Celebrating Two Blog Years, Infinite Happiness and Less Stress

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!” ~Amanda Bradley

Today marks two whole years to the day Positive Provocations came into being. Me being the celebration junkie, I’m celebrating this milestone. At the time of its conception, I had only one thought and that was to “help and heal” all those who came to this little heavenly space. In my eyes I still think its a little piece of heaven, cause here no negativity exists. I refuse to let negativity enter the door to this space. In doing so, negativity has walked out of my life too. Its kind of the added benefit of starting this blog 🙂

The few major positive changes that have come into my life since starting Positive Provocations two years back:

1. Met amazing like minded friends- who I share so much with, learn so much from and feel amazingly safe with.
2. Helped and Healed so many- which was my ultimate goal with this blog. The free counseling has become part of my everyday life now. In helping other people with their pain, I have forgotten I ever had any.
3. Enhanced Writing ability- Ok I have to admit, I have won a lot of essay competitions in school and college, but writing here has really really polished all that to a completely different level. Some even say I have become a good writer..I blush at the compliment, but I have yet far far to go in that department.
4. The Most Major Positive advantage of starting Positive Provocations: LESS STRESS!(which happens to be the theme of Raoka)

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” ~Lily Tomlin
I have a major confession to make.
I wasn’t always this calm, cool, happy, nothing can phase me kind of person. Once upon a time, years and years back, I was NUTS! So much so that some of my friends would call me ZeeNUT 😦 Ok, it kind of made fun of the name too, but essentially cause I was such a freak pot and fuss pot. I would freak, get irritated and angry at the drop of a hat. And my fussy tantrums are still legendary to some friends and relatives.
When I started, my spiritual journey and looking within, this did come under control, although not completely. But, after starting the blog, it has all magically disappeared. I think its mainly cause of the amazing energy the comes from all the readers and visitors coupled with my focus to learn more and apply it all to my life.
In sharing and caring Stress has effortlessly disappeared from my life. And today Is a celebration of that too. NO Stress in my life. woohoo! Only Infinite Core Happiness 🙂

Other than starting this blog and getting on my spiritual journey, there are few simple yet practical habits I have adopted over the years to keep my stress levels in check. Here they are:

  1. Pray- For atleast five minutes a day, have that heart to heart with the Divine Maker. Best way to let it all out and leave it all to the Divine Plan.
  2. Meditate- For three minutes daily try the self healing meditation. Its the super awesome way to cut through the anger and agitation. Makes the heart, mind and soul calm.
  3. Walk- 15-20 minutes of walking or strolling can rejuvenate the body and mind. I often get all my best ideas while on my walk.
  4. Cook- I have always loved eating and hence have always loved cooking good food. But only a few years back did I realize how much it helped me calm down. Today I cook everyday…something anything, but I feel my day is incomplete without that little act of cooking.
  5. Clean- Whether its de-cluttering your home, spring cleaning or just plain doing the dishes, it all can be highly therapeutic. If you can completely immerse yourself in that act. When you’re completely mindful of the task at hand, all other worries seem to melt away. Next time you do the dishes, JUST do the dishes…pay attention to doing just the dishes and nothing else.

The past year I added some enhancements to the blog and me. From adding another Ebook-Your Self Healing Starter Kit, to being handed Raoka from the darling Lori Luv, to becoming a contributing writer for Evolving Beings, to doing my first ever ever Video interview for the lovely Suzie and her Change Warrior Project. I personally feel this past year has been full of a lot of happy firsts. All of which I have enjoyed immensely.

The Year to come on Positive Provocations will include:
More Articles, More Happiness, More Writers sharing their heart and soul, More subscriber only content(other than the newsletter), More Ebooks, More Life altering/soul searching Series of articles, More New columns….. among a few More things which are a little hush hush now 🙂 But all in all MORE Positive Provocations for You the amazing Reader, without whose support this blog would not be anything it is today. I do love you all. Thank you!

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” ~Etty Hillesum
Although I do so much, online and offline, I rarely feel the stress of it all now. Its not because I’m impervious to it….but infact its because I am consciously making the effort to relax. Really taking my time to do everything, but at its own pace. I let my heart guide me to what it is I have to do and how it is I have to do it. No rush, no stress…just calm peaceful breaths and a heart to guide me.

Now I want to hear from YOU! What are YOUR thoughts?
When was the last time you celebrated No Stress? Have you really taken the time to just breathe lately?
On another note-What other things would you like to see and read on Positive Provocations? Any topics you want me to write about…suggest away. I’m listening.
Do share your thoughts in the comments below and if you liked this article please share it on facebook and twitter with the sharing buttons below.

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,
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23 thoughts on “Celebrating Two Blog Years, Infinite Happiness and Less Stress

  1. Congratulations Zeenat, I too love to celebrate and blogs love birthdays too I think.

    I love your 5 points I need to work on number 5:) I too love to cook, it makes me feel so happy.
    It was my pleasure , your interview is very popular on The Change Warrior project and through you I have new friends.
    I will be moving the blog post in the next few weeks to suziecheel.com
    love and hugs

    Suzie ♡♡♡♡

  2. Hey Zeenat, Happy blogging birthday 🙂

    You have come a long way in the last year and your blog is growing every time I visit. It’s been great getting to know you more over the last year, and I can only hope you have the same success this coming year.

