Refresh Renew Rebirth

The world is new to us every morning – this is a Divine gift, if we can see it. Every human being should believe he is reborn each day.

Do you believe you can be Reborn every new morning? Do you wish you could be reborn with a clean slate to fill as you Now please, wiping off all the past mistakes and scars? Honestly, who doesnt?

Well, your wishes can and will come true. Cause being reborn, the truest rebirth of YOU in this lifetime is simply possible. How? Well read on to find out.

In the past four weeks or so, I personally have been going through a major upheaval in my life. I wont get into the details of all the upheaval I’m into, but what I can tell you is that its exhausting. Its exhausting to be in a constant state of worry, unease, uncertainty… not knowing what the new day is going drop in your lap in the form of a new problem/worry. You name it- financial, emotional, health….all these are IN upheaval right now in my life. Although exhausting, its also left me in a state of constant growth and evolution. I feel like answers to my prayers are coming to light, but in very unexpected ways. The resilience of my spirit so to speak is being tested.

Refresh and Renew

There were days in this past month, when I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I did, cause my family depended on me. Infact I got UP cause I know, I depended on me too! Its a very unearthing feeling when you can realize your dependency on Your Positive Self. Everyday this last month, when I felt like life was throwing rocks at me, I got up and told myself “Refresh”. I wanted to forget what upheaval I was into and just look forward. Refreshing my mind, my heart and my soul helped me to experience new and hence left me with a renewed sense of being. I felt stronger, clearer and cleaner(emotionally&spiritually), lighter. The past, the problems of the present, the issues that surrounded me were still very much real…but my attitude had changed the minute I decided to Refresh my being.

Just try it….Every morning when you wake up tell yourself five times, before you get out of bed…”Refresh”. Everytime you say it, in your mind’s eye bring up a blackboard with all your worries…and then rub it all out and watch it all disappear as you say “refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh”. A clean slate will be in your minds eye. Hold that image for a few seconds and then breathe deeply. The conscious effort to ‘Refresh’ and renew facilitates a clean slate in which you feel like you can re-create those dreams, which you felt were crumbling under the upheaval. Practicing this everyday…especially in times of major upheaval brings back calm positive clarity to your complete being.

The Rebirth of Me Mode

Ok, I’m still nowhere out of upheaval mode, but I now see it as ‘the rebirth of me’ mode. Truths of many a different natures are being revealed. Colors and layers of all that isn’t real are coming clean. I now understand so much more than I did in the life of complacency. Change of anykind, makes us uneasy. And thats OK. Whats not ok is succumbing to that unease. I rather shun the unease and Refresh a renewed me. Its a golden opportunity to grow positively if we can look beyond the upheaval.

The  rebirth of me and you is quite simply possible. All we need is a subtle shift in attitude and intention. A conscious decision to “refresh” can lead to a golden opportunity of Rebirth, right in this lifetime. That clean slate…..the duster, the chalk, the intention, the dream…its all in our own two hands. We are powerful beyond measure.

I decided to Refresh from upheaval and gave myself the chance to be reborn. I make that conscious choice every morning….Do you? Will you? Or does wallowing in self pity and succumbing to upheaval sound more fun…???

Phew…no more self pity for me!!

On another note- Due to all this Upheaval and Rebirth happening on my end, I had been very offline these past couple of weeks. I want to apologize to all those lovely souls who emailed me and I still haven’t responded. I am getting to all the online counseling emails and other communication a.s.a.p.! I am all renewed and re-birthed….and feel mighty refreshed to take on the world positively again.

p.s. another positive ebook for all the lovely readers wrote itself in my head this past month too! Be prepared for a new year surprise gift in your inbox 🙂

Happiness and Positivity beyond all odds to all my beautiful friends. I am deeply appreciative of all your love, emails and messages in this last month. Thank you!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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28 thoughts on “Refresh Renew Rebirth

  1. Oh Zeenat…I’m so sorry to hear that you have been going through a difficult time, but heartened and inspired by you, as usual, as you get back ‘off the floor’ and battle on. As someone who is very familiar with those little sojourns on life’s ‘floor’ I understand only too well what you mean about clambering back up on your feet and feeling stronger and wiser because you did. You are the epitome of Spirit, Courage, Strength and Love and I’m so happy that you are ‘out there’ shining your light for the rest of us. Be well and stay as strong as you are Zee, Much Love Rosemary

