How to Balance Your Energy for Happier Living in 2021

“So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.”~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We all know that 2020 was far from being balanced or any semblance of sanity for most of us. We all went with the flow and did the best we could, and survived. Phew! But let’s make 2021 different. Let’s make it more balanced, more positive, more joyous. Not, because 2020 was such a downer, but because we are choosing to heal, rather than dwell in the past. We are choosing to move forward.

What is Energy Balance?

Energy balance is an important key to spiritual growth and personal development. Energy balance literally means, that no matter what is going on inside of you or outside of you, you remain calm, composed and solution oriented. It means that negative feelings do not cloud your basic functioning.

Energy is the basis of my work. In fact, I consider that energy is the basis for everything and that everything has an energy field. To read energy and balance energy are among the most fundamental skills all human beings intrinsically possess, even though they might not use the word “energy” or phrases like “energy balance” or “energy field.”

We usually understand energy imbalance as – feeling off, feeling weird for no reason, sudden unease or discomfort etc. To put it simply, energy balance is the art of not letting your inner equilibrium shift, no matter what shifts outside of you. Yes, pandemics included!

Happier Living Means Managing Energy Rather than Time

Balance for personal happiness is more about energy than about time, although many people do associate both happiness and efficiency with time. If only you had more time, right?

Many people think that if they only had more hours in the day, they would be more balanced. Or if they had another day in the week, they could finally get everything done. Or if they could spend more time in one way rather than another, they would be more balanced or happy or satisfied or … whatever.

For me, though, the key to happiness is to manage your energy so that you can do all that you want to do — to perform at your best and still feel vibrant. If you feel drained at the end of a client session, a meeting, or a rendezvous with a friend, you need to listen to those intuitive signs and attend to your energy balance.

As to being tired… The ideal is to be very tired at the end of the day so that you sleep well, awaking refreshed in the morning and eager for a new day to unfold. Being tired or sleepy or just needing a break can also be healthy during the day — if you listen to those intuitive signs you can manage your energy.

Energy Balance A Dynamic Process

While you may consider in any one moment that balance is evenness or quietness, balance changes according to your needs. I’ve seen people create adventure in their lives in order to balance other parts of their lives that are routine or even boring. Balance is difficult to capture on a still photograph, and is much more appropriate to try to record with a video camera.

The professional dancer seen in mid air can look exceedingly unbalanced, yet when you look at the fluid movements of that dancer in person or on film, you know that balance is dynamic. Life is a constant mix of balance, imbalance, re-balance. This movement is life. Without it, life ceases to exist.

At times, you may yearn for the peace of being on a mountaintop with nothing to do but breathe the clear air and see the magnificent sights. And when that is your yearning, you’re likely overwhelmed or even very distressed at that time. Even though you may yearn for that when under stress, for how long would you want to be so “peaceful”? Soon you would be yearning again for more activity.

And so, the joy of life continues as a dynamic process, the process of energy balance and re-balance.

Energy Balance is Subjective and Individual

What brings balance to your life may equate to havoc in another’s life. One of my dear friends emailed me over the weekend with her travel schedule for the next several months. If it had been my schedule, I would have been wondering how I would get done all the things I love to do in order to be in airports, eating in restaurants, and getting my clothes washed and packed, that too mid-pandemic! If I emailed her my list of activities over the same span of time, she would have felt exhausted contemplating how she could possibly get all those things done. And, guess what, we both live happily joyous lives.

The differences that bring energy balance to each individual life are as varied as the differences that make this such a magnificent and diverse world. To be different is essential.

Energy Balance is Internal, with Outside Indicators

You know you’re balanced by how you feel. Or more precisely, you know by how you feel IF you’re aware of how you feel and understand that your feelings are the best way to know your state of balance. And when you truly do understand this connection, your feelings are more powerful than anything or anyone outside you. You know energy balance from your place of intuitive wisdom.

While I consider that balance is an inner mechanism, I also recognize that many outer indicators can be helpful as well. For example, if you are out of touch with your own feelings and don’t recognize your imbalance, it’s very likely that others will tell you, if you can hear them. Some may tell you in direct words, “gee, you seem really out of balance” or with other euphemisms, like “you seem a little confused, are you OK?” Others may not use words, but react to you in ways that are confusing, out of balance, or with resistance that you can’t easily explain.

If one person responds to you in a particularly uncomfortable way, it may not be a reflection of you, but of that one person. However, if multiple people respond similarly, it’s far more helpful to you if you consider that they’re responding to your imbalance. With that knowledge, you can realign your energy — you can feel your energy balance again more easily.

You Decide Your Energy Balance

Take a moment of reflection and consider answering the following questions for yourself:

  • What is energy balance for you?
  • How do you know when you’re balanced?
  • What do you need to do to bring yourself back to balance when you’re upset or overwhelmed?
  • How do you find energy balance on a daily basis? on a weekly basis? on a monthly basis?

The answers you come up with after reflecting on the above questions, hold the key to your energy balance. When you know what triggers you negatively, and what you do to come back to centre, you will know how to consciously replicate that process, no matter how bad things get.

When your energy feels balanced, that is when you are in the sweet spot to spiritual growth. It is in that very balanced state that you can meditate or pray or create or study anything you like with great ease and finesse. Don’t we all want to be in that sweet spot?

Your thoughts: What is your favorite way to re-balance your energy? What helped you during the major lockdowns and pandemic in general? Share your wisdom in the comments section and let’s get healing!

❤ p.s. Happy New Year darlings! ❤

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7 thoughts on “How to Balance Your Energy for Happier Living in 2021

  1. The first thing I do when I feel my energy is out of balance is to do a short breathing exercise, then sit for a short meditation even if it’s only for 5 minutes. I find this helps me slow down, focus on what’s going on inside, and plan how I will move forward to renew my energy.

  2. Going for a walk or visiting the garden with Miss Coco helped me keep my energy and balance during the early months of lockdown and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the company of my beloved pet. She helped me keep perspective and appreciate what we still had.

  3. Barb van Wickland

    My favorite way to keep my energy balanced at any time is to walk and do about a half-hour of some other type of movement. And I like that you said being tired or sleepy or just needing a break during the day can be healthy. Because another way I keep my energy balanced is to nap or to read a chapter of a good book.

  4. Elle Sommer

    I so agree with you Zeenat – energy balance is vital to our health and wellbeing. Nature does it for me. Be it walking or just noticing nature outside my window. How the leaves dance in the wind, or the scurrying of clouds on a gloomy day. There are other ways of course, but a quick dip into nature and my soul is renewed. Thanks for a thought provoking article.

  5. Happy new year, Zeenat. Thank you for this post and the motivation and insight to “manage my energy”. I used to have ample, but it seems like it has dwindled as COVID has dragged on. I marvel at all I used to get done. I’ve decided that now is supposed to my time to rest. I mean, I still exercise, but I just don’t try to cram so much in a day. 🙂

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