How to make affirmations work~The Power of Positive Affirmations (part one)

Special Note: A New Series of articles on Positive Affirmations begins today!! To kick the series off in full swing, I share with you a lovely Guest article on the subject from Brad Volz! Enjoy his words and show him some love in the comments darlings :).

“Be Impeccable with Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love” – Don Miguel

I’ve been experimenting with the power of affirmations and they haven’t worked very well for me. I find that when I use affirmations like “I feel happy” I create inner conflict unless I’m already feeling happy.

The teaching of affirmations is based on the power of words to impact and influence our lives.

The subtleties of language are important as to whether affirmations empower us or set up an inner conflict that may keep us struggling. When I say “I am happy” but I don’t feel happy, I am not in alignment with the words. I don’t feel them or believe them in this moment. Statements like “I choose happiness, I am willing to be happy, or I am intending happiness” work better for me. Then I have accepted my feelings, while being willing to change and move toward my goal. In this way, I am in alignment and integrity with my whole being.

Affirmations are more powerful when:

  1. We make a clear choice.
  2. We commit.
  3. We feel and believe the words.
  4. We are aligned with both the language and the goal.
  5. We take action on our affirmation or goal.

First, we must be clear about what we want to achieve; the stated object, feeling or goal. In this case, I want happiness, so I must choose happiness.

Choice is one of our most powerful gifts. By choosing happiness, we set the direction for our life.

Instead of simply proclaiming “I am happy”, I suggest that we become happy when we take action on our choice. With commitment, we must choose happiness, over and over, with our thoughts, words and actions. Then we are holistically aligned with our intention to be happy.

Here is my tip for the day: ACT!

Take action on your dreams goals and intentions. You will feel better as a result of taking action toward your goals. Affirmations come naturally and easily when you are aligned with your intentions.

  • Affirm with empowering language. This sets the goal.
  • Commit to make your choice come into expression.
  • Take action to align your life with your goals, dreams and intentions. Action is your commitment made visible.

You will feel better by affirming your choice with action.
About the author:

 Brad is a muse and freelance writer at Writing To Freedom. He enjoys the creative expression of blogging as a way to share our journeys. His intent is to connect, inspire and help others to live more fully.


What do YOU Think? Brad and I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Have you used affirmations to feel better?

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18 thoughts on “How to make affirmations work~The Power of Positive Affirmations (part one)

  1. v3ronicavida

    Thank you for sharing I have a better understanding of Powerful Affirmations now…Looking forward to Part 2!

    1. Thanks for reading & visiting. I’m sure Zeenat has more great posts in store for us. Affirmations are a good tool to steer our lives. Thanks Brad

  2. Hi Brad,

    This was a great post. Zeenat, thanks for having Brad over at your blog.

    Brad, as I was reading your post, I was processing the difference between “I am” and “I choose”. You are spot on. There is a powerful and distinct difference between the two.

    Thank you for teaching us how to use affirmations properly.

    1. Hi Hiten,
      You are welcome. It’s a pleasure to share in Zeenat’s community and blog. Language subtleties have been helpful for me. And I believe that choice is one of our most powerful gifts. blessings, brad

  3. Thanks for yet another inspiration Zeenat and Brad. It’s come at the right time, where i am currently in action with what i want to create in my life. I have heard this word so many times, in fact i’ve just got off the phone with a friend who told me how she made a generous income through persistent action but when the monkey talk started to kick in, she quickly wrote down her affirmations about 6 times over until she really felt it. While she was doing this, she got a call from one of her clients saying she was ready to get started and wanting to pay for the products. It wasn’t long after this call another client called and wanted the same and another who also wanted to pay her. This was confirmation for me that i could do the same through applying positive affirmations. I know this is true. I’ve seen the results. Amazing and i’m definitely applying this in my life everyday 😉

    1. Speaking for myself, you are welcome Manu,

      I”m glad that you and your friend have experienced the power of affirmations. There is no doubt that our mind and attitude shape our lives, especially empowering words. Choose wisely, Brad

  4. This topic always fascinates me. Affirmations (one person I know preaches afformations) have been taught and studied for decades and I’ve practiced them off and on for that long. Have they made a difference in my life? That’s difficult to really judge. How different would I be if I hadn’t used them and, more importantly exactly HOW did I use them?

    For instance, in this post, you’re really saying that the affirmation is actually a choice followed by action. The affirmation really then is a statement of intention that leads to steps which take you to fruition. Can you do that successfully concerning things that don’t truly inspire or interest you? Will discipline be required? A new habit? Visualization? External pushes? Extreme need or fear of consequences? All these things can enter in.

    Personally, I’ve attracted many wonderful results through choice, visualizations, and subsequent actions and I believe that’s what you’re saying (I could be wrong!) If we want to call those affirmations that’s just fine. But, my power comes from alignment with my inner being and choosing things that don’t align has been where “affirmations” have failed me. And that’s where a positive attitude tends to drift away. Uh oh! Then we’re into “force” not true power.

    Wonderful food for thought Brad and Zeenat! See? You got me started! 😉

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response Carmelo.

      I can tell that you have experimented and thought about affirmations. For me there are many subtleties. Sometimes, my words lead and empower me. Other times, my passions or emotions lead. And I agree with you that our power comes from aligning with what is most meaningful and passionate for us.
      And for me, taking action is empowering and naturally stimulates good feelings.

      Like you said, when we are aligned with our true self, then our lives flow. No force needed! Enjoy the journey, Brad

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  6. Personal affirmations are powerful practice we can all adopt. I like your ACT acronym very much. Your post is beautifully written, simple and straight forward.

    1. Hi timethief, thanks for your comments and compliments. I had fun with the ACT acronym. Apparently, I forgot to ACT on following comments here! I apologize for the 2 month delay on responding. I thought the comments had stopped. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
      blessings, Brad

  7. swatcat

    affirmations r like a reminder to me on what i want to feel everyday..
    I m a free spirit
    I can choose to accomplish what i want
    I m fortunate to have a good life
    R some things i repeat to myself to remind my mind of positivity

    1. hi swatcat, You do sound like a free spirit, gently riding the waves of positivity and possibility that you choose. Congrats and surf on!
      thanks for commenting and sorry for the delay. Brad

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