BIG Infinite Dreams ~ Sunday Self-Reflection

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it: Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Goethe

Dreams have a funny way of cropping up and tugging at your heart when you least expect them to.

I have so many dreams I would like to become a reality. Some already have, some I’m already living in, while some are still tucked away in some corner of my heart waiting to shine. Do you have such dreams too?

This Sunday, I’m reflecting and thinking about those dreams we tuck away, because we are either too afraid to work on them or because we think we aren’t deserving enough. Let me tell you, YOU deserve so much more than you can ever imagine. Our own thinking is what limits our success. Hence dreaming BIG infinite dreams is the way to succeed at the mind root level.

Every BIG discovery, invention, idea started with a dream!

Today I’ve decided to make one such BIG dream of mine a reality, while one other BIG dream is already working itself out(thanks to Divine Intervention!) in the background. I’ve started the mind root level thinking. I’ve made up my mind to “go for it”. And today I’m promising myself with a yellow ‘post it’ stuck everywhere…to let my BIG Infinite dream LIVE. We often let out BIG dreams hide under the rug of the mundane.

This beautiful rainy Sunday, I’m thinking, I’m planning and I’m praying that all our BIG dreams Shine. Yours and mine πŸ™‚

Don’t wait for too long…..LIVE your BIG Dream NOW!

Woohoo….May Happiness Prevail πŸ™‚

Now Its YOUR turn to state YOUR Big Dreams. Realize them. Make them shine. What are YOUR Big Infinite Dreams? Are you already working on them? Share your thoughts in the comments below and give those dreams air to fly.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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15 thoughts on “BIG Infinite Dreams ~ Sunday Self-Reflection

  1. Hello Zeenat,

    The quote you began this post with is one of my favorites. Such power in being bold and I think it’s an indication of belief, faith and self-confidence.

    I know I long dreamed of making music but I always put it on the back burner. I did this for years until about a year ago I had an epiphany. “Why am I waiting? What am I waiting for?” I realized that all the reasons I was waiting were actually excuses so I began to act. Never mind that I didn’t have all the equipment “necessary”, all of the instruments I wanted or the knowledge to play them. I just decided to be BOLD and go for it.

    That is just one example of a dream I had shelved until I realized that “someday” never comes. I g=have others on the shelf and I’m taking them down, dusting them off and firing up the Boldness!

    Thanks Zeenat!!!

    1. Like you Keith, I have dreams that need to be taken off the shelf and just make them a priority in my life.

      Recently, I read a quote by Ashly Smith that gave encouragement – “Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.”

      Sunday seems to be a time of revelation for me, maybe it’s because I make plans for the week ahead or because I’m not so rushed I can listen to the still small voice within. That voice gently guides my spirit to work for better things to come.

      I often say I don’t want to die with a painting or a song that I was meant to paint and sing undone, or not finished. It’s reminders such as today’s post that points in the direction of living life in full beauty. Always creating awareness of the beautiful flowers in my garden, my grandchildren and giving back to those who have given so freely to me.

  2. Zeenat,
    I love the energy that you create in this space, and how uplifting and inspiring your messages are! Here’s to dreaming big and seeing those dreams out!!

    And may all your wonderful dreams bring deeper meaning to you…


  3. We are in my dream now; although it took 39 years to come into being.

    It will be our greatest test of faith that we have ever known.

  4. Yeah..Let’s definitely let BIG dreams prevail. I love this post Zeenat. I also love that quote you shared by Goethe. Thanks so much for the linkback and the Sunday inspiration. It is time to work on making some BIG dreams come true πŸ™‚

  5. Precious Z,
    I love the quote..thank you for sharing..
    And may all of your dreams become your reality..:)
    I work hard at helping others to allow their heart whispers to roam free..and I believe in the reality of life is absolutely is magical as I allow it to I reflect to you today the infinite possibility of magic:) Lots of butterflies and glitter to you…

  6. I think it is great that you are focusing singlemindedly on a goal.
    When you do that amazing things start to happen.

    At the moment I am focusing on my business, it is making a huge difference for me and lifting up my level of success. Soon I will be able to quit my day job and work completely on my business.

  7. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    YES! This is fantastic and such great timing! I can easily get caught up in “wanting more” yet being so comfortable that I might as well be telling the Universe – when it offers me a shot at my dreams – “Nah, that’s ok. Give it to the next guy…” I’m with you, Beautiful Zeenat! Let’s make our fondest, biggest dreams come true NOW!

  8. Excited to hear what the big dream is and you have inspired me to really focus on my big dream and I love also letting the universe handle the other
    love and hugs

  9. Woohoo back atcha! That made me laugh! My dreams are pretty simple these days. I feel very content. But your post has made me ponder whether I have some big dreams floating around under the surface. I’ll give this some thought.

  10. Dear Zeenat,
    It’s wonderful to hear that you have a big dream and you have deceided to go fori it. I wish you and everyone well when it comes to pursuing their big dreams. To be honest I don’t have any big dreams. At this point in my life I am living the dream my husband and I shared and loving the life we live.
    Peace be with you aleays,

  11. Thank you ALL for your amazing thoughts, comments and BIG Dream wishes here. With so much going on in my offline world…I’ve kind of been out of offline lately. I do promise to make up for all the absence soon πŸ™‚ You’ll see πŸ˜‰
    Reading all your dreamy comments full of beauty, innocence and hope made my heart soar. Its so lovely to be in company with such amazing souls….
    Those dreams now have wings….and are just taking off here πŸ™‚ Thanks to all your positive and loving wishes.
    I love you all…so so much.

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