How Facebook&Twitter Can Keep You Happily Motivated

“The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.” Greg Anderson

About 5 years back, when I had no idea what a blog, facebook & twitter were I had to struggle to find old friends. Yes the internet searches were there, but none were very fast, nor accurate. Now, with everyone on facebook & twitter, I love how easily I can find old friends and they find me. Almost everyday I meet an old friend online and catch up. I even love getting updates from my favorite people, products&businesses. It has made life easy when it comes to staying connected and informed.

But, there is a flip side to it too. You can get too caught up in “the chatter” of it all, with constant updates from friends, businesses & products you love. I know in the beginning I had no idea how to tear myself away from it all. It was fascinating and addictive all at the same time. Not to forget, it wasn’t easy on my productivity factor. It can literally eat away at your day, if you don’t have your time online in check. Its at that time that I decided to stream line my online time and make it more happily motivating and positive.

~How to stay happily motivated on facebook&twitter~

  1. Connect: I get bored very easily. To keep me entertained and motivated is a job says my hubby 😉 But, all in all in the beginning i.e. after the initial honeymoon period, I would literally get bored on facebook & twitter. Other than a bit(few minutes) of connecting with family, there was really nothing else to do. Its only after I started this blog, did I realize there was a world out there that was so fun and exciting while being highly motivating. Its all about connecting with your interests. If I was interested in psychology, I typed it in the facebook or twitter search bar and started reading. If its food, I researched that too. In time, this research, became people(real people) who had similar interests to me. However varied they may be, you will find people of similar interests online. Being a motivation junkie, I connected with all people, brands and things motivating and inspiring. I read, I interacted, I shared ideas, I learned and believe me it made me all very very happy. I made new friends, who I can truly now call some of my best friends. “Birds of a Feather flock together” is so apt here. If you want to stay motivated connect with happy motivated people. Not only do you stay motivated, but your productivity shoots sky high.
  2. Disconnect: In all the chatter, sometimes there are people, businesses and products you connect with “just because…” Yeah, no reason. Just a curious fascination. If that has been the case with you, then by all means disconnect with those unwanted, unnecessary connections. If it doesn’t make you feel happy and positive it has no place on your friends/connections list. Why invest your time in “negative or uninteresting curiosity” when you can truly invest your time and energy in “happily motivated”? Make the right choice. I certainly did. Once in a month I scan through all my connections and disconnect with ones that I connected just for the fancy of it.
  3. Plan: Beings of “autopilot” that we are, we just log onto the internet and open 15 windows/tabs and get immersed in “the chatter”. By the end of it all, time is pressing and we have completely forgotten to answer an important email or message. Then in the rush we respond quickly, but not whole-heartedly. This is not the way we should live our lives be it online or offline. Have a definite plan before you log in. Prioritize your online activities accordingly. Then just have fun with the right kind of motivation you have prioritized for yourself. “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” ~Zig Ziglar
  4. Understand: When it comes to knowing exactly what we want, we do truly lay far behind. In truly understanding our self, we can know exactly what will motivate us, inspire us and help us grow. Whenever I aimlessly do anything it just doesn’t work out as well. But when I truly understand me, and then do what makes me happy, it works out superbly. Its the same for our experience in our online life. If you understand YOU only then will you grow. “If you don’t understand yourself you don’t understand anybody else. ” Nikki Giovanni

~Motivation = Complete Wellness~

As human beings, we NEED to LIVE by motivation.
“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” ~Greg Anderson.
Our life, be it online or offline is totally and completely governed by our knowledge of our self and the choices that self makes. If our choices are not producing the positive results we desire then its time to re-evaluate those choices and replace them with positive ones.
Choose to live in motivation everyday, online or offline. It makes for amazing and supremely happy living. It rejuvenates your mind, body, heart and soul. Not to forget, it gives you amazing friends along the way.
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” Greg Anderson

Don’t know where to begin your motivational quest online.. Fear NOT 🙂 Come join me on Facebook & Twitter. I promise to motivate & inspire you with quotes, affirmations, fun articles that will certainly do the trick.

What are YOUR thoughts? How do you stay motivated online or offline? Please do share your wisdom in the comments below. I love to hear from each and every one of you.
Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Stay tuned- Next week we talk about “How to make friends everyday”

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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26 thoughts on “How Facebook&Twitter Can Keep You Happily Motivated

  1. Hi Zeenat .. excellent post and commentary on the advantages and pitfalls .. thanks – I’ll be with you at some stage on FB & Twitter .. in the meantime – cheers or coffees! Happy weekend .. Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,
      I hope you join fb 🙂 Its fun to share and stay in touch.
      And thank you for the coffee darling. I do love my coffee 🙂
      Much love~

  2. Hi Zeenat,

    I love your spin on social networking for joy, fun, inspiration, and knowledge but also doing it with self-awareness. It’s wonderful how you infuse all your activity with joy and love. You are just one love bunny, that’s for sure!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I get help to infuse so much joy because i read YOU 🙂 When I have amazing freinds like you to motivate can I not. I love having you on twitter. You are my most cherished tweeps 🙂
      Love you lots~

  3. Hi Zeenat,

    Very nice post! Social medias like facebook really is helpful as it keeps us connected with family, friend, and meeting new people. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Zeenat: A very insightful post. I have met some amazing friends online and experienced a sense of community at my blog and at others’ blogs. It’s a great feeling. But, the pitfalls you describe I know too.