    I wish you everything you wish for yourself Zeenat and here’s to another great year.


  3. Happy Blogoversary!
    Two years is a mile stone and pretty long in blog years. I think it is definitely something worth celebrating! You are doing wonderful work and providing a wonderful service to the world.
    Thanks so much for linking to my recent article too.

  4. Zeenat,
    Two years!!! Awesome!!

    And you have truly created a space that is filled with positivity, love, and light – and that makes being here a JOY!! So, as you continue forward, I wish you all of this coming back to you a hundredfold! You are a gift to this world and to everyone who is touched by your presence (like me).

    Much love,

  5. Two seems to be as good an age for this project as it is for people. Little Bloggie can walk and talk, and now she’s really beginning to explore the boundaries of the big world inside and outside. Make a wish!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    2 Years is a great accomplishment. I am glad to have met you. I wish you continued success in all that you do! 🙂

    Evelyn Parham

  7. inspired type

    Wow! ~ Happy Happy Birthday! and congratulations on your success with creating such a wonderful and happy place. You are a such a huge inspiration to me, to us all.

    Hugs and Love to you on your special day :~D


  8. I couldn’t miss a fantabulous celebration like this, that’s for sure! Congratulations on your second birthday. And I won’t call you, ZeeNUT! You certainly have healed so many people through your blog including me. I know exactly where to go when I feel in need of a happiness and positivity injection: Positive Provocations.

    Thank you for making such a major confession. It inspires everyone to know that change CAN happen! It’s in the stars. I love your practical tips too. Cleaning is such an excellent way to clear the mind and give it a rest. I agree completely.

    I love you and Positive Provocations to bits and wish you many more birthdays to come. Let the healing continue until the whole world is infused with love, kindness, and joy.

    P. S. And thanks for the link love. 🙂

  9. Dear Zeenat,
    How exciting this is. Your blog is such an uplifting one and contins such fabulaous and useful startgeies for positive living that I cannot remember the time before you started it. Happy second blog anniversary and my you blog for many, many more years.
    Love and peace be with thee always,

  10. Hi Zeenat .. you are such a peaceful face and star in the firmament .. so many many congratulations on two years of blogging .. that’s fantastic .. especially as your blog is full of so many wonderful ideas, thoughts, quotes, articles etc ..

    Brilliant news .. well done .. with love Hilary

  11. Oh Zeenat this is a lovely post and great look to the future – and what a positive future it looks to be. Happy Anniversary to you and your blog!

    You have been one very busy writer and I have enjoyed seeing your work all over the net and the blog community – a world traveler – oh to serve the world.

    thank you for all that you do and your wonderful words of wisdom

  12. I forgot to say Thank you for the lovely link – so Thank you…

    I also could not get the like button to work for me….wonder what I am doing incorrectly?

  13. Zeenat,

    Happy Blogoversary:~) I’m one who believes in celebrations of any birthday, anniversary or just because:~)

    Your site is well named. When I think about you and your site…the word “Positive” immediately pops into my head. I also love the generosity of you spirit. You open your arms and take in any troubled soul. When they step of your arms, they are bound to feel better; the Universe would have it no other way. It’s what you do.

    I very much appreciate the link. Enjoy your celebration. It’s well deserved.

  14. Najma

    Congratulations for the success of this blog. I will be eagerly waiting for your upcoming posts and articles. Loads of love to you. Your blog’s a blessing in my life.

  15. Wow, two years!! That’s really impressive Zeenat. Thanks for all the great work you do in helping people. You are very much an inspiration. Here’s to another two years!! Blessed be!

  16. Happy 2!!!!

    Zeenat it is a pleasure to mark this milestone with you 🙂
    I am thrilled for you and with you that you have been able to make so many differences in our world, helping others and along the way healing yourself. These are all amazing things which create a better world for all.

    It is a pleasure and honor to have you as a columnists on Evolving Beings – thank you for sharing more of your wisdom and positivity!

  17. Hi Zeenat:

    Congratulations on the two year birthday of PP! Judging by all of your accomplishments from last year, you’ve really grown as a person. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and reading your insightful posts. Here’s to another great year!

  18. Dearest Everyone, You guys make me cry happy tears!! Thank you thank you! for all the love and blessings you have shown me and this little space here. May we each grow and heal positively.
    The last few days hvae been especially FULL hence I wasnt able to respond to each and everyone of your comment earlier. But please know, that I have read and loved them all and most of all i love you all for being part of this journey with me.
    I learn so much from eacha nd everyone of you everyday. Thank you thank you thank you…..YOu are ALL amazing!
    You are in for a few major NEW additions to PP here 🙂 Stay tuned.
    Lot of love to all~

  19. Happy birthday/anniversary! I love the celebration and also the practical tips. I, too, was nuts for a long time. Hard to believe now that I lived like that for so long! Thanks for the lovely contribution your blog makes to the positive energy in the world and in so many individual lives.

  20. Zeenat, you truly have changed from ZeeNut into Zeenat 🙂 Thanks for the positive energy you bring to life, and for the encouragement you have shown me over the past few months. I truly enjoy getting to know you here, and I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

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