How to Open Your Heart to Warmth ~ Raoka

“May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart” Eskimo Proverb

Having grown up in a desert (muscat) all my life, I was never a fan of the warm temperatures there, that could literally burn your skin and make you dehydrated in a matter of seconds. Sun block and Sun glasses weren’t optional there, they were a necessity. But now, after some traveling and being around the cold wintry places of the world, including where I stay now, I kind of have come to appreciate the warm temperatures and the sun. Just goes to show this past winter was really chilly in this part of the world, more than I was ever used to before.

As the sun took its rightful place of spreading its warmth, so did I shed my icy cold feelings this past month. Having to focus on warmth came naturally, and also as a surprise. I noticed more colors around me, more beauty around me and most of all, I love how this new warmth brought about a thawing within my heart. There were feelings so frozen cold inside my heart, that refused to surface over the years….this new sun’s warmth brought them to surface. The release of which have made me feel lighter and happier.

We all have pent up feelings we don’t acknowledge, until these feelings end up scarring our life, our thoughts, our actions…everything. Having gone through this recently and coming out on the warmer, sunnier, more positive side, I can simply say, please thaw those stuck up and pent up feelings. They might not come out in the most desirable way, but believe me the release is like breaking free from negative anchors that were holding you down.

How to warm those cold pent up feelings?

Step 1- Identify the feeling- That uncertain discomfort that you feel while in a conversation with a loved one, those feelings you have wanted to convey over the years but haven’t been able to, those moments when after a certain conversation or meeting you are sad or cry inconsolably…these are the signs and feelings that need to be identified. Once you have identified them….think “why have I been holding on to this for so long?”…the answer your heart gives you will astonish you.

Step 2- Release & Forgive- Releasing those cold feelings can be a daunting task. We each have been conditioned to be ‘perfect’. And without even knowing it, we try to be just that. In doing so we dont say so many things we should and we shove so many feelings within us we shouldnt.
If the pent up feelings are towards a person you have been afraid to face, then send them a gentle email or text stating the feeling and tell them, you forgive them(and mean it).
If the cold feeling is towards yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and say ” I forgive me for…….(fill in the blank with whatever its that you are holding yourself responsible for)
Releasing the cold, negative feelings, WILL free you. Give it a go.

These cold pent up feelings left in the cold too long can create toxic effects on our complete being. Once you have showed these feelings the warmth by identifying and releasing them….you will realize what amazing parts of your personality come to light with it too.

Look within, open your heart and let your old, cold feelings bask in the warmth of this amazing Sunlight.

Now its your turn! What are your thoughts “warmth”? How do you release those cold pent up feelings? Care to share your amazing thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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28 thoughts on “How to Open Your Heart to Warmth ~ Raoka

  1. Zeenat, lovely thoughts on emotional warmth. It’s so good to read right now, as we head into March hoping for a spring thaw, we also need to focus on thawing the pent up emotions in our hearts. Here’s wishing all your readers a beautiful spring, both the external kind, and the internal!


    1. HI Gayze,
      So glad you’re looking forward to thawing…more than just the external weather 🙂
      Thank you for the spring wishes..and for your amazing raoka contribution this month.
      Lots of love~

  2. inspired type

    Hi Zeenat ~ I’m new to your blog and happy to have found you! This is a wonderful suggestion to use warmth to release and forgive. Kindness, gratitude, warmth and forgiveness all make for a healthy happy heart. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts :~)


    1. HI Sue,
      A happy heart is what we all strive for isnt it.. 🙂 I’m so happy you stopped by and are a new beautiful positive provocations reader. I hope youre enjoying your starter kit among other articles.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here.
      Much Love~

    1. Hi M!
      Ohh warmth is everywhere everyday darling…yet sometimes it takes making an effort to make other people feel that warmth. Life can be cold and harsh sometimes..and people just need that gentle warmth reminder.
      Thank you so so much fro your warm and loving raoka contribution this month.
      Much Love~

    1. Hi Jacki,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this article on warmth. May you be blessed with warmth in your life too.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much love~

    1. Hi Eric,
      So awesome that you made it into raoka this month! Its such a warm fuzzy topic, how can we not all be part of this amazing warmth 🙂
      Thank you fro your lovely contribution to this months raoka!
      Much love~

  3. Hi Zeenat:

    I’m really blown away by your post…I love the quote at the beginning and your words of description in the first couple paragraphs. You hit on something that’s pretty important…the metaphoric feeling of cold and icy-ness that seems to accumulate. Now is the perfect time for thawing out that feeling of cold and your words of advice are a great place to start. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and hosting the RAOKA topic again this month! Take care, my friend.

    1. HI Tim,
      So glad to see you here. I’m happy that these thoughts resonated with you….they are so personal to me..that I just had to write about what I learned this past month. I just know it will help people who really understand what these pent up cold feelings are doing to their being.
      Thank you so much fro your lovely comment here Tim and for your contribution to raoka this month.
      Much Love~

  4. Hi Zeenat,
    This is a wonderful post. I find myself craving the warmth during a long, cold winter. My soul can use some warmth too, so thanks for letting me know how to do that. Take care!