    Perhaps your most important suggestion is to disconnect. While I spend a good amount of time online – when I get offline and just experience life, I feel better about things. I think spending time offline helps us to be more creative writers and it allows us to bring a better perspective when we do come back to our blog or Twitter account. It makes us more interesting individuals.

    Thanks for another enjoyable, insightful post!

    1. HI TIm,
      You are one of those beautiful friends I have met online 🙂
      I like what you say about spending time offline. Its true…as writers, as people, what we share comes from our own experiences…and for that we need to live a life so that we can inturn enrich others lives 🙂 Nice ripple effect na.
      Glad you enjoyed this post.
      Much love~

  5. Zeenat: Great post. I particularly appreciated your advice to know and understand yourself. I really do believe that when you know and are able to be your authentic self, you know which direction to move in. Thanks for the great tips on how to truly enjoy Facebook and Twitter. Great post.

    1. Hi Sibyl,
      Understanding our self leads to amazing discoveries within, which is where our true authentic self lives. Knowing creates such a beautiful aura of knowledge and as you said direction. I love how I ma always positively directed on facebook and twitter…especially from your posts 🙂
      Glad you liked this post. Thank you fro your lovely comment here.
      Much love~

  6. Hi Zeenat,

    I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I appreciate your writing. I found your blog through Sandra Lee’s site; since then I’ve stopped by a few times to enjoy your work.

    Keep it up.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Oh you make me blush. Thank you for your beautiful and kind words. I love that you stop by often..and love it more that you left a comment here. Thank you for being here. Hope to see more of you 🙂 Will head over to your side of the blog o sphere too.
      So Much Love~

  7. Hi Zeenat,
    I am one of the few not on twitter..inching toward it though. I recently became more active on facebook..I love the connection with my “friends”..the interesting articles, inspirational thoughts, photos…I reserve just a bit of time for internet, then the rest for “life”.
    I also *love* Skype..brings my out of town/out of country friends into my living space…which motivates and inspires me in all areas of my life..
    I took ‘nothing’.. a wish to have like minded friends..and created ‘something’ so magical–a network of like minded friends whom I visit with in person..and this network enriches my lfie so greatly/transformed my life with Love..
    And that came through my blog connections and opening my heart…

    1. Hi Joy,
      I haven’t skyped as yet…but am in the mood to give it a spin. Its sounds funnn… 🙂 Who knows we will skype soon !
      And you are right…having like minded friends truly does motivate and inspire. How lucky we are…and how lucky am I to have you on that network. hope to see you on twitter soon.
      So Much Love~

  8. swatcat

    🙂 how right u r…u know m on autopi\lot everyday n then wonder why i dont have time…
    motivation-gosh is there anythng called shortlived motivation? i have some nice goals…m really motivated at first then…i get lazy…n stop working towards my goal…what to do/?

    1. Hi swatcat,
      On autopilot hmm….
      There is short lived motivation for sure. But the best kind is the one that keeps you motivated for the long haul. The kind that makes you want to make big positive changes in your life. Sometimes even one sentence can change everything.
      To stay motivated- try writing down the goal and what motivated you int he first place. Every time you feel lazy, just read that. It will refresh your levels of motivation and make you jump to work harder towards that goal.
      Try it and let em know.
      Lots of love~

  9. As human beings, we NEED to LIVE by motivation.
    “When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” ~Greg Anderson.

    This is true. We all need and want to be happy. And the best way to achieve this, is to have goal. Of course it’s hard in the beginning. And if you focus long and hard enough, you’ll be happy you stayed in the gym of life half a century longer too see the second coming of Christ…lol. ( you know what i mean)

    Great post!

    1. Hi J!,
      You are so so right.Its always hard in the beginning…but staying motivated with the bog picture in mind makes all the difference.
      Glad you liked this post. Thanks for the awesome comment.
      Much love~

  10. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    Beautiful Zeenat! You are such a joy to connect with on Facebook and everywhere! You are pure love, and any time I see a message from you – be it for your own Facebook page or for your site – my vibration rises.

    I love Facebook because it feels sometimes like a window to the world. It also feels like a big party at times, and I get so many warm feelings from the group I’ve gathered together around me.

    Loving you lots & wishing you a wonderful week!

    1. My Joyful Angel,
      The feeling is so mutual between us. I love connecting with you too dear one…and believe me when i say this..the connection runs far deeper that just updates. I love our beautiful parties online..and you are an amazing host 🙂
      Lots of love and hugs and warm cuddles~

  11. I love your so honest take on Social media- especially the planning part- so easy to get sucked in- then again i came here from your facebook link 🙂
    love and peace

    1. Hi Suzie,
      aha you came from facebook 🙂 See why i love connecting 😉 I can meet gorgeous people like you..and have friends like you who inspire and teach me everyday.
      Glad you liked this.
      So Much Love~

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  13. Hi Zeenat,
    Good to be here.
    I am here via Abubaker’s blog,
    Your blog too is really motivating one.
    Thanks for sharing your life exp. series.
    Will visit more later
    Keep inform
    Keep in touch
    With Best Regards,
    Philip Verghese

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