone who can’t afford to live the lavish life. On the contrary, I most certainly can, but I choose to have less material belongings. I choose to live in sync with Nature and Spirit.

All our lives we keep chasing after the comfortable lifestyle. We keep running behind material objects, thinking when we have this, we will be happy. When we have more money we will be happy. When we have more cars we will be happy. When we have more property we will be happy. In this chase after material growth, we literally overshadow our spiritual growth and happiness.

I have no reservations with people who live with material luxury. Infact, I admire people who can balance their material and spiritual growth. But for me its not possible. I can’t be running behind the perfect lifestyle and still be growing spiritually. I just keep thinking- what are we truly going to take from this physical life after we have passed away? Will our big houses and massive bank balances help us in the journey of this soul? A soul that still has places to go and lifetimes to lead…

The only meaningful baggage we will be able to carry, is our good deeds. And ironically these good deeds although weightless in the physical sense, are the most valued in the spiritual realm.

I am a follower of the simple life and that makes me very happy.

Simplifying your life can truly enrich your soul. It can be the most important tool for spiritual growth. And if spiritual growth is what you seek, there isn’t a better more satisfying way to live.

What about you? Have you tasted the pure sweetness of Simplicity? Do you believe simplicity and spirituality go hand in hand? Please do share your wisdom in the comments below.

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Love always, ~Zeenat~

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8 thoughts on “Simplicity, A tool for Spiritual Growth

  1. livepurposefullynow

    I found your article fascinating Zeenat. I loved reading about your path to grow spiritually and that it helped me to understand more fully that there is more than one road to the same destination. Thank you for sharing yours.

  2. Oddly enough, I was taking a break from off-loading more *stuff* when I took a break and read your post. I have been in a whirlwind of so doing for the past year or so when my husband and I decided to sell our home, let the tenants’ lease expire, and move into our rental property — less than HALF the size of the one we had been occupying. It’ve been on a spiritual path for many years and I agree with you: this is one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done. Thanks for a lovely post!

  3. cathytaugh

    This is lovely, Zeenat. I have found simplicity to be an easier way of life. I love this line, “The only meaningful baggage we will be able to carry, is our good deeds.”

  4. Thank you for sharing this and your experiences, Zeenat. I find living simply, without a bunch of material things, very freeing. I would like to go even simpler. The less stuff, the better as far as I am concerned.

    I do believe simplicity and spirituality and mental health go hand-in-hand. I think when you feel content and fulfilled you do not have to seek those qualities from things.

  5. I love this post, Zeenat. I loved hearing about your earlier life and how you evolved into a spiritual being.

    “By taking our focus off of getting stuff, we have more of ourselves available to focus on learning to love rightly, or taking time to be face-to-face with those in need, or learning , or learning how to depend on the Divine.”

    I so agree with this and with your perspective in your post. I live a comfortable life and have a nice home, but I never yearn to redecorate or acquire more. I’m happy to live with what I have.

  6. Great food for thought! I am in the process of purging the extra stuff and sure, it does feel great to have less, especially when we’re comfortable with that. I’ve grown from not having much to accumulating more than I need and agree that less is more!

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