    1. Hi Dandy,
      Lovely seeing you here!
      I’m glad you liked this article. You know, somehow most of us want to live in that place of warmth, but non-acknowledgment of these cold feelings can keep that warmth at bay.
      May you have more warmth flooding your heart and life 🙂
      Thank you fro your beautiful comment here.
      Much Love,

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  6. Darling Z,
    You are so beauty filled! I love you!
    I had a month of *release* January through February..winter dormancy..led to beauty filled blossoming and such magic in March..Sometimes we are afraid of dormancy, but rest and hibernation is found in Nature so I honor that in my life..
    The Answer is truly always love, and I for one am so glad to own it and express it and *live* it!
    Your photo with this essay radiates, inspires me to create within my own life…thank you!
    And here is my link..

    1. Sweetest Joy,
      In your unfolding come lessons of amazing manifesting for us 🙂
      So happy to hear this theme and the past few months have been helping you release….its an amazing feeling!
      That photo just got to me…..and I know it got to you in just the perfect way 🙂
      Love you lots~

  7. I was a child in icy-cold places, where winter kept both happy and unhappy families indoor for months. Mine was unhappy. Two things saved me. One I was gifted with at birth, and one I learned. I wake up happy. It’s nothing I asked for or worked toward. It’s just there – as my shield and as a vehicle for me to ride into sunlight. What I learned was to SING. Our bodies are instruments, and learning to play the voice produces a lovely flow of endorphins! Over time you can learn to sing well, alone and in groups, but it doesn’t really matter at first. Singing in the shower is just as valid for therapy as performing before thousands. It uses the right side of the brain, the intuitive side. The symbolic side can cure the hurts of the logical side, because we seek to be unified.

    This post was a beautiful present to us, dear Z. The contest aspect is a fun game, too.
    Every culture has a singing tradition. This is from mine:

    1. Mikey WOW!
      You are truly divinely gifted to wake up happy effortlessley everyday! Its something people work their whole lives looking for and never realize its right inside there.
      And singing….so beautiful, that you found ways to keep you warm in the cold of whatever you were going through. You are one brave soul!
      I loved the video….
      Thank you for sharing yourself just a little it more here…Loved it.
      Much Love~

  8. Rand

    Hello Zeenat!

    This is my first time visiting you. Its a pleasure to see other friendly familiar faces also here.

    “We each have been conditioned to be ‘perfect’. And without even knowing it, we try to be just that. In doing so we dont say so many things we should and we shove so many feelings within us we shouldnt.”

    I find this to be a very profound observation of ourselves. Just how conflicting the two behaviors are…enough to rip the person apart…and enough to hurt those the person loves…

    My neighbor did a little dance yesterday and sang “MARCH AND SOON ITS GOING TO BE WARM!”

    Thank you Zeenat

    1. Hi Rand,
      Its so lovely to see a new reader here! I’m glad you stopped by 🙂
      And your neighbor sounds like an amazingly fun person…what a beautiful welcoming dance to usher in the warmth.
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts here Rand. Hoping to see you here more often.
      Much Love~

  9. Zeenat,

    I just loved this article so much. “We all have pent up feelings we don’t acknowledge…” It’s so true! And releasing them can be so liberating. I finding writing freely in my journal a great way to do this. Next, I will be exploring drawing. Thanks for this gift, Zeenat. I’m amazed by how endlessly creative your mind is.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Writing in the journal is a great way to release those pent up feelings…provided noone is reading the journal 😉 right..
      Thank you fro your loving compliments and amazing support always.
      Much love~

  10. Najma

    Very well written . We need warmth when it’s winter. As we let this warm feeling in, all the bitterness and coldness in us will just go 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for this article. I use my personal and private journal as a place to record and examine and release my pent-up emotions. My personal growth journal provides me with access to phases I have gone through. I record significant events and major issues in my life as they unfold, the issues I’m struggling with. I return to what I record in my journal at later dates and I work things through by having conversations with myself.

    I record the experiences that touch me deeply and lead me to laugh or cry. I ask myself deep questions about what I think about them and I answer questions too. But most importantly, I record my spontaneous emotional responses to those significant events and life issues first, then I revisit them again and again and record my deeper thoughts about them as I move towards acceptance or resolution.

    I have used my journal to recall abuse and heal from it. I used my journal to chart my course through cancer and through recovery from a head injury. I have and continue to use it for releasing and forgiveness as well. I’m currently recording my life struggles as a disabled person committed to overcoming chronic illness and stress. And I’m also using my journal to recognize my egocentricity, attachments and aversions.

    Thank you so much for supporting our individual journeys with your inspired articles that contain practical ways and means of opening our hearts and moving from darkness and coldness into the light and warmth.

    With much love,

  12. Having spent the day in the snow, I could use a little warmth! I appreciate your description of steps, especially the first one. Sometimes it is so hard to identify those pent up feelings. Being aware of discomfort is a clue. Or feelings that don’t seem relevant to the situation. For example, I was just going about my business the other day and suddenly I felt teary. My eyes watered up and I felt emotionally raw. I was immediately aware that these feelings had nothing to do with whatever mundane thing I was doing then. I had to stop and just sit with these feelings for awhile. Thanks for an inspiring post!



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