  2. Dear Zeenat,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still going through upheaval. I do believe everything happens for a reason though and that you will learn something incredible about yourself and just how capable you are of rising to the occasion – whatever it is.
    I love your suggestion to “refresh!” I also love the image of clearing a chalkboard and starting with a “clean slate.” What a powerful image.
    I have no doubt that you will go through this “dark night of the soul” and emerge with many wonderful insights that you’ll share with us – one of which will be the ebook you mentioned. All this deep knowledge will be the silver lining to the dark clouds you much endure.
    All my best to you dear friend,

    1. Dear Angela,
      You are so right…..this growth is mind blowingly silvery in its lining. Ok, so not the best way to learn…but its best to make do with what is presented to us. Each new day brings a new lesson, a new revalation. Amazing how this process of rebirthing works…
      Thankyou so so much for your love and support. I appreciate you.
      Much love always…

  3. Dearest Zeenat,

    We have been rebirthing together! It feels like you wrote this post especially for me. Last night, I was telling a friend that I need “relief” and “ease”. Now you’ve shared the special trick to get there. I love you dearly! I’m sorry for all the upheaval you have been through and that is continuing to some degree. I’m amazed by how you are using it to transform and empower yourself. I need to tatoo this article on my brain. All my love, Sandra

    1. Dearest Sandra,
      wow for your rebirthing and I truly love it that we are both on the same path. We are soul sisters!
      And no need to tattoo this article anywhere…just remember ‘refresh’ and all will be set right.
      Lots of love coming your way….

  4. Zeenat, a year ago I had a breast cancer diagnose and I’ve been taken some medical treatment. It’s all over now. And on my birhday August this year, I feel my rebirth and my renew.I think “Yeah, It’s me. A new me. I’ll never be the same again, like before. I’m a different person now with my new perspective about life.” Thanks for your post. I like it so much.

    1. Dear Failasufah,
      How amazing for you….I’m so happy that you are now rereshed and renewed. I know you must’ve gone through a lot pain during the medical treatments….you are so brave and a lovely soul for understanding and coming out of it all rebirthed renewed and refreshed. Happiness to you always my dear.
      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story here.
      Much love always….

    1. I am so so glad my rebirthing refrseh experience has touched your heart. I personally love cleaning off the slate….hope itserves you ro refresh too.
      Thank you for yor lovely comment here.
      Much love…

  5. Dear Rosemary,
    Im really not all that great, as you kind of make me out to be….i am just doing the best I can and living conciously. We all have this ability na….and you know and understand so well what Im going through right now. Your comment here brought me to tears. Youre so sweet ….thank you.
    Love always….

  6. Zeenat – thanks for writing this courageous post. Trying times lead to increased and rapid spiritual growth. Going through hard times has also helped me see the temporary and illusory nature of the world.

    As you point out, self-pity may be the the easier thing to do but rebirth is the transformative thing way to be.

    Yes, you’re getting up for your family and yourself – also for your many readers and fans around the world! And showing us how you go through tough times and get out of bed is inspiration to all of us.

    1. Hi Vishnu,
      Thank you for your lovely and beautiful words here. I do agree with you…trying times usually are the best teachers and the lessons learned during these times remain with us forever. Growth is inevitable then right..?
      You are so sweet with your words..thank you again fro your lovely comment here.
      Much love~

  7. Dear Zeenat,
    I knew you had had a virus/flu- this sounds much bigger? I relate closely to what you are saying and love the idea of using refresh- I could have done with that this morning. I discovered that I had been needlessly focusing(worry) on what was a couple of weeks ago to find out today things have improved in one area and have challenge in another.
    I love the clean slate concept and how true is that, each day we get gifted a clean slate and we can make be abundant in so many ways by what we choose

    thanks for you wonderful courage and your perpective- this has helped me
    love and hugs

    1. Darling Suzie,
      Yup there was viral, there was flu…and then some 🙂 But its all calming down now. I think its more cause i am making the conscious decision to refresh each morning. Its making it easier to handle whats being thrown my way in terms of worries. Now they are learning and rebirthing opportunities 🙂 Amazing how life works na…the unpredictability of it all keeps it interesting and can also be a cause for stress. Just how we decide to look it makes all the difference.
      I’m glad you like the clean slate concept..its a mighty powerful tool. I live my it now.
      Thank you for your love and support dearest…I appreciate you so much.
      Much Love~

      1. Hi Zeenat,

        Yesterday a wise friend told me to look at the self-love journey I am on as a rebirth and to see each day as new and as a delight so came back over to reread what you had written.
        I too appreciate you- a word and activity i need to delight in each day
        love you to

  8. I believe you are quite right about the transformative effect of overcoming difficulties. I just don’t want you collapsing needlessly while you are busy achieving sainthood.

