One Positively Empowering Question ~ Raoka

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive.” ~Howard Thurman

How do you empower yourself?

Some things you do or say empower yourself. And some things dis-empower you. Most often its the positive thoughts that create empowering beliefs and the negative thoughts that dis-empower big time. When you find yourself in a challenging situation, it’s helpful to have a powerful plan of action. Rather than a script or a rule that limits you, I suggest you ask yourself a question that guides you.

The challenging situation might be isolated or recurring. Rather than analyzing the situation or trying to persuade others about something, if you ask yourself the following question, you Can and Will empower yourself:

“What is the most empowering thing I can say or do right now?”

Of all the empowering questions I use and suggest others use, this is among my favorites. It’s a “pause and reflect” question. I find that many times when I ask it, I don’t have a conscious thought of the answer, but I’m propelled into an action or a statement. I know what to say or do. What follows is empowering — for others and myself.

Whether you’re in a mess or feeling great, this is a powerful question to use to guide yourself and enhance your own personal development. It’s certainly worthy of being a basic operating question or a default question — one that springs forward in your awareness when you most need it. In other words, the best time to ask it is when you really don’t know what to do or say.

Many people operate their lives with dis-empowering questions. Dis-empowering questions — whether you ask them out loud or to yourself — invite dis-empowering answers. Empowering questions invite empowering answers.

My premise is that you’re always asking questions, always. So you, and only you, get to decide the quality, depth, and consciousness of your questions. If you select a question that helps you to empower yourself, you manage your journey in a more satisfying way.

“What is the most empowering thing I can say or do right now?” is a favorite question for me because:

  • It’s an empowering question that helps to evoke your higher consciousness
  • It’s designed to surface empowering words and actions.
  • It keeps you in the present moment when everything takes place.
  • The question alone lifts your consciousness.
  • It lightens your load.
  • It opens you to possibilities that might not otherwise be obvious.
  • It gently guides you in your personal growth.

As I asked myself this question more often in the month of June, as “empowering” was the RAOKA Theme in focus…I noticed how beautifully the ripple effect of this simple question created empowering results IN me and Around me, without even trying too hard. Its easy peasy…try it 🙂

So, I ask you, What is the most empowering thing you can say or do right now?

What are your thoughts on Empowerment? How do YOU empower yourself everyday or in a challenging situation? Share your thoughts in the comment below. Lets all be Positively Empowered Everyday! Yippee…

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11 thoughts on “One Positively Empowering Question ~ Raoka

  1. Hi Zeenat:

    Yeah, this is great advice…sounds like something a coach would ask. But it’s so true! Sometimes our minds put us in a really bad or negative place and it seems that this question would do a great job of switching our focus to someplace a lot more positive. Great advice…now I’ve got some empowering to do.

  2. “He who strikes the first blow confesses he has run out of ideas.”

    Good morning your Z’ness!

    I read Sibyl’s related post this morning before yours. My thought regards to handling an “obstactle” was to stand back from it and *contemplate*… or like you suggested *reflect*.

    Here is a link to Sibyl’s related post:

    I personally in my own way came up with *easy peasy* solutions using a similar format in the last month, or so.

    Your empowering question is a great *starter button* for getting one to that zone with less effort!

    Thanks Zeenat!

  3. The most empowering thing I can do and say is to pause, breathe deeply, and say “Yes!”

    Per usual, I appreciate the directness and simplicity of your approach.

  4. Oh my..I love Invisible Mikey and Sandra’s answers combined: say yes to love! Very empowering: I learned to lean into discomfort, to embrace it and to pour love into it..just as I learned to celebrate joy, lean into it fully and create from it..

  5. I needed this question this morning when I was feeling so frustrated by the red tape of health insurance in the US that I started to cry! And I got cranky and whiny on the phone with someone else who had nothing to do with it! Decided to take a break and go pick blueberries in the back yard. That felt very empowering! Sometimes the most empwering thing we can do is walk away, at least until we regain our equanimity.

  6. Tough question but I expect nothing less from you. I have been feeling down so this is coming at a good time. I don’t ask a question but I just tell myself – and it’s not working today but it usually does – that I can, I can, and I will learn whatever it is I need to learn to make it so that I can … :)!
    Thank you dear Zeenat and hope you are doing wonderful.

  7. How DO I empower myself? I EMPOWER with affirmation and consistency of HARD WORK/ n working SMART! Nothing pays off more in mental satisfaction or internal acknowledgement then working hard/ smart and continuing down the path and vision of YOUR DREAMS. Thats whats keep me EMPOWERED!

    1. Belief in myself
    2. Working hard
    3. Working smart
    4. N putting GOD first!

  8. Dear Zeenat,
    Thank you so much for reminding me of what I needed to be reminded of. The most empowering thing I can do right now is to acknowledge my brokeness and continue the healing process with confidence and optimism.
    With much love,

  9. sarahealy

    Zeenat — it’s been awhile since I visited. I forgot how uplifting your site is. There’s always something to make me feel better. In this one, I loved your use of “easy peasy…” I haven’t heard that in ages.

    In answer to THE QUESTION, what came to mind immediately for me is “I can.” This one will keep me thinking for awhile:~)

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