7 Life Lessons You Need to Learn in This Lifetime

“Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” ~ Og Mandino

I’ve always been drawn to those with wisdom. So if it was my grandparents, teachers, mentors or books, I am always thirsty for knowledge. Its that one desire for knowledge that has led me to many realizations in life. I’ve learned that although all the people and books and mentors around you are there to gain wisdom from, Life as I have come to understand it the greatest teacher.

There are life lessons no amount of books can make you understand. So today here I am going to share with you life lessons you already know. You know these, but you need to understand them from a healing perspective. So that you can move forward in life whole and healed. I urge you to read these life lessons and absorb their energy in your heart. Read each slowly and consciously, and observe what somes to mind.

7 Life Lessons You Need to Learn in This Lifetime

1} On Decisions:

Feeling upset or sad after making a life altering decision doesnt mean it was the wrong decision. All major life changes are followed by difficult decisions. And change of any kind that helps you move forward it a good thing.

2} On Confidence:

Life can feel extremely difficult and tiring when we live it in a unauthentic way. Life is not tiring when you have the confidence to live it in your own way. Having the confidence to push through societal norms is what makes life beautiful.

3} On Self Awareness:

Understanding that there is no one other than you who is making you upset, or agitating you, or sitting on your head asking you to feel a certain way…..other than you yourself, is the biggest life lesson in self awareness. When you become aware of how much YOU are in control of how you feel, no-one is given the privilege to rent space in your mind.

4} On Goodbyes:

Endings always feel tragic and painful. They can be, but they can also be new beginnings, new learnings, new freedoms. A goodbye does not mean you didnt love someone/something, it means that you love yourself and your peace of mind more.

5} On the Past:

If you keep one leg on the boat of the past and one in the boat of the future, you don’t get either. Pretty soon you will fall flat in the deep end of the sea that is this life. To truly embrace the future, you have to live in this present moment and let the past be in the past and the future in the future. No amount of speculation or rethinking can change the past, hence its best to live well today so that you ensure a wonderful future filled with moments you can look back on and feel immense joy. Leave the past behind.

6} On Mental and Emotional Health:

Understand that everything in this world begins and ends in the human mind. No matter where life takes you, how rich or successful you become, it will not be of any value if it comes at the cost of your mental or emotional health. Your most valued resource in this life is your heart and mind. Take care of it like your life depends on it, because it does.

7} On Life Lessons:

The thing with life lessons is that they are part of life and are inevitable in life. So much so, that till you learn the lesson life will keep putting you in situations that will repeat and repeat, till you learn the lesson from it. A key awareness of what life is teaching you and showing you, is imperative, to benefit from these life lessons, so that life only keeps getting better and better with each lesson you learn. Like upgrading your life as you go along it, right? 🌈🙂

In Conclusion

“My greatest life lessons have not come from any achievements I have attained but rather from the failures, heartaches, and setbacks that I have experienced.” ~ Dr. Marshall Hennington

In life’s toughest spots, right in the middle of turmoil and excrutiating pain lay lifes greatest lessons. Yes, they can be hard to understand while in the eye of the storm, but when the storm calms down, its imperative to analyze the purpose of the storm. Its in this exploration that you will realize truths only living through the pain can bring you. And everytime you learn something, you become wiser and stronger to face anything that is in store for you. Makes the joys more joyful and life more meaningful.

💭❓Did any of these life lessons resonate with you? What is the most profound lesson you have learned from life thus far? Share in the comments. I’d love to learn from you 💗

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16 thoughts on “7 Life Lessons You Need to Learn in This Lifetime

  1. Thanks for sharing the wise life lessons Zeenat. They all resonate for me and #1 & 2 are where I falter the most. I have lost my zest for life, probably because I’m not living an authentic life from the heart.

  2. These are all such powerful life lessons and ones I can resonate with. It’s so true that each of us has the power to shape our own reality through our thoughts, our decisions and the way we perceive life. Every day is a life lesson and I feel like every day I’m learning. Some days I stumble but other days I fly. It’s all up to us. 💗

  3. Elle Sommer

    So true Zeenat. I have found this “A key awareness of what life is teaching you and showing you, is imperative, to benefit from these life lessons” to be so true in my life. Hard as it has sometimes been.

  4. sanchiamiller

    I like these. Thank you for posting. Life is indeed a test or series of tests. Until we learn the lessons we will continue repeating them in different circumstances and with different people.

  5. It’s so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I used to struggle with #6. I consider myself to be a workaholic and a perfectionist at the same time, oh what a terrible mix lol! I would forget about my feelings and needs focusing 100 percent on my work. One day my body said – Just stop it! Otherwise it will be too late. That’s when I decided to turn things around and started meditating. You know they say that if you’re busy, meditate for 1 hour. if you’re very very busy, meditate for 2 hours. I couldn’t agree more.

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