    Several key enzymes needed for physical repair are primarily released and utilized only during deep relaxation and sleep. You are entitled to rest and not write, to honor the vehicle your spirit inhabits and animates. Just as you take care of them, allow your family to also take care of you, and ASK them to. We love you and want you well, dear sister. Take time when you need it. Peace and blessings to you.

    1. Dear Mikey,
      I read your comment the day you wrote it..but couldnt respond cause I didnt want to make false promises. I’m talking about the taking care of myself bit….I am way way way behind in that department. I’m more of a facilitator for others…but when it comes to myself….I tend to feel another soul in pain is far more important. But i do see the importance of letting me be or letting me rest. I have oodles of problems in asking…shucks…..I love to go around thinking I dont need any help…but the apparent truth comes out in these upheavaled times…
      Thank you for your support here my friend. I appreciate it.
      Much Love~

  9. Dear Zeenat,

    It hurst me to hear that you’ve been going through some difficult times and “upheaval” while I’ve been off having such an incredible experience. I suppose life is like that though…we all go through cycles of highs and lows…sometimes they sync up with others and sometimes we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum.

    You, my friend, are such a a positive ray of shining light, hope, and inspiration! I know the tables will eventually turn, and I hope I can approach the hard times as gracefully as you do. As Mikey said, though, I hope you are giving yourself enough time for rest and rejuvenation. No worries about us–we’re here to support you and we’ll still be here when you return. 🙂 Take care of you!

    1. My dear Sweet Adrienne,
      You make me smile amid happy tears with your comment. Thank you for all you share with me, reflect to me and stand for. I see so much of myself in you 🙂
      I have read about your incredible experience and am so proud and happy for you. I was so caught up in my thing…that I didnt even inquire if you were stopping by in Mumbai?? Did you? I so wouldve liked to cook a lovely meal for you and meet you ofcourse. But inshallah next time for sure.
      And its darkest before dawn right 🙂 ….all will be well…I’m in ‘refresh’
      So much love to you~

      1. Dear Zeenat,

        I actually had no idea that you were in Mumbai!! Unfortunately, even if I had known, I wouldn’t have been able to make the trip. I was in Delhi for a few days and then up in the mountains for the rest of my visit to India. However, I loved it so much that I definitely plan to take my husband with me for a visit again someday. If the offer is still open whenever that day may come, I would be delighted to meet you in person and get to spend some time together. 🙂

        I’m happy to hear that dawn is on the horizon for you!

  10. Beautiful Zeenat! My soul sighed reading this post, and not because upheaval isn’t in the works now for so many (bad AND good) but because it’s you… Precious, precious soul that you are. If I could, I would shield the ones I love from seemingly negative upheavals, because I think, “They’ve already gone through so much.” And you have. Egads… I want to make it all better, but the best I can offer right now is this: I love you. Everyone loves you. If love were money, certainty, perfect health and everything else material in this world, you’d be the richest woman alive simply because you ARE love, and all you do shines forth in such divine manner.

    If you need anything, please reach out, darling one, and let me know. I’m here for you. I love you, and care for your well being.

    Loving and holding you tenderly in my best thoughts and wishes,

    1. My darling Angel,
      Youre such a loving soul…..i know you feel what I’m going through…and am so glad to be surrounded by powerful beings such as yourself in this time. Just keep sending me all your love and prayers….so much more needs to iron itself out. But I know this is all part of the Divine plan.
      I cant thank you enough for your words and your energy here. I will email you soon.
      In immense love and gratitude….

  11. Dear Zeenat,
    I suspected you were going through a major upgeaval in your life and have been sending my locing thoughts your way. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. The clean slate analogy is such a good one and I’m going to use that visualization.

    Every morning when you wake up tell yourself five times, before you get out of bed…”Refresh”.

    Yes, I do you believe I you can be reborn every new morning. In fact, I think life is a state of continual becoming. We are not only reborn at the time of death of our bodies, we are born and reborn at every moment.

    Facing adversity head-on give rise to rebirth and renewal. Though I’m sad to hear that you have been feeling like life is throwing rocks at you, I’m happy to hear your resilience in your words of renewal.

    You remain an inspiration to me and I send you all the love my heart can hold.

    Love and peace,

    1. Dearest TiTi,
      Heart connections usually ‘know’ when things are not going all that well na. Hence you felt it. Thank you for your kindest and most loving words here. I know rocks are being thrown..but I’m far too strong to let them hurt me. Refreshing and continuing to believe in the Divine plan is all I’m holding onto right now.
      You inspire me in so many ways TiTi….
      Your love and support is deeply appreciated.
      So Much love